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Movie Star Planet offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Movie Star Planet, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Movie Star Planet customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Movie Star Planet has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : Amagerfalledvej 56, 2nd Floor, Copenhagen S, 2300, Denmark
customer service number : 07855410397

Movie Star Planet Customer Service Number

Email address : [email protected], [email protected]
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Comments (100) on Movie Star Planet

Robin Giambruno:

Customer service, you have been billing my credit card number every month for 10.00 since June. I gave no authorization for you to do this. If we cannot resolve this issue, my credit card company will step in to take care of this matter. Thank you for your cooperation. Robin GiambrunoPosted on Sep 09, 2016


I would like to speak with someone on changing my email when I tried to change it and did forgot password it sends it to a email I have never seen someone. I have no clue is so what do i do now??Posted on Sep 09, 2016


dear msp my account was hacked and i never gave her my pass she hacked me and i messaged her from a different account and she didn't want to give it back can you give me the pass to the account ghiom so sad..Posted on Sep 08, 2016


Ok so it says my IP has been locked out please contact me for more info ([email protected]). I don't know why I was locked out my user is tenaya8886. Please movie star planet help.Posted on Sep 05, 2016


Dear MovieStarPlant, my user got packs the User is RockanKaty account and password was Faith123 and gmail was Faithmarie42106. please contract me soon as possible..Posted on Sep 04, 2016


I was hacked and my user is moviestarlight! 12 and my pass was a123456 and the person went on and gave my accident away I don't have a computer so I cant verify my e mail so they did there e mail or I am coming down to give you a piece of my mind because this is not the first I will come down there!Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Darren long:

My daughter has been banned for 7 days without a warning and she doesn't know what for. Her username is love7457 she had a V.I.P. as well but because she won't give things she has been reported please clarify the exact reason for the ban and don't just say she broke the rules.Posted on Sep 02, 2016


Dear, mps I've been locked out my account I feel bad for what I did wrong can you guys unlock my account please I wished I never did what I did. I can't live without moviestarplanet can i my account back..Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Barbara Jordan:

I would like to see if you can please help me with another player on msp who keeps telling everyone I am making new profiles and sending her mean messages on them on the game. I have not done this. She has told lies about me to other players and tries to make everyone I love believe them. Which some of them have unfriended me over. Isn't there anyway that you can trace the person who actually is doing this to her if in fact it is really happening or if she is only trying to make me look bad? I don't know if you can resolve this issue for me or not but I hope you can help me. I don't bother anyone, Im always sweet to people and I follow the rules. My user is brandy2004 and hers is Frost-berry. I've never turned in a complaint before and I have played Msp for at least 5 years. I thought about quitting but ive worked too hard getting to level 39 and I just love the game. If possible I would like to know what I can do about this situation because I know that she will continue to bother me. Its been going on for almost a year when we stopped being besties. Sincerely, Barbara JordanPosted on Sep 02, 2016


Somebody hacked my acct. # VeronikaBae. The person who did it is danellewilcox22, Please help me deactivate her and re-gain my acct. Otherwise I will have to cancel my VIP and get my money back. Please help! Thanks!Posted on Aug 30, 2016


Can I get the game back please I didn't do anything please I am begging you also can. Let me play the movie star planet. Also can you guys give me another chance. It's says it lock out forever. But I swear I didn't do anything okay. Give me more chances. Please let me play the game. Thank you Have a nice day.Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Nicole Barton:

Dear Movie Star Planet - I have tried contacting you via your phone number but it does not exist. I have also reported the person who has stolen my daughters account and have heard nothing back from you. The account that was stolen is cuteamy2006 and I had paid for VIP membership for this. My daughter received threats from XxmadmaddisonxX and so she gave her her password in fear & her account was immediately taken along with the VIP membership!! My daughter is very very upset and I am extremely angry about this. Please contact me urgently. Thank you.Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Suelle Close:

Hi, my sister is a vip on her account and she said the last time she logged on she had 300 diamonds but today when she logged in on my phone she had 0 and got 6 from her piggy bank, I was wondering if. Can give her back the 300 that she lost, no one but me knows her password to her account and the account is xxPandaxx72901.Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Vena Moss:

My daughter got lock out of her movie star planet VIP i need to now what can she do to get back in her VIP movie star planet email me ask soon ask you can.Posted on Aug 29, 2016


Movie star planet. Hello. I was recently locked out forever. I didn't do anything wrong. I got two warning because of my little sister. I would appreciate it if I got my account back. It is lexitøpqueen (USA server) thank you.Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Angelica Padilla:

I just purchased VIP for my daughter last week for one month for $11.99. Now this week she's not a VIP anymore. Can you please fix it please. Her email is [email protected]Posted on Aug 28, 2016


I tried to log into my account and i don't know why, but it says i have been locked out for 101 years. i haven't done anything, lately my friends have been on my account just checking on it but now i am locked out for 101 years, i have changed my email from katieliverpook.. as i forgot the pass but i have a new one now..Posted on Aug 28, 2016


Msp for the 4th time, has locked me out some for bad reasons but, in my last account "brandon99 xD" I was actually trying to be the best I could to not get it locked out. And I had spent over $30 on that account and it was simply taken away from me. So pretty much I wasted my money on it. I feel that I got locked out for, singing and posting memes which isn't bad so why lock me out? I just would really love to have my account back so it doesn't feel like I wasted $50 and all of my friends were on there so they all think I deleted and I don't Remember they're usernames. So I just lost all my friends, money, clothes, and my favorite account. I don't see how that's fair to me even if I did do a few things but I was trying. I don't even know why I writing this because I know I won't get my account back but thanks anyways Msp..Posted on Aug 28, 2016


Hi, I have currently found my old acct from moviestar planet. My VIP sister gave me a lot of gifts and I don't know why they are gone. I play this game on the phone but I really love the quality of moviestarplanet and I don't want to give it up. Please help, there was really good stuff. My user name is cheesel80, bye.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Leah horan:

Hi lads last night my daughter was on on it moviestarplanet last night and siber punk girl told me her password so she treaten to report me so I had to tell her mine so I went into my account and I couldn't get in to my account again please contact me back at [email protected] Com..Posted on Aug 26, 2016

tom hampton:

this company is charging my credit card,this is the second time in 3 months this is illegally and I want my money back.Posted on Aug 26, 2016


Hello, my account princesspinkiwinx has been hacked and the new person changed my email. I really hope you can contact me at [email protected] about this problem. I guess they figured out my password. It was cottoncandy15. Thanks so much and do reply back. If I do not get my account back, I will report this to the police so they can deal with these hackers.Posted on Aug 26, 2016


Hi there my main account Lilly grace has been hacked and i was wandering if yo cold please delete the account it has all my pictures on it i would like the account to me removed from that website asap..Posted on Aug 26, 2016


Hi msp I had a account but then one day it said locked out forever and it was deleted i did nothing wrong my user was [email protected] I went to my backup account and I got a lot of report and I did nothing my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me. Thank You!Posted on Aug 25, 2016


my account been locked out forever i swear I didn't do nothing wrong! I bought VIP! Then it's locked out forever that's not fair!Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Iva Komitski:

Hello I wanted to get Star VIP and i wanted to pay with Visa and when i clicked confirm it didn't work i tried clearing history and it wont work do you know how to fix it? Thanks Iva.Posted on Aug 23, 2016

shawn davis:

My name is Shawn Davis, and I see charges are being deducted from my bank account. I have no account with yo at all. I expect any further drafts to be discontinued immediately. I have contacted my bank with regards to blocking drafts from moviestarplanet. Contact me immediately!Posted on Aug 22, 2016


Dear msp my user was currently locked out forever and I'm sorry for what I've done but I really want my acct back I love my acct and I do not want any beef with msp so please give me my acct back I'm only a little girl.Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Addie frahm:

I already sent you a message but if you can't get it back than delete my account please if my username is Maria luv101 if you don't believe it's my account contact my personal friends they'll tell you the same thing their emails are [email protected] and [email protected] their on msp too their usernames are Jorden lovely101 and azlyn11 they'll tell you I hope you do it soon..Posted on Aug 20, 2016


Hi! I noticed I can't log into my account, DancePerfect123 and i don't know why. I really hope i didn't get hacked all my stuff seems to be there but the email to reset my password is taking forever! please hurry.Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Josh Brown:

My daughter's account was just stolen. How do I get it back. The email was [email protected] username coolkat123kat. Password was 2007kat. Now someone changed username and password and it's saying a different email address is associated. I confirmed the email thru [email protected] she has bought things with iTunes cards I have purchased. Please help me fix this.Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Addie frahm:

I tried to login into my map account someone took it my username was Maria luv101 my password was ria101 you can contact me at [email protected] please do this as soon a possible.Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Rachel carroll:

Hi I bought VIP for my daughter for one month.she was hacked by 'the dolly (d)' within two days.this is not the first time this has happened and is completely not acceptable. My daughter has had different accounts and they have all been hacked by this person. I have seen by the comments here that this is a common problem.I expect this to be sorted immediately please.she is only 11 years old.her name on MSP is good or bad! Sort this please.Posted on Aug 17, 2016


I have been hacked and the person has hacked other people too. She took all my clothes and locked me out of my account. Please help me my name is mayrodriguez1301. And I recently changed my email so I can't change the password..Posted on Aug 16, 2016


Hello my granddaughter plays this game all the time. She accidentally hit the log out button and can not log back in. Her username is Glowingjustin3. She never set up an email with that username. I am the grandfather and she would like her password so she can log back in. I paid $55 for her to become a VIP also on August 2nd. I will try to attach a receipt from PayPal showing that I paid this on August 2nd 2016.Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Mary patrick:

Hello my child is being bullied and you guys never once bother to checked to see what going on y'all sent her a warning. I have the message. I would truly appreciate a response back because cyber bullies shouldn't be accepted on msp at all. My child and her friends play this game and spend a lot of money on this game..Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Alexis Atilano:

OK the only problem I have is I'm am trying to buy a silver package for $7.00 it says I have reached my spending limits for this week!! I am spending REAL money to get money in a game! An it says to try again in a week in not gonna wait any longer!Posted on Aug 13, 2016


I do not, nor does anyone in my hose have an account with you so why are there charges being made to my bank account. The fraud department at my bank has made me aware of these charges and we are going to pursue legal action. I would appreciate a refund for all charges. My name is Edward A Burton. I reside at 3920 Zuck Road in Erie, PA, USA, 16506. Please disconnect any accounts associated with me and my family. Please respond as soon as possible. ThanksPosted on Aug 12, 2016

Abileigh boyd:

My account called movieselena456 got locked out forever and i don't know why and then also my other account called blubabe456 got hacked by somebody and she wont give it back..Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Sharon Longo:

My mistake this is my third time commenting but how about you guys make a website that help people to call you or email you. And as well and once again her user is samanthaalongo and I want to know why she got locked out and I want her star vip month to start over because she didn't get to use her vip once that she used!Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Sharon longo:

This is unbelievable. I always have to have a problem with you guys! My daughter spends all her money on your vip stuff. My daughter has been locked out forever. She has purchased from a iTunes card star vip for 1 month. I want her account back or her money back. I already have left a email. But I am leaving another one to let you guys know that if you do not Answer me today I will be pressing charges because this is not the 1 time my daughters money has got taken without even purchasing anything! What a way to make kids happy. My daughter loves this game and this shreds her heart her user is samanthaalongo! Fix this or I am going to press charges. So many mother and farther, and even grandparent are so upset because our website or game!Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Samantha Longo:

hello, my daughter loves movie star planet. She has been playing it for such a while now. The other day she has purchased star vip for 1 month. Yesterday she was locked out forever. She is very upset. Her username is samanthaalongo. Please help me to get her account back or at least her money back for all of the times she has got vip. This is ridiculous and if not answered I will have to go further. Because my daughter has spent so much money on your game! ThanksPosted on Aug 12, 2016

