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Greyhound Bus offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Greyhound Bus, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Greyhound Bus customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Greyhound Bus has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : Patriot Tower 350 North Saint Paul Street Dallas, Texas
customer service number : 1-800-440-7712, 1-800-454-2487, 1-800-231-2222

Greyhound Bus Customer Service Number

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Comments (10) on Greyhound Bus

Joan mckey:

Picked up my "will call " ticket on Aug. 18, at 12:03, ticket #96885156. It was a senior round trip from Wilmington to Newark, and back. Bus to leave at 1 pm. Around 1:15 pm I asked agent how much later my 1 pm bus would be, she said the bus was there and gone. I was in the waiting room the whole time and no one announced the 1 pm bus or destination. The agent said it was announced which is a bold face lie, then said I would have to buy a ticket on 1:30 pm bus going to n.y. then get another bus back to n.j for another $30.00. I asked agent if I could use the return part of my ticket, she said she didn't know. The agent was discourteous and unhelpful during the whole conversation. I'm a senior but not senile, this was just completely wrong..Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Lisa moherman:

Did Todd Murphy purchase a greyhound ticket from Sharon pa or youngstown ohioPosted on Jun 27, 2016

Lisa moherman:

Did Todd Murphy purchase a greyhound ticket from Sharon pa or Youngstown Ohio.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Jennifer Moore:

Hello. I am currently on a bus that I booked through Greyhound. However, the bus carrier is Baron Bus line. I am completely infuriated at this time, because I am on a smoke filled bus, because the driver allowed a wheelchair bound man to stay on the bus and smoke because she "didn't have time to let him off." This is completely unacceptable! (A) There are children on this bus, which means that children and adults are being subjected to secondhand smoke! I currently have to endure another 2 hours of this. (B) I have asthma. If I have an asthma attack, Greyhound will have a lawsuit larger than the size of Texas. (C) I now smell like smoke, as well as all of my thing! (D) I have to deal with all of these factors for again another 2 hours.Posted on Jun 10, 2016


I love to ride the Greyhound, I want to go to California half price tickets.Posted on Apr 28, 2016

jim barbier:

Me and at least a mln of 20 customers on 4/27/15 were made to wait a hour for bus sched:#1109 and watch the driver walk around 25 min or so and then sit an the bus another 15 min before loading us nobody gave us any reason or warning of the wait and no explanation afterwords I find this very rude and unacceptable Mr brown was the driver at the timePosted on Apr 27, 2016

Katharine Hart:

This inquires to the change of the greyhound bus location in YAKIMA, WA. Recent location and address is not correct. AM/PM on fruitvale Blvd is no longer the pick up and drop off location. Please review the right greyhound bus location on your website. I have a trip to Seattle wa Wednesday and need to know where the right greyhound bus location is.Posted on Apr 25, 2016

jeff D'lassandro:

I have a wife and daughter on your bus trip originating from Pittsburgh and boarded at 3:00 am to Utah last terminal is Provo. My wife has health problems from major accident and my daughter is autistic and has asthma And for 2 days and 2 buses cause they changed in Nevada and both days she had to deal with Mari Juana smoking on yesterday's bus and now a second day bus. I understand its legal and that's cool but to smoke in a close air space my wife is getting sick. Now the driver is assuming she is lying and she is a good Christian and on the bible doesn't lye and see is so upset crying cause the accused are scaring her with looks and are now smoking again and drive is clueless. Don't you have cameras on these buses or what. With the world the way it is and you are a major company, something isn't wright.Posted on Mar 24, 2016


Yesterday, I wrote a message regarding threats to my person while on a trip. I have received no response. Please contact me immediately.Posted on Mar 03, 2016

Shana Wittenwyler:

I am currently being threatened by a woman on Greyhound from Minneapolis to Madison. I have alerted driver to employ his help for next incident. I have more details. I need her name disclosed to me immediately. Please let me know best contact as this woman is containing on to Chicago with three teenagers and baby.Posted on Mar 02, 2016