Chicago Tribune Home Delivery Customer Service Contact Number

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Chicago Tribune Home Delivery Customer Service Number

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customer service number of Chicago Tribune Home Delivery : (1-800-874-2863), 1-312-222-1922
Email id of Chicago Tribune Home Delivery : [email protected]
Address detail of Chicago Tribune Home Delivery : Tribune Tower 435 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
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Comments (16) on Chicago Tribune Home Delivery

Eileen Herbert:

Just started digital subscription this week.When I try to read articles on my tablet, the page promoting the digital access specials appears and I cannot read the article. I press the 'home' button and I end up back on the home page. Driving me crazy. Good thing I got the special rate of $4.99 for 3 mos.Please stop the frequent incursion of the digital access ads.Does not happen when I access newspaper on my computer but Tablet more convenient.Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Jim Wade:

I am no longer a subscriber. Have not been for a couple years. the Sunday paper had been delivered to my home for the past few weeks. I do not wish to receive the paper. Please relay this info to the driver. Thank you. Sincerely, Jim Wade. 9760 Pacific ave Franklin Park IL 60131Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Ron Jeffrey:

I did not receive my paper today 8/14. Please credit me 1 week and continue delivery next week. I would like a response to know this was taken care of. Ron JeffreyPosted on Aug 15, 2016

Jim Mayer:

The Trib is delivered daily to my residence. I am in the 60106 area. I see you advertise free wall stickers in the Sunday paper. How come I have yet to find one in my paper.Posted on Jul 27, 2016

William Brandt:

Home Delivery Problem I have to call every day to get a paper. I am a 7 day and have been for many years My account is always paid and on time delivery service is a complete fail.Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Akiko futahami:

We don't receive Sunday paper today.this is the 5th times. Please check local agent why we have problem lately and I would like to receive 5 copies. I leave the messenger before but no one answer this matter.Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Agnes C. Jablonski:

I received a paper bill for renewal of my account #159780233, for $13.00 with delivery to 9/10/16,I opted to switch to ez-pay. I then received a notice that $14.82 will be charged to my credit card with delivery to 8/28/16. Please advise why there is a difference in the charge and last paper delivery date 3Posted on Jun 06, 2016

Sharon Dagg:

We are still missing a paper promised to be delivered. We have tried to work with this bad delivery service. Please get the Wed. paper here or gives a bonafide credit for the day missed. Sharon Dagg 327 Wallace Ave. Crystal Lake, IL 60014 [email protected]Posted on May 13, 2016

John Fischer:

Did not receive delivery of Saturday Trib (May 7th). Phoned and I was given the choice of re-delivery next day or credit. I chose delivery... did not come. Please credit the non-delivery to my account #50015775. Thanks!Posted on May 11, 2016

JoAnn Corrigan:

We still don't have the Sunday paper at 9:00 a.m. It's usually here before 7:00 a.m.Posted on Apr 17, 2016

Wanda Kailer:

For the past several months, Jewel has included a $5 off coupon in Wednesday’s food section. Several weeks ago, I noticed it was no longer in my Wednesday paper, even though people in the next delivery zone 8 blocks away were still getting it. (I know this, because a couple of my good friends live in that zone.) To test my assumption, I also purchased a paper in Evans ton at the train station, and it was there. I have called and complained 3 times, even asking that they redeliver with the complete set of inserts. Twice they said they would, and just plain didn’t. The 3rd time, they redelivered the next morning with the Thursday paper (last week, to be exact), and it was still missing. Today, it’s happened again. Two papers delivered to the 8200 block of Lawndale had the $5 coupon, but again, mine did not. These papers have not been tampered with. I leave for work at 6:40, and typically pick it up on my way to the car, right after he tosses it. How many times do I have to complain? Either deal with your delivery staff, or cancel my subscription, NOW! Our news can be gotten.Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Jeff Lieber:

Where's the Sunday paper? When we have a snowstorm I can understand delivery problems. And today I waited till 8:30AM and still no paper. But worse I've tried every phone number associated with my account (over and over) and it's almost a half-hour now and I can't get through to speak to anyone. Please call immediately if there's anyone to get this message. We rely on the Sunday paper. Jeff Lieber 6640 Ayre Drive' McHenry, IL 60050 815-578-1477 (home) 815 -575-0086 (cell)Posted on Dec 13, 2015

John Rossi:

I subscribe to Sunday only tribune. I haven't got it the last two Sunday's. I called the recording said i would get the paper 60 or 90 minutes didn't happen. I quit sun times because of ongoing delivery problems. My account number is 174189989.Posted on Dec 07, 2015


I am a senior citizen who has been reading the Trib all of my life. I am also disabled and use a walker and wheelchair. Until two weeks ago, my paper was placed on my back doorknob so I could retrieve it. Suddenly the carrier is throwing it into my yard which makes it impossible for me to get it. I have called customer service at least six times in the past two weeks. I get promises, but no action is taken. I have been unable to get the name and phone number for an executive in charge of delivery services. In the past I was able to call Ron Thompson who fixed my delivery problems.Posted on Dec 06, 2015

Elizabeth terrill:

I called before 8 am no Sunday paper was told 60-90 min. Here it is 1045 still no paper. Set up this Sunday paper special back in October so far I have to call every Sunday for my paper!!!!! They promise it is all taken care of still a real pain in the butt last Sunday never got one at all, glad I paid for something I never get.Posted on Nov 22, 2015

Linda T Bielic:

Very unhappy today! Paper not here yet & its 9:48am.I have tried to call the 800 #, with no luck. Actually I am on the 14 The call. Once i got through, the disconnected before i could tell them no paper yet! This is Chicago, yes its cold & Snow is on the ground, but my sidewalks & streets are clean. My delivery service has always been pretty poor. Paper is never close to door, always in middle of yard or on curb. I have tried calling 800 #, 15 times now & looks like this is going g to be a no paper day. Its the 1st day of my retirement, & looks like the tribune is going to start it off badly.Hopefully someone important reads this & cares about the Tribunes credibility. Thank you for listening, I hopefully I will still get my paper! Mrs. Linda Bielic.Posted on Nov 22, 2015