Concerned User:

My account that I used for my YouTube got locked out forever when I've done nothing wrong on it. My account is Coodle and I was also hacked on that account various times, so if it got locked out it was not my fault. I hope you can get it back because that was a great account and I find it unfair that it got locked out. Please fix this.Posted on Aug 11, 2016

Shannyn zach:

My daughter forgot her password and accidentally loved out, she didn't set up a email how can I get her back in the game?Posted on Aug 11, 2016


Hello, I monitor my child's account on MovieStarPlanet and she has got locked out for 1 week for no reason. Her account is Beautiful Bloosom and can I please know which complaint made her get locked out?Posted on Aug 10, 2016

Tiffany Rose:

I got hacked!! This girl hacked me just cause I wouldn't give her a shirt!! I emailed you guys, but it's taking forever! In the email I showed you prof I'm not a hacker it should be from [email protected] please help me I really want my VIP account back! my user is teenmodel5.Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Chloe Delano:

I got locked out of my account forever and I have no idea why, I didn't do anything someone called me a bitch so I reported them and then blocked them but that's about it. Please read this email. Thank yo for your time and please email back. Thank youPosted on Aug 07, 2016

Cristina Cavello:

Hi will you mind sending me my password because I gave my password to someone else now there on my account and I can't get on my account..Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Pretty Lushly:

MovieStarPlanet I know this is a lot to ask but please, please can you make two versions of MovieStarPlanet one of them for 8-12 and the other one for 13-18 or some thing similar! And also if you've all ready made a account you get asked a question what is your age! This isn't a complaint this is a idea for people who miss old animations and teenagers who miss playing MovieStarPlanet. Thank you for taking your time to read this email..Posted on Aug 06, 2016

Ms.potato head:

User:= jazmen= dear MovieStarPlanet I got locked out for no good reson by a girl because she asked for my stuff and you need to fix MovieStarPlanet there's lag and hackers hackers name: anymous miss filly well she a deleted user The Dolly who hacked me everyone's saying pixie is hacking people and keeping are Rares so can you bring Samantha back please if you answer thank you..Posted on Aug 06, 2016


I got blocked from msp and I have no clue why I got banned??I did nothing wrong and this block was obviously a mistake please unban me from msp. My user in msp is holla$girl if there is anything wrong with the user or anything I will change it..Posted on Aug 05, 2016


Hey movie star planet someone hacked my account and i was a VIP can you help me get it back please you are my only hope..Posted on Aug 04, 2016


My child has bought some games without my permission with my credit card. She is only 8.I want to cancel the games and have my money back.Otherwise I will go to police and court..Posted on Aug 04, 2016


I need my username and password for my user Lola 10001 and I can't access it and my mother has made MANY Payments on this user. Please HELP!Posted on Aug 03, 2016

Shellie Mcgee:

I purchased the 1 month star VIP pack and have been charged $10.00 for it and no changes were made to the account. I would like a refund or the ability to access this VIP membership that I purchased. I am registered under the email address: [email protected] with the app. And my user name is: Fr3nchFri5s. My phone number associated with the app is: (423) 605-5263..Posted on Aug 03, 2016

lisa wells:

Someone hacked into my 11 year old daughters account after I paid a month for VIP changed her pass word as well, if you could please contact me back. can't find no contact number??Posted on Aug 02, 2016


