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Black People Meet Customer Service Number

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customer service number of Black People Meet : 1-866-727-8920
Address detail of Black People Meet : 228 S. Wabash Ave. Suite 210. Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
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Comments (40) on Black People Meet

Tracy Brundidge:

Just today 9-8-16, charged my credit card for Black People Meet. I called my credit card company to make sure of my transaction. I noticed there was 2 charges for the $35.00 fee for signing up to meet people. Second charge had been cancelled by your company and once I try to view my contacts, I keep getting this pop up for an upgrade which I'm not interested in due to just signing up. Lastly, I don't want my credit card to be charged continuously. Please respond back!Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Marisela Betancourt:

I just subscribed today I want to cal due to i was under the impression that I could pay by week. I just noticed 70 dollars out of my account. I just paid today and I want my subscription cancelled and my money refunded. Who do I need to talk to or what do i need to do..Posted on Sep 05, 2016

Courtney Woodard:

I only authorized one payment a month ago and now this month makes a second payment. I want a refund, or the credit applied to activate Black Christians meet.Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Bersheba Johnson:

I have a profile with you all an so i oayed only once long ago an somehow you guys charged me two seperate months an your stating the charges didnt go thru but i didnt give you all no permission to charge my card after that first time thats why there were no funds i no longer have that card an now as of today im trying to pay only for one month an you wont accept any credit or debit payments from me which is not right an not fair being that you charged me twice after the first time i joined an made a payment an you were not given permission an the reason i know this to factual is because i no longer even had that card after the first initial payment so please set it up where i can make a debit or credit payment. Thank YouPosted on Aug 24, 2016

Kenneth Hatchett Sr.:

I cannot get on to my account because they are saying that the credit card I used is not valid and only have 3 credit cards and I've tried all 3 so I need to resolve the situation as quickly as possible I can't even cancel my account and the 866 number you guys are providing it's not letting you select in the menu...Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Marcia Watkins:

I cancelled this subscription a few days after signing up yet my card was just charged again I only signed up for 1 month and that was charged when I joined. You have already cancelled the subscription so return the funds and remove my card from your system..Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Dametris Beckworth:

I did not agree for $90 to be taken off of my card I agree for $2 and some cents to be taken off of my card I will not accepted.Posted on Jul 19, 2016


Hi. I did not authorized renewal. I had canceled auto renewal over two months. Your company deducted $44 my account today. Please kindly send my money back to my account ASAP and cancel or block everything. ThanksPosted on Jul 13, 2016

Gwendolyn J Jones:

My child ordered something with my card and I want my money put back on my card because she was not suppose to she's to young so how can I get my money put back on my card.Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Laud ospag:

I want to know whether my payment account is blocked on blackpeoplemeet because anytime I try to make a payment my cards decline and it keeps telling my account information is not currently available all the time. So let me before in order to check on another dating site.Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Joannah Brown:

Good morning I wanted to know how do I change my photo and I don't think I added a profile I was on the bus coming from work and totally forgot about it until I started to get emails please help me.Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Letreona Smith:

Please take me off of this site take my pictures down for the next 55 days I would like a refund it was put up by an accident.Posted on Jun 30, 2016

Letreona Smith:

I would like a refund for this $8 50% off for the next month I want off of this site I would like to have a refund I'm having a difficult time please take me off today is June 29th I would like a refund both months.Posted on Jun 30, 2016

LaDawn Fleming:

I need help with my "profile" picture. I uploaded several but not one is set for my profile.Posted on Jun 25, 2016

kelvin collins:

Black people meet keep charging my card after I cancel automatic renewal. This site is a scam and it keep charging my card. Need help before I report this to trouble shooter! 919 279 0095.Posted on Jun 24, 2016

Chellemia Crudup:

I need to get my money refunded back to my account i didn't want the payment that was chosen.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

deborah phillips:

can't access website forgot password but never receive a reset code via email.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Valerie Lee:

I had a question about payment options the one that is $18.99 a month is that the price at the time of payment for that month or how does it work.Posted on Jun 23, 2016


You guys charged me for something that I didn't give permission for and would like a refund.Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Nina Sims:

I can not retrieve my password because I don't have the credit card number that I use it was a prepaid cardPosted on Jun 18, 2016


Hello, I would like my account deactivated I don't feel safe my name is Suzie. I will get lawyer if I can't deactivate.Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Lisa lewis:

Long time ago I was a member. I just joined last week, and for some reason it's pulling My old file. Won't let me check messages. I paid for 6 month and I can't get on. Please something ASAP, or would like to get my money back. Please call at 804-252-7659Posted on Jun 12, 2016


My name is nisheypoo, my renewal for black people meet should be October 2016, which I cancelled my renewal fee however my credit card was charge today may 1st can someone please contact me as soon as possible.Posted on May 02, 2016

Shauntae Crowley:

