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Comments (58) on Eharmony

Susan PRICE:

I want to start questionate over, but don't know how. Ive just begun eHarmony profile. Not complete. I canceled hoping I could start new, but that doesn't help. Sep 11, 2016


I am disgusted w what money I paid through the nose Hopi g that thus site would be talk you claim it to be its all scammers far! Guys 2)2 cross the us that is not realistic what soever!! Other people I have finally opened up to about this site have toked me such stories as well! I am quite sure there are guys in my area cause I see them on other free sites do I am sure there are some paying your ridiculous fees to be on here as well. I am checking in w a friend who is going to investigate you folks for me very very displeased in the lack of ways to reach you get a refund of unpaid $$ etc.. never will I recommend this site after my horrible experience here good day. Sep 08, 2016

Tracy Wheeler:

I want to cancel my eHarmony account I have been emailing you over and over again more than once I can't access the way it says to cancel it because I am using my phone please cancel my account today thank you. Aug 27, 2016


When I joined eHarmony, my idea is to meet a man locally or within 5-10 miles from Lyndhurst New Jersey. All the matches sent to me from eHarmony are not local nor within 5-10 miles from Lyndhurst New Jersey. Can you resolve this for my matches. I'm very disappointed with eHarmony. From the TV commercials, seems like a Pleasant site.. Thank You. Aug 21, 2016

Christina Wolfe:

Hello, I tried to discontinue my service and can't figure it out. I was told by someone in your company to wait until August 13 or later because that's when my contract expires. I do not want to be billed for more automatic renewals. I would also like my profile taken off your site please. Thank you Christina Wolfe Aug 15, 2016

Antonia Montesano:

Hello, my name is ANTONIA MONTESANO and I am trying to reach yo to 1- 626-795-4814 and I canĀ“t contact eHarmony, because I want to cancel my subscription. my telephone # is 786-470-5420 and my email is [email protected] Antonia Montesano 8/5/2016 Aug 05, 2016


I forgot my password, says my email is wrong well it is not always had it. I sent in request for forgotten password no help yet! Jul 31, 2016

keith romer:

i have asked before to have my profile and my email removed from your site please do so. thanks.. [email protected] Jul 31, 2016

k smith:

I have on going problems with this company i have tried calling several numbers listed to speak with someone. I cancelled and still being charged! This is the second time this has happened. I want a immediate response confirming the following 1. my cc will be credited 4 the 9.95 charge that was billed 07-29-16. i want my subscription completely cancelled immediately! BY the comments i have read this company has ongoing customer service problems! Jul 30, 2016

Sharon Robertson:

My name is incorrect on my profile. I cannot edit it to correct it. It should be Sharon not Sharn. Please help. Sharon Robertson Jul 24, 2016