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chasity ramsey:

I am a very upset My Family Mobile customer. I have put money on a prepaid card to pay my bill and it says autherized to the card company but my phone will probably be shut off tomorrow. Please fix this i dont have any more money.Posted on Dec 18, 2015

Dawn Feldner:

I cancelled my plan with you, My Family Mobile.Paid my bill off in full and received a gift card for over payment to Wal-Mart. they were not able to swipe the card so they charged me my amount and told me to call you for the problem. Two months later, i receive a $5.00 dollar service fee for their fault. I refuse to pay for a charge that was not my fault and don't even use My Family Mobile service and never will again.Posted on Dec 12, 2015


I have bought a Sim card starter kit for it. I did the activation and stuff for it. And all that seems to be ok. But the phone itself isn't reading the SIM card it is saying invalid network. How can I fix this. The phone use to be on version network if that helpsPosted on Dec 05, 2015


I have cancelled My Family Mobile service long time back and still keep getting bills. Trying to reach out to a customer representative on the phone. It ask for phone number, I provide one and it says number doesn't exists, and without a number, there is no way to reach out to a person to talk to about it. I find it ridiculous that I am unable to reach a human to speak to address the issue.Posted on Nov 20, 2015