My son is underage and I'm not sure if he created a profile or if one of his friends did so. I want to take his picture/profile off of your site.Posted on Apr 15, 2016


i have a problem with my account, please can yo check this and let me know what the problem is please my email address to my blackpeoplemeet acct is [email protected] thank you.Posted on Apr 09, 2016

Bernice Pierce:

from miss Bernice Pierce i will like to be cancel from black people meek web site ASAP and please don't take any money from my credit card on April 23/16 thank you.Posted on Apr 04, 2016

Adrey Thomas:

Hello, i started having issues with the site on 3/22/2/2016/ when i access the site from my phone it is very small and i keep getting pop replies saying i flirted with other persons have not. it keeps adding chats that i did not open. i need for this to stop it is killing my phone battery, the icons are so small i cannot stop or cancel them/ please contact me to get this resolved.Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Thomas Crawford:

My account was stopped soon after I started it. I hoping you can restart my new account. It was started on Thursday or Friday of last week it stopped on Saturday. My user name is hot Phoenix73. My email is [email protected] - or [email protected] I can also be reached at [email protected] I have sent messages, read profiles and it just stopped.Posted on Feb 21, 2016


my name is gstave wandland whats bad site it met a women had a total change of attitude and ticked me off i'm a member get these scammers off Linda and Peggy they are gone damage is done they treat like shit the craziest people here. i will not subscribe again stave wand-land i was to meet on valentines day shes terrible don't let Peggy 57 yrs old black membership just ended Linda did to she really told me off she lives in new jersey people they wont stay long w the scammers,bye.Posted on Feb 14, 2016

Ginny E Paramore:

My name is Ginny and I'd like to get a refund for my subscription for black people meet because i thought i could afford it but can't afford it.Posted on Feb 02, 2016

Douglas T. Davis:

I attempted to use my new Apple iPhone on the bpm I gave my Webb sign and bpm password it kept saying wrong password that damn frustrating!!!!! I conventional wisdom is telling me I'm trying to converse with ninkapoops so end of this month cancel my damn bpm sub. Additionally you increased the monthly cost I was not notified to this effect that is violation of the red neck state of West Virginia rules may also be violation federal communication commission rules, CW-4 Doglas T. DavisPosted on Jan 29, 2016


I have paid to enter payment was paid Jan. 4, 2016. I have not been able to get on the site for 2 days. The site will not accept my e mail address. I have not been able to reset,etc.Posted on Jan 18, 2016

Eleanor Vereen:

I cancelled my free account in July of 2015. So why are you're stealing money from my bank account. I did not give you're permission to take money from my bank account. Now I have an over draft balance because of it. This company is a scam. I want my money refund BACK INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT. If my image text does match with image so why are yo sstealing money from my bank account. Eleanor VPosted on Jan 08, 2016

Francisco da silva:

I thought I was paying for a week and it comes ùp as 65 bucks on my bank account with Is pretty ridiculous I deactivated my account that same day and it said I'd get my money bank I check my account and still no money can I please get my money back I feel completely scammed. Thank youPosted on Jan 03, 2016

latoya parker:

My name Ms. Parker. I did not enjoy or have success from your website from day one. I was just charged a $29.97 renewal fee which I did not authorized and my bank has removed and I would like my billing info erased from your database bank account ending in 1963.Posted on Dec 21, 2015


Yes, My name is Latasa Lenoir, I have found out someone has used my identity and have an account with you all WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! they have also charged my card for 16.76 and I DO NOT appreciate whomever has done this! I want my money back on my card for the fact that im clueless on this and I work too hard to my money taken away because of other people's actions! I had to find out through someone else that my picture was on a dating website!!! I WANT THIS ACCOUNT CLOSED IMMEDIATELY AND I ALSO WANT MY MONEY BACK!Posted on Dec 06, 2015

Otis Lyons aka Vegas Don:

I did not authorize a renewal and i deactivated this service long time ago and just realized that your company is drafting money from my account, which is a total of $69+ dollars. I definitely want you to return my money back into my account asap and deactivate my status NOW!Posted on Nov 30, 2015


I had an account with bpm, I canceled it on line so it would not renew. When I looked at the account bpm on 111215, more money was taken out for another month. I want you to refund my account or I will call the credit card co. User name Countezz Email [email protected] 7169944038 phone cheryl palmerPosted on Nov 13, 2015

Donald Stewart:

This is the 2nd time this company have taken money from my account without my known authorization. My name is (JEROME192) and i would like my name and information to be deleted permanently from your site. Half of the people on this site are oversees scammer pretending to be women, this site is not safe for any one.Posted on Nov 08, 2015

Janet g:

I haven't been on this website in over a year. I don't know why i have charged for something I haven't been using. Now I am in over draft because of black people meet website. I have deactivated my account long time ago. I need for my money to be returned back to my account asapPosted on Sep 06, 2015