As simple as it is, the safe chat is way too strict. I know you guys have had a lot of complaints about "sexual" activities on your site in the past, but not everybody wants to go on kids sites to go and trick them into whatever the hell they want. We can't say normal phrases like, "That sucks." Or "It's a hard situation." Or "Tyt", which means Take Your Time. And how come we can't even type in social media words Like Kik or Skype or even Twitter? Not even cursing, I was on for barely two weeks and received 7 warnings on what you guys consider "Foul Language". Now I'm locked out for a week. And my friend got locked out forever, ironically on the same day. Not to mention, I wasn't even online for that day. I just find it highly unfair. No wonder you guys have 2 stars. Club Penguin is better than your site.Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Brandi Maxwell:

I need help canceling my daughters accounts. I have charges taken out of my account every month totaling around $30 a month. My daughter has not used her account in months and does not remember her user name or password. She has 2 accounts and we can't get into either. I have been trying to cancel for months and I haven't been able to get through to anyone. This needs to be addressed immediately I've had hundreds of dollars taken out over the months and my daughter has not been active on either accounts in a very long time.Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Edward Chen:

Hello! I forgot my password and it says come back later and i did and nothing worked so my username is " ItsAmaze o3o ". Please tell me my password.Posted on Aug 01, 2016


Hey my username on map was deleted user (d)(d)(d)? And I do not know why I got logged out forever and deleted and I had VIP for a year but got locked please let me back on I won't misbehave no more old msp..Posted on Aug 01, 2016


Hello. May you please unblock my up address? One day my brother got on msp and made a nasty account and he got me locked out. Please, I love msp and miss playing it. My username is ItzMareBear.Posted on Jul 31, 2016


dear moviestarplanet, i created an acct not to long ago, and i cant login in it says i am locked out forever, which isn't fair, I've being playing this game for 2 years and now its being like this, i don't like this at all please let me back in my newer acct because i did nothing wrong!!Posted on Jul 31, 2016


Hello. I can only play on mobile and i want to put in my email and confirm my email so i can get my password invade someone tries or does hack me. Please fix this. my Username is Emster Plays On Msp.Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Michael white:

My movie star planet account got banned forever out of no where and I just bought a year vip please respondPosted on Jul 31, 2016


MovieStarPlanet took my art book down from the top page. You broke my heart ok please put it back my account is on SA msp and it is DivaHolly22. please put my ab back on the top page the ab is called' Free Rares! free, please i am crying.Posted on Jul 30, 2016

Lesley Aldridge:

OK this is my 5th email to yourselves. My daughter aka cherry blossom namu had her account hacked 2 days ago. It stated she's locked out for 37000 days for cheating on star coins? Which she hasn't. Someone has changed her password and her clothes on her profile and she is so upset. So we opened another account Gothic girl and the same has happened again! VIP locked out and someone is changing her password. We received emails stating this as we are out and have no access to her laptop. So I've paid £10 for VIP on cherry blossom namu and £3 on Gothic girl and she can't use either? I can't find a customer support phone number and my emails are bring ignored. I would like to know what's going on please as I'm a single parent and can't afford to keep doing this.Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Jamie Shirley:

My daughter just recently started playing MSP and she just bought a VIP package and as soon as she did that her account was hacked! She can't log in and we don't have an email linked where we can retrieve the password. What can we do to fix this?Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Marzela chatiqi:

I cant find a phone Number to call no costumer service works! this web is a fraud. My daughter has not played msp in a long time she says it has been like a year and today i Was charged 25 dollars from this game. We thought someone hacked but my daughter logged in without any problem the password was not changed. We bought VIP for 3 months sense December and it is still VIP it has been more then 3 months and I can't believe it is still VIP. It has 55,000 coins and 1,000 diamonds is not possible. So it must be msp still charging my account after all this months so it is a fraud movie star planet keeps charging money. Don't play this game.Posted on Jul 28, 2016


To who it may concern, For some reason my daughter account nhi77777 is lock she can't play. I just pay for her VIP membership now she is unable to play can you tell me why. Can you unlock her account so she can be able to use. Thank youPosted on Jul 28, 2016

Brooke L:

Do you have a toll free number for customer service? My daughters would like to purchase VIP access for their accounts, but your site is asking for my bank card pin number. Whenever I purchase online i do not have to enter my PIN number.Posted on Jul 27, 2016


Dear movie star planet my ACCT has been locked for no reason and I would like to get it back my user is XxabbbyxX and my registration number is 36 54 80 61 I hope you can unlock my ACCT because I never did anything wrong and people false report me and got me locked out forever and I would like to go on my VIP level 16 almost 17 account with all my moviestarplanet friends thank you for reading this and I hope you have a good day!Posted on Jul 27, 2016


please take the ban or block off my IP address or something because i don't think i should have been blocked of access to msp and i have paid for a diamond package a and year VIP and that is very unfair and if you guys really want to improve i suggest to answer or take it off as soon as possible!Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Tyhesia Moore:

I just purchase my daughter VIP and other user were asking her to buy them things I allowed her to buy one the girls a hair.I explained to her not to spend all her coins buying for the others. They got mad reported her now she's blocked for six days when I only bought a week VIP this is very unfair.I was planning to buy a year for her birthday in 2 weeks but if she can be banned for no reason I may have to reconsider this I would like her account unblocked or at least an explanation on why she was banned in the first place...Posted on Jul 27, 2016


My daughter has gotten "packed" on her main she said that when she was trying to log in it said "incorrect" so she tried again. Her user is "xxKittengirl1227xx".Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Sonia Cordeiro:

reverse the charge of 14$ on 07/18/16 right now. I am calling my credit card company to report this charge..Posted on Jul 26, 2016


Msp I tried to login and it said I was log out forever and I was star VIP to I get all my money back are do I get my account back. So can you unlock my account are what my name is Janay#BADBITCH..Posted on Jul 26, 2016


Msp my LVL 16 almost 17 VIP ACCT got locked out forever and I didn't do anything people just false report me and I would like to be able to go on. I spent $40 on my ACCT and that was all my money and so I would love to go on my ACCT that I spent tons of money on if read this please unlock my ACCT thank you so much for you're time...Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Chris Warfield:

My daughter tried to log into her account but it said that she is locked out forever. She did not get a lock out number though. She has put a lot of money into this game and wants to know why she can't login and play. Her username is XxabbbyxX.Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Amelia Smaldon:

Msp please help me i am begging you! One of my friends in msp called "X x Ta$ha x X" have been hacked by the dolly and they wrote on her profile: "Hacked by the dolly (d)" She added me and said: "at 17:00 you will be hacked" and it was true! When it turned 17:00, she logged into my account somehow and took over it, saying: "hacked by the dolly (d)" please help me get my account back! I will do anything! I deserve my account back. please msp! PLEASE?Posted on Jul 25, 2016


i payed for a 3 month VIP and i never got it so text back asap my msp name is:](Blakey)[ tell me if theirs anything that i need to know.Posted on Jul 25, 2016


Dear Movie star planet administration, I would like to request a review of your app safety features. My daughter has received disgusting messages from users making sexual remarks to her on the chat. I will contact the local, cyber, and federal authorities to report this app. I have also already contacted the local media so they could warn parents about this app. I cannot believe the way you encourage kids to participate in inappropriate behaviors such as dating, dressing inappropriately, and chat with strangers. I hope that can modify this to be a games only app. Thanks for your time, A very concerned mother.Posted on Jul 23, 2016

Bianca Pemberton:

The account Miilkshakez belongs to my daughter and has been hacked. I want her to have her account back because she got VIP two months ago. I want her password to be changed back asap. Best regards.Posted on Jul 23, 2016

Travis Moran:

hi I can't get in its saying my IP was banned. Can you get me into hot dude0403 there's no space..Posted on Jul 23, 2016

Connie Friel:

