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Citi Trends offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Citi Trends, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Citi Trends customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Citi Trends has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : 104 Coleman Blvd, Savannah, Georgia
customer service number : (912) 748-9429

Citi Trends Customer Service Number

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Where is Citi Trends headquarters?

Savannah, GACiti Trends

Who is the CEO of Citi Trends?

Bruce D Smith (Mar 15, 2018–)Citi Trends

Why is Citi Trends so cheap?

Citi Trends is able to offer extremely low prices for national-branded and in-house-branded products due to its ability to buy inventory at large discounts from approximately 1,600 vendors annually. To achieve this, it purchases inventory at discounts from vendor close-outs and planned programs.

What is Citi Trends phone number?

1 (800) 605-8174Citi Trends

Does Citi Trends have layaway?

LAYAWAY POLICY: Any merchandise in our stores can be put on layaway, even clearance. There is a .00 non-returnable service fee and a 20% deposit required. You must make regular payments every two weeks and you have 60 days to get your items out of layaway.

Can I shop online at Citi Trends?

However, brands and clothing lines carried by Citi Trends Inc. can be purchased online through other retailers or from third-party auction sites. ... In addition to both nationally recognized and private label clothing, Citi Trends also offers a limited number of home items in its stores.

What is the store Citi Trends?

Citi Trends, Inc. U.S. Citi Trends is an American retail clothing chain selling discounted products targeted primarily at urban customers. ... The company began renaming its stores Citi Trends in 2000, and officially became Citi Trends in 2001.

How much are scrubs at Citi Trends?

Mix and match our comfy scrub collection of stretch fabrics, prints, solids & more starting at .99! Or choose from one of our many scrub sets, sizes small – 3x! Now you can have the comfort you want at a price you'll love!

What is Citi Trends phone number?

1 (800) 605-8174Citi Trends

Where is Citi Trends headquarters?

Savannah, GACiti Trends

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Comments (33) on Citi Trends


I bought a pair of pants from Citi Trends in Tyler Texas they say 6:38 on the tag but on the inside of the pants a size 42 as me being a woman I'm not going to try on my husband's pants it is not my fault that this mistake is made and Citi Trends refuses to return or exchange my pants without a receipt I have never had this issue was Citi Trends before and this is just absurd and I would like this matter resolved as soon as possible because I have been to the Citi Trends 5 times in less than 2 weeks and they continue to tell me liesPosted on Sep 13, 2016

evelyn patton:

Very disappointed today, I went to citi trend to purchase some items. I found a sale item for my grand son I liked. The shirt was 5dollar's, when I went to purchase it, the cash register total up $10.00+tax, when I brought up the sale price to the cashier she refused to charge the sale price of the item. I told her there was more shirts like the one I wanted into purchase. She told me it was not the correct price and I had to pay the price that was total. I told her so I'm punish for you'll mistake. I like the shirt, but would like to purchase it at the sale price you have on it. She refuses to change the total of the item, and I walked away not purchasing anything. SAD because of sale person refusalPosted on Sep 11, 2016

Maria Martinez:

OK I was at Whiteville NC city trends this cashier was very unprofessional she has nasty attitude she never smile she never look tu my face her face was like she has some lime on her mouth my 12 year child said is she races or what I wish? I know her name but is reg2 and cashier #is1235452.Posted on Sep 10, 2016

John Rull:

I went to the Do to trend in Houston at 1000-A Federal Rd. Houston Tx. 77015. The manager who wouldn't give her name was very rude. I came the night before and the employee J. Hampton did not take off the security label that sets ink off. I had to drive back and forth from Baytown because of her mistake, which it being packed is understandable. My issue is the manager who was absolutely rude for no reason except that I wanted these security things off. I've used Citi Trends a lot and have NEVER felt this embarrass in front of other people. She treated me like a straight criminal.Posted on Sep 03, 2016

Tawanda Davis:

I don't think it's right to cancel a customer layaway without any warning. I had some items that my son was excited about and all I needed was a 5 second reminder call before taking 15 min cancellation and put back on the floor is not good consideration for the consumer. So I lost money and now I am forced to spend my refund because you only give store credit. I very disappointed and would like to at least get a cash refund considering it is my money.Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Robert gary:

Good morning, I am trying to contact you all to report theft in one of your stores store 7159 the whole staff that worked 08/20/16 I watched them ring relatives and free bag customers as I shopped in the store. Not sure if the store manager is aware of ways going on because he went to the back but I think you all need to look into the situation before you all don't have a store to sell anything its ridiculous Time frame should be around 3 to 6 that I'm aware of thanks.Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Asia M Patterson:

hey i ordered three things from cititrends and when i got them on 8/13/2016 i only had two items with a invoice that say three item i need my other item. your company took my money out my bank but didn't send all my items for my son for school. someone need to call me asap 3148149656..Posted on Aug 14, 2016

Lictory Booker:

I received my order today order number 400253432113 was not complete. It is supposed to be a two piece set but I did not receive the pants.Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Regina Blake:

I ordered 4 pairs of junior uniform pants and the post office delivered my package somewhere else other than my home. The carrier tried to say she delivered it to my home I was her at my apartment all day and when the text came over my phone at 10:18 Friday August 5 I looked out my door and nothing was there I have filed a complaint and claim with the Post Office concerning my package but I am still without 4 pair of pants now I just ordered 4 more pair of pants can you please have them to ask for a signature on the package so I can get this one. Also what will happen with the other package that was never delivered to me.Posted on Aug 06, 2016

Mary Row:

It saddens me to leave such a negative comment,however,it would not be right for me to let someone in authority know of my horrible experience at the Citi Trends located at 7523 Garners Fery Rd, Columbia, SC 20209. On August 1,2016 around 8:10 pm a friend and I checked out and felt really bullied and uncomfortable. A manager by the name of what I was told, named Danielle, was rude and quite unprofessional. It was a rainy day and she stated several times she hopes the lights go out in hopes that everyone would have to leave. She was also throwing merchandise, complaining profusely about customers knocking things over and speaking really negative about the customers. I was shocked to hear such things from someone in management. Also, when I asked the cashier who told me her name was Liz for corporate phone number, I was rudely told to Google it. I regret to say, that was my last time in any Citi Trends. My shopping experience was scary and humiliating. The cashier number was 4029978, register 1, transaction 615353,store 331. Salesperson R. Smith. I hope something Is done so no other cuPosted on Aug 02, 2016

Sedeze Little:

I didn't get my wages for the week of July 18-29. Reasons I didn't receive is because of my card not being activated and the bank declined my funds because of this problem. I am hoping to get paid for the work I have already done as well as the work I am doing at the time. My name SEDEZE Little. I work at the cititrends of Greenville north Carolina. Please feel free to call as i don't check my emails a lot. 252-481-2587..Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Tavares Graham:

I'm in the Tuscaloosa store and the air max all say $79.00 I take two pair to the checkout counter and they say it rings up $99.00. I along with several people from my groups shop here often for clothing and shoes, for events such as hair shows, plays, other event we have, ad well as day to day. This is false advertising and I don't think I have witnessed a store not honor the prices, it's clearly on the bottom of the shoes. I along with everyone in my groups will no longer support a store that doesn't honor their advertised prices.Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Ayresse whittaker:

Hello i came to your mt healthy location to shop and waited 30 min in rain for a lady to get off the phone and open at 10. just for her to stay on phone and ignore me and my 2 kids outside. then she wrote a not that they will open at 11 am didn't talk to me or say sorry she was rude and has no customer service. I want corporate number and i will be calling..Posted on Jul 28, 2016

nikki paysinger:

I made a purchase online about 5 days ago, it shows it took the 33 dollars off my card and then it sent me an email saying it was cancelled so i need to know when y'all can put my money back on my card!Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Gwen Porter:

I am a very disappointed customer. I purchased 2 different blouses at the Citi Trend Store #329 located in Atlanta, GA 30310 on 7/16/16. Unfortunately, 1 of the blouses did not fit properly and I attempted to return it to the same store on 7/18/16. The sales clerk advised that she could not process the refund because it appeared the same SKU number was entered for both blouses during the transaction. As a result, my receipt did not match the blouse being returned. I informed the sales clerk that this was my first time shopping in this store and I should not be penalized for the error of another sales clerk. Although the sales clerk advised that I could exchange it for another item, this was not a satisfactory answer. I was provided with the contact number for Arthur Morning, Manager of District #18, for further assistance. After placing 5 calls to him over a period of 4 days, to date, I have not received a response. My blouse was only valued at $8.99; however, I am very disappointed with the customer service that I have encountered and only want a resolve to my concern.Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Judy Hamilton:

Hi my name is Judy Hamilton I work at citi trends I got hired on 6-17-2016. I fax some paperwork from the welfare office. Am in need of my verification how much I get paid. Just a income verification paper. 3172460114 Indianapolis,in I work on Pendleton Pike, citi trends and also done work at twin aire.Posted on Jun 29, 2016


Store manager at store 195 doing wonderful job, she have made a lot changes to store and it look wonderful. You'll have awesome manager who work hard to help you'll company grow. Only thing don't like is that she don't have any honest people working for her.she need people that is going to have her back and help the company to be successful. She have great head on her shoulder. I was at this location this morning around 11:00 and the employee was talking down on her just because she made list of things that need to be done. If she have people like this working there, they shouldn't be cause this hurting company by not following store manager and the company. I'm a Christian and I don't like when someone trying to make a person fail just because of there position are how they running there store. They don't have her back are company by telling untruthful lies. I know for a fact that everything been reported is a lie. I don't know the store manager but I know one of her manager, and this not call for.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Jamila Karima Hundley:

I haven't received my refund. I ordered 2 pair of gladiator sandals you delivered 1p sir and said you would give me a refund I haven't received it.Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Richard Fishel:

This is not an order of mine. I have never even heard of your company. I have been hacked and this person is trying to scam.Posted on Jun 11, 2016



Loretta Nash:

Went to citi trends in Clarksdale, Ms with my daughter this morning. After shopping we went to the counter and to employed was at the register. I gave my daughter the money to pay for our items. One of the females behind the counter was saying things about my purse like it was ugly, fake and laughing about it. We shouldn't Have to put up with bad customer service when we always spend our money there.Posted on May 17, 2016

Divine Favor:

Today May 17, 2016 I shopped at your victory drive Savannah GA location. A huge rain storm came while I was shopping. I walked out after buying my daughter graduation outfit and immediately walked in and asked for a bag just to cover myself to get to my car. I was told no the short black older lady said she had a shortage of bags and couldn't help me. Besides it's just rain. I immediately felt upset of,how,she treated a valued customer. I shop here monthly modeling cititrends as I perform in many areas a a Recording Artist. I am Divine Favor! I really felt like asking for a refund and I will not shop there againPosted on May 17, 2016


Came in last night about five minutes before closing and I ask cashier About exchange. And she ask manager of she had time to do it. I feel like they was very rude and manger didn't say anything. Store 195Posted on May 06, 2016


Hello, my name is Destiny Wilson I am Complaining about I had a layaway contract out and I was ahead of the payments and when I came to put sum money on it my cashier and the rude manger said I needed to put the whole balance on which was not true there for I had to take my layaway out which I needed my Extra money For other items may layaway wasn't fully due May 5 2016 You Guys computer system and your employees are rude and Ghetto they need a customer service training Class I am a very loyal customer but I have been very disappointed in your system My name is Destiny Wilson My layaway I.D number is 0009048842 Your Cashier at the north Charleston store on Rivers Ave need to better.Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Amy Hayes:

Tried calling the store located at 1179 Silas Creek Parkway Winston Salem, NC 27127 on Sat 4/16 after the first thirty minutes of it being open to inquire about an item that had been possibly lost there. Unfortunately I was unable to get through on the phone line it was constantly busy. Being unable to reach someone by phone I then went to the actual location. Upon arrival I noticed a fair complexion female maybe about 5'6 on the phone having a personal conversation. After asking her about the lost item I asked for her name and position she stated her name was Xyomara and that she was the manager. Her personal phone conversation prevented myself from being able to contact the store as well as other customers who may have been trying to call.Posted on Apr 16, 2016


The female employees in the Tuskegee, Alabama store dresses very unprofessional....I was in there Sat.2, 2016 one particular female employee had on a dress that was very inappropriate...that has been the case several times. Would you please address the situation.Posted on Apr 05, 2016

John bellefeuille:

I was at your city treads store on Walzem Rd in San Antonio TX. Where one of your employees tried to charge me and my family $2.00 ea. for 3 sticks that went to a decorative balloons. My kids found one of the balloons on the floor and then like any kid would do the other followed and took 2 of the balloons sticks off and left them, where they found the balloon in the store. Your employees did not have to come up to us and demand we pay $2.00 for some sticks that were still in the store. Because of that you lots 4 customers that where about to check out with what we were going to purchase from your store instead we put our stuff back and walked out buy nothing. I can't believe you train your employees to charge people for things that never left the store. She even had the nerve to tell me to go find them. I am so pissed off I sat in your parking lot to send this email. I can't believe the customer service I got here. All she had to do was ask for the balloons and ask where the sticks were and I would have got my boys to find them for her. She did not have to be rude to us. But I guessPosted on Mar 10, 2016

Khalilah porter:

Wea is my order ct21521Posted on Feb 13, 2016


I placed an order for $440.00 and I received a text 6am telling me that my order has been canceled due to suspected fraud????? I've been calling the 1800 allegedly customer service number without an answer and I've also emailed the that was provided in the canceled email of my order twice without a response! I've also emailed everywhere I can possibly leaving my number as well so I can speak to someone because my mom card been charges and if we aren't going to receive the merchandise that's a problem and we need a FULL REFUND today! Someone need to get back with me ASAP regarding this matter!Posted on Feb 05, 2016

Sariah Spears:

Hi my name is Sariah Spears, I emailed you guys yesterday about my mother not did get all of her items she had in the layaway in the Dearborn store in Michigan. She went back to the store 12/19/15 and an employee gave my mother all of her items.Posted on Dec 19, 2015


I placed an order that showed it arrived on 12/10/15 but it isn't here. UPS informed me that I need to contact the sender, which is Citi Trends and my local post office...and I'll be calling today once the office opens. I PURCHASED FROM YOUR ONLINE WEBSITE AND I EXPECT MY ORDER OR A FULL REFUND. I am so pissed because I expected to have my items yesterday.Posted on Dec 11, 2015

Whitany Perry:

I made a purchase of jewelry on August 19, 2015 in Natchez, MS 39120. I went to return the earrings today and was told that it could not be done. I was not told at the point of sale that the jewelry was non-refundable nor is it specified in the return policy ar the bottom of the receipt. The jewelry was in its original state, all tags were attached, and I had my receipt. I need and deserved a refund and will stop pursuit until it's done. I have called customer service several time today.Posted on Sep 03, 2015

Jessica Harrison:

I would like to post a complaint on a employee of the Citi Trends located in Blakely, Georgia. Cashier #1279889 (D. Summerset) has been an employee there for quite some time, and she is very disrespectful and very rude to a majority of Citi Trends customers. She pretends not to hear the customers asking to use the dressing room and when she finally decides to help them, she approaches them rolling her eyes, and making sighing noises. She also display those same actions when checking customers out while vigorously throwing hangers, and balling up their garments before putting them in the bag. I've even heard from many other customers that they would rather shop elsewhere to avoid having an altercation with her. I attempted to make a complaint on her about two years ago and decided not to considering she is an elder woman, and thinking that maybe she's just having a bad day or something or maybe her attitude will get better. Unfortunately, I was totally wrong. I shopped there a few days ago, and notice that her attitude has gotten a lot worst. Instead of trying to gain customerPosted on Aug 07, 2015