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Address detail : 2202 North West Shore Boulevard, Suite 500 Tampa, Florida 33607, United States
customer service number : 1-813-282-1225

Outback Steakhouse Customer Service Number

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Bill Gripp:

My wife and I went to your Aiken SC location on 9/12/16 at 345pm. Hostess (no name tag that I noticed) came from around the corner. My wife greeted her in a friendly way and hostess gave us a kinda weird/blank look and made some sound. Nothing that could be confused for a friendly greeting. We were seated and started to look over the menu. After about five minutes, my wife said something about how NOT busy they were, yet, no one had come to our table since hostess seated us. Got up to leave and what appeared to be a management person at the hostess stand thanked us. He had no idea that we were walking out without being served. Normally, we are not disgruntled patrons of eating establishments, but this is not the first time that this location has disappointed us. Other locations seem more professional, overall. Felt it necessary to bring this to your attention, as we are both in management/customer service professions and know the value of keeping the customers coming back.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Our food and service was great while we visited the Dssel/Mamee location! I completed the survey but failed to mention our friendly and prompt waitress, Ashley C. She was phenomenal and very knowledgeable! Here's the problem. I called the restaurant when I got home to see if there was a way to acknowledge our waitress as I was expecting to follow a prompt asking me to do so (there isn't one) When I asked to speak to a manager I heard someone say "she wants a manager. "Obviously the manager had no interest in speaking to me so after 13 minutes I couldn't (and didn't want) to wait any longer! Obviously your manager needs a few lessons on customer service! Also, our last 3 experiences were horrible and debated whether to return. The last 2 visits you were out of prime rib on a Friday night at 6:30? And lastly, our food was barely lukewarm. Based on visits to other locations we continue returning to the Dssel location because we never have these experiences at other locations. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Hats off to our waitress Ashley C.Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Latoya maclin:

Me and my husband visited the independence Ohio location on my birthday 8-29 i ordered a t bone steak well done hr ordered medium. Mine was full of pink. I sent it back and it didn't come out til my husband was done eating. Service was slow. Worst experience i have ever had at outback.Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Bertha Kirby:

Extremely BAD curbside wait time at Outback 6845s semoran, Orlando Manager Amber response was the waiter Was in the bathroom and she was too Busy to watch the camera. My wait Time was nearly 4 mins. The customers are why any organization Is in business. she should be disciplined.Posted on Sep 02, 2016


I don't understand what happened to you portion sizes? We have ordered a full rack of rib at two different locations In Florida. Plant city and Brandon Florida. Every time we received our food we get small portion size I have paid for a full rack of ribs and received a half the size! I am done! You are ripping me off! We will no longer going to any of your restaurant! We usually go with a party of 4 or 6 So you are going to have a loss! You restaurants are going to shit! I tell everyone not to go to your restaurant site!Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Jay Carraway:

My friend and I visited your Harbison Blvd location in Columbia SC about a week ago. We were very excited about dining there as we had not had your blooming onion in years. We ordered the blooming onion and it was partially cooked. The waitress was very nice and friendly and ordered another one. This time it came back over done to the point of being burned. We were very shocked when the manager came over with it and basically said this is what you get when you want it cooked longer (wish we had taken pictures). He was so unprofessional and brushed us off. We really couldn't believe we were being treated that way. Needless to say we sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes and left without eating the salmon we both ordered. I have been in customer service for more than 35 years and I understand this Business is not always easy; however, this type of treatment will make your customers consider patronizing other popular steakhouses. We are not the type to complain but this was just an experience that will keep us from visiting this location and perhaps any other location ever... Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Joe Dos Santos:

This is my complaint for store # 1801 on Staten Island, N.Y.. 4 people 1) Was told no more rare prime rib. This is at 8pm. 2) Asked for some white bread and waiter told me ok, received at end of meal. 3) One side (salad) was forgotten. Had to ask. Came late. 4) I ordered the big 18oz. sirloin steak med. well. Came well done. Dry, cold. 5) Side of mashed potato was a baby portion. 1 ice cream scoop. 6) Lobster tail was empty shell with cheap crabcake inside. Prices are way too expensive for so little servings! 114.00 dollars and we all left starving!Posted on Aug 06, 2016

Virginia healy:

Hello..just wanted to let you know about the not so good experience me an my family had at one of your restaurants. We arrived at the location about 3:15 on the 16th of this month. The facility was not busy at this time of day. Our order was taken in a timely matter but after that it all went downhill. Our appetizer took not to long to come out but our lunch/dinner took at least 50 mins or more. Customers around us were getting served well before us as we were there way before them. Our waitress was apologetic for the delay. The mgr thanked us for our patience but not very apologetic. When finally our food arrived I was even more discussed. Cold soggy fries and my chicken obviously was thrown together with no appeal what so ever. It looked like a kids meal. My husband was also not thrilled with his meal as well (as him being a chef) his disapproval was written all over his face. We as a family don't eat at very often an it was very disappointing to say the least. As we were exiting the restaurant no acknowledgement from the front end either. This used to be one of our favorite EstabPosted on Jul 17, 2016