Hi, I have been trying to resolve an issue with you since Sunday in regards to an account that has been hacked, I have sent screen shots of the issue as well as details of monies that I have paid from my account. I do not have the receipts you keep asking for but my daughter's account keeps getting hacked and now she is nable to get into it, I do not seem to be getting anywhere with trying to resolve this issue so I will be going down the legal rote if someone does not get in touch with me todayPosted on Jul 22, 2016

German Garcia:

Hello, I am trying to cancel the VIP payments on my sister movie star planet game because she got hacked and we can't log in information was looking for a phone number to call but I can't find one can you guys help me out.Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Katelyn Zink:

Uh...yeah hi it said I got locked out forever seriously I didn't even do anything someone reported me saying I used cheats like with my user is BabyGurl24450 fix this ASAP I had that account for 3 years??Posted on Jul 20, 2016


Dear wonderful moviestarplant this girl on map her username is pinkpony10 she's being rudly about my arm and she being not a good example to me I'm asking nicely of you could take away her user away she doesn't deserved is please moviestarplant you are the best thanks! Please can you get me freed vip my username is cutl pup. thanks A lotPosted on Jul 20, 2016


I bought the $40 diamond pack for diamonds and sc and 5 items. I never received it. I sent two emails to msp but three hours later still haven't got anything. No email no diamonds nothing.Posted on Jul 20, 2016


I made a new pass case my sis tried to hack me and I don't know it the problem is that I didn't put in my email so I cant get it please I need my acct back I am very very sad my acct is XxanglexX31.Posted on Jul 19, 2016


My account has been hacked and I had VIP! The user is Kaylakrtzbackp Please get my account back or give me my money back!!!Posted on Jul 16, 2016


You guys locked me out of my account forever and I spent money on this, I want my account unlocked I got hacked . My account name is yofavwhitegirl. Please unlocked my account thank you.Posted on Jul 16, 2016


hello my child's account has been hacked and i cant get on it. i have tried forgot my password, it says that the email doesn't go with the account. what can i do from here to get her account back.... her name is zoweylover123. please let me know asap what i can do to get this fixed. thanks so much.Posted on Jul 16, 2016


I bought VIP with my visa gift card. now when i call visa service my balance went from $25 to $12. but i don't have VIP! please help!Posted on Jul 16, 2016

sharon mitchell:

My 11 year old grandchild down loaded an app for $70. which was not approved by me also I don't know how she got it my on card with some kind of approval from parent. Paypal suggested getting hold of movie star planet first and I cannot get a response, I don't know where of how to contact someone from movie star planet. I hope I get some help here. Thanks Sharon Mitchell 1616 High St Chester, il 62233 America- nited StatesPosted on Jul 15, 2016

Deborah Tarleton:

My grandson charged $12.99, I did not approve this! I need it taken off and any other that was charged!!Posted on Jul 15, 2016


I bought VIP for one year and keeps saying it failed so can you get me the VIP i purchased but it says purchase failed from MadManMike on UK.Posted on Jul 15, 2016

kaylee yang:

hello, my child kaylee has a acct that is being stolen her acct is sapphire1027 she has been logged many times and she been VIP before and she is being hacked we have tried to reset the password instead the acct was from another person that knows her acct can moviestarplanet reset the password to sapphire1027.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


I downloaded the MovieStarPlanet app on my iPhone 6 Plus and everyone I try to open the app it just shows a black screen and won't load the game on to my phone. If this can be fixed please let me know. Please and Thank you.Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Kadence adans:

I got locked out of my account your rules say that we get a warning but I never got on I feel I deserve a second chance.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


Hello movie star planet, My movie star has been hacked and the person who was on my account had been doing wrong thing and inappropriate things all day I have been looking for a contact also, my account is VIP and I need it back this is not OK if my 25 $ is just taken like that and I don't even get to be on it. please give it back to me this is totally unfair. I did not go on my account and do that stuff, please contact me I need my account back or my mom is going to have to go down to court and argue. I don't want this to happen but it is not fair if you take peoples money and dis contend their time on movie star planet. my account name is babygrl28.Posted on Jul 13, 2016