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sports ea phone number

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sports ea support phone number
customer service number of Ea Sports : +1-903 026 1537,+1-866-543-5435
Address detail of Ea Sports : Po Box 9025, Redwood City, California, United States
ea sports support phone number
Address detail, email id and customer service number of Ea Sports as shown above can help you in conveying their problems, suggestions, possitive feedback, negative feedback as well as reviews related to the products and services of the Ea Sports.

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Comments (60) on Ea Sports


I never got Matt forte even tho I beat it and as I beat it the app when down and now I'm still without him and the stamina I used to try to get him please make this right.. Sep 08, 2016

Jason Clark:

Will any of my players from nhl16 go to nhl 17. I have an awesome team that I spent alot of money buying packs and believe that I should be able to keep something. Thank you EA Sports Sep 07, 2016


I bout game through PlayStation. The game is NFL madden 2016. It tells me that tuning data cant be downloaded. And play call data cant be downloaded. I have contacted my internet provider, and we checked everything. Internet works,other games work, but madden 16 does not.. Aug 31, 2016


I have just spent four hours trying to complete the final two tasks of MUT 17 ultimate season only to have finally achieved success and have the computer have two seconds left on the clock. the computer has no timeouts and I am in prevent defense. They throw the ball and my defenders knock it down right as I get kicked off the ea server and am promptly shown a message I will not be receiving credit! This is unacceptable. How many more hours will I spend wasting my time on a challenge I have already beaten. I would like some sort of resolution to this please. Aug 31, 2016

Maxcell McFadden:

Good afternoon my name is [email protected] McFadden, I'm having trouble signing into my madden online my understanding is mcfadden1974 can please help me.. Aug 30, 2016

Mike Ayers:

How do I get this game to stop stealing my money, awards and now an elite player. Please don't make me drive to your headquarters. Get back in touch with me in 7 DAYS. I'm sure you got lots of other complaints. First you got my money. 9000 in the beginning was alight of money. Since then 6 or 7 awards have just not showed up? Now, you got me for Earl Thomas or 55000. however you wanna put it. I will be investigating where you clock in you cheating son of a bitches. Aug 29, 2016

Linda Jurkowitz:

Dear ea sports, I've been playing madden for a long time, I've played madden mobile 15, 16 and 17. I've also played madden 25, 16 and 17 on Xbox 360. In all that play, I've only pulled 8 elites, and I've spent a lot of money on packs with little to show for it. I think you should give regular players just as good of pack luck as you tubers. Also I've seen a lot if you tubers pull ultimate legends many times. In all my time playing, I haven't even pulled a legend, rookie legend or even a legend collectible! I just want to ask why you tubers get more elite pulls than people like me? Please respond soon. [email protected] Aug 26, 2016

Anthony Evans:

I just downloaded madden 17 off my Xbox one. Sometimes it want let me pass the ball and the CPU want pass at all. Its a sack every pass play. Please, EA Sports, fix soon, if not I want my money back. Aug 24, 2016

Devon Myers:

I no longer have access to my original email, I can not log in, can't reset my EA Sports password what can I do? Old email is [email protected] gamer tag is dvsmokey please help me. Feel free to call me 8016480799 please use this email as I can't get Into my old one. Aug 21, 2016

Erica Jones:

Went to the "forgot password" prompt. It said it would sent info to my email- it never arrived. My son would really like to play the game that he bought with money he earned. Tried the "help" online-useless! Sometimes it's easier to TALK to someone, but EA Sports customer service phone number is no longer available. Aug 21, 2016