Orbitz Spanish Customer Service Contact Number

Orbitz Spanish offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Orbitz Spanish, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Orbitz Spanish customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Orbitz Spanish has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : 500 W Madison St. Suite 1000 60661
customer service number : 888-656-4546

Orbitz Spanish Customer Service Number

Email address : ssladmin@orbitz.com
Below, we are showing a complaint box, where you can post your experiences, complaints, queries, feedback or any type of problem related to the products and services of the Orbitz Spanish.


Can you get a refund from Orbitz?

In most cases, Orbitz allows cancellation of flight tickets on US carriers, up to 10 pm (or sometimes 11pm) on the day following purchase. ... If you need to cancel within 24 hours of booking on Orbitz, follow the instructions below. A refund will automatically be issued once the cancellation had been processed.

How do I get my receipt from Orbitz?

How do I get a copy of my receipt or invoice?Launch a web browser and go to the Orbitz website.From the home screen, click My Trips in the upper right hand corner. ... Click All Purchases.Click on your itinerary to view its details.To print your receipt, click the Print icon at the top of the page (near your itinerary's name), and then click Print Receipt.mobiata.zendesk.com › en-us › articles › 360015718471-How-do-I-get-...How do I get a copy of my receipt or invoice? – Mobile User Happinessmobiata.zendesk.com › en-us › articles › 360015718471-How-do-I-get-...

Is Orbitz a travel agency?

What is Orbitz? They are an online travel agency (OTA) that you can use to book flights, hotels, and much more.

What is Orbitz cancellation plan?

Flight Cancellation Plan Under this plan, Orbitz refunds your flight in the form of travel credits with that particular airline. The credits can then be used to purchase a new flight with the same airline. ... This plan can be purchased at checkout up to 24 hours after booking a flight.

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