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Food Network Magazine offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Food Network Magazine, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Food Network Magazine customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Food Network Magazine has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : 300 West 57th Street-18th Fl., New York, NY 10019, United States
customer service number : +1 212 484-1445
Food Network Magazine Customer Service Number

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Comments (19) on Food Network Magazine


Just got a notice for second billing for $24 I reordered the magazine on web site which I already payed for please check your records make sure this is not duplicate it and let me know. Thank youPosted on Sep 10, 2016


last year i sent a gift subscription to my niece. now i am told i have to pay for another year. no, i don't. it was a one time gift. it went to sarah keller in norman, oklahoma.Posted on Jul 16, 2016

Rosa Terracciano:

I have requested that my subscription be cancelled. I don't receive any more magazines but I keep getting harassment mail that payment is due. Please cancel. Loved getting the subscription but o can't afford it at this moment. Thank you for your help.Posted on Jul 12, 2016

I. D.:

Does anyone answer the customer service phone line? Clearly it is not important enough to actually speak with a live person when trying to renew a gift subscription as your website is not working. If this is the case, I may have my gift subscription cancelled!Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Mary Rock:

Cancelled subscription 2/20/16. Too expensive. Continue to receive emails demanding payment (26 2863 426).Posted on Jun 25, 2016

Jennie Hall:

On March 14, 2016 I mailed a renewal invoice marked cancelled for my subscription, due to the "high" renewal price. I have never had a confirmation of that cancellation. On April 25, 016 I received an offer for a subscription for 1 year for $12, which I mailed a check along with the subscription invoice. I haven't had confirmation of that, but my checked #6375, dated 4/25/16 cleared on 5/2/16. You have my $12 but I have NO confirmation. I just received an e-mail renewal notice stating it would automatically renew. Which one will renew?? I cancelled the original one and sent money in for the new subscription. I need some answers as you have my money but I have nothing to show for it! #0443100441. Thank youPosted on Jun 23, 2016

Monica McCarty:

I am extremely disappointed in your renewal service. I had received a notice through email that I needed to renew my subscription for the Food Network Magazine, and it would cost $40 for one year. That makes the magazine $8 a month and I could not justify spending that kind of money to have the magazine. Then imagine my surprise when I received the last magazine of my subscription for May which actually arrived on June 11. Inside there was a card to give a gift of a 1 year subscription for only $19.97. This is extremely disappointing as why should I as a regular subscriber be charged double the amount for a one year subscription. If this is a regular practice, is it any wonder that I don't want to renew for another year. The magazine is good and has a lot of good ideas in it, but not for $8 a month.Thank you.Posted on Jun 12, 2016

Diane Miskiewicz:

Have not rec'd my magazine in a long time, I paid online with my visa on 9/12/15 after receiving my expiration notice. Well expiration good and will expire 9/12/16 WHATS happening?Posted on May 12, 2016

Deborah Petersen:

Hello, today I received in the mail a form thanking me for participating in the cont. service program . I will not be renewing the magazine. I have been very disappointed in the content. Deborah PetersenPosted on May 10, 2016


I have a complaint about the show the kitchen it is the worst show I have probably watched it is super annoying and loud and snobby I think it needs to be cancelled.Posted on May 01, 2016

Gayle Sanguinetti:

I have contacted Food Network via email over 1 month ago with the response that someone will contact me. It is concerning a double payment & now I am receiving all kinds of late payment notices. This is ridiculous to try & get someone to talk to.Posted on Apr 26, 2016


I did not receive the April magazine and I called customer service (India), and was advised that it was mailed, but could not advise when, I was advised that I would get it on line. I thanked him and wanted to know when the magazine was mailed. I was told not to asked anymore questions and was disconnected. No only dis get the magazine, and the customer service was non existent!Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Victoria Smith:

I just received an auto renewal notice for your magazine for $44.97 !!!!! You have got to be kidding me ! I can go online and get it for $12.00. This is a scam trying to catch people unaware. I have enjoyed this magazine, but I am reluctant to continue receiving it.Posted on Apr 17, 2016

Richard Garifine:

Our account has been charged $34.97 from food network magazine. We have not ordered this. We ordered HGTV magazine 12/22/2015 for 19.99 with promo for food network magazine for $5 for 5 issues. Receipt # 8458030. We only wanted the HGTV subscription for 19.99 and 5 issues of food network mag for $5-nothing more nothing less..please check into this magazine and cancel any additions that have been added without our permission. Thank youPosted on Apr 15, 2016

Jeannie Toppi:

I am very upset, I noticed my bank account had been debited $34.00 for Food Magazine. I called to cancel and was not given the option to be credited unless I agreed to a 'special' price and receive 6 months!!! I do not want to reorder the magazine at this time period and I want an a credit applied immediately to my account. I called a number from your magazine And was told that that this automated could not help me. My account number is 0223588351 under the name of Jeannie Toppi. I have wasted over an hour to get this fixed Not what I had planned to do!Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Darlene Jeffress:

Yes I have ordered the food network magazine and I did not get my spring issue for April. Can you please check this for me. Thank you for your time.Posted on Apr 04, 2016

cindy yanez:

I ordered the food network magazine on 2-1-16 and have not received any magazines yet. Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Katherine Washington:

My name is Katherine Washington, my address is 3575 Eleanor Drive. Baton Rooge, LA 70805. Please stop sending me Food Magazines. I can't and will not pay for something that I didn't order, or had no knowledge of. Thanks, Katherine WashingtonPosted on Feb 20, 2016

Marsha belfer:

I need to know when my subscription is p. Nowhere is it posted. It would be nice to have a phone number to talk to someone.Posted on Feb 18, 2016