Dianne martinez:

I made a complaint at the north Miami outback. I am a regular there. Now I feel disgusted to go there. I emailed the outback spoke to a guy name Matt Gentry. My 12 year old daughter seen two women in a bathroom stall doing stuff she then told me. I went in there to see for myself and was stunned to see two women in one stall and heard them kissing. I was at the table near the bathroom so I waited to see who came out. After 5 minutes I seen two employees come out. I asked my server for there names. I don't believe in gay marriage but to each there own. While we where eating one girl was at the computer where yo put orders and the other smacked her butt. Then they went outside for about 15 minutes. I was offended to witness that and most of all my daughter. My husband said not to speak to the manager because we go there almost every week to two weeks. So after emailing the company he said it would be taken care of. A week later I go after the beach to eat and there both there once again nothing was taken to action. There names is Marcella and Patricia. My 26 year old son went a few dayPosted on Jul 15, 2016


My husband and i went to outback in findlay ohio around 9:00 pm it was or date night. We were seated right away. And had received are drinks in a timely manner. BUT after that it was horrible we received plates for the bread that had on both sides they had a film of dirty yucky on them so we thought we will ask for other plates BUT when i was looking at the bread it looked like mold spores in three circle spots all in the same area and on the side. So i asked my husband does that look like mold he said yes it dose. So we decide to talk to manger and leave. The manager said it was flour. i have baked for many years and i know the differences between moldy bread and flour. We loved going to your restaurant BUT now we will be looking for another favorite spot to eat.. we were VERY disappointed because we have had excellent services in the past but we wont be back any time soon. P.s my friends had went to the same restaurant a few months ago and had a different but bad experience too. We wanted to give the benefit of the doubt and try it for or self . We had a bad experience too. NoPosted on Jul 12, 2016


Just wanted to notify you that while at Outback in Kenwood Ohio location I took a drink and under it was a coaster with lots of mold. The stack on the table looked old. I have a picture of it.Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Barbara DiMeo:

Clifton Park NY 7/3 Arrived 5pm rest not busy.Go often never disappointed till now.Order loaded blooming onion overcooked small hardly any fries nothing like on TV. Ordered dinners got them 45 min later. Steak ordered rare came med well and cold.Grilled asparagus hard and burnt never said $1 ext. for that. Waitress never came to refill drinks. Food pricey for amt you get Won't be returning any time soon. Very bad dining exp. Won't recommend rest to friends anymorePosted on Jul 05, 2016

Linda Lovelady:

We dined at your Hazelwood location. We arrived about 230. There were only a few tables in restaurant. The service was poor. My steak was overcooked. We also ordered the blooming onion with the loaded fries on it. Maybe a dozen fries and little wee bit if cheese and bacon bits. The onion was overcooked. Dark brown. my husband ordered soup and dLad. Took 20 min to get soup refilled. It was Luke warm. While experience was bad. We are regular diners at outback and we're surprised at quality of food Nd service. We had never had this experience with your restaurant before. I went home and ate a bowl of foot loops. Thank you Linda lovelady 1311 Heydt ave St Louis mo 63135Posted on Jul 05, 2016

Marriann Makarewicz:

My husband, and I had sirloin, and Rib-eye steaks at Outback Saturday June 25. In Saginaw MI. So disappointed. We were looking forward to a good steak. Because we have always gotten one there. My husbands was sent back over cooked. Mine was so stringy I couldn't chew it. His second steak was literally half fat, and so thin. Both were tasteless. Has Outback gone the cheap route and getting there steaks where pondarosa gets theirs? And charging Outback prices.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Deborah Phillippi:

I experienced the worst service I have ever had at the Outback restaurant in Beckley, WVa. There were 5 people in our party and two were served unacceptable products. One ordered prime rib and it had a hair in it. The other ordered the pork chop and it came to the table raw. The manager tried to help but really never offered an apology or offer to comp anything. They also charged $5.50 for an extra shot in a $4.00 drink.Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Devon Chase:

On the 26th of May 2016, at 9:30pm, my family and I visited the establishment at 27 Possm Park Mall, Newark Delaware which we so often do. We ordered a 9oz Victorian Filet, which came extremely over cooked. I have never had a complaint till today. Since prices had recently increased on the Victorian Filet, I felt somewhat cheated on this meal. Sincerely and Respectfully, Devon Chase Bear, DelawarePosted on May 31, 2016

mark beckwith:

Hi. I placed an order online tonight at my local location and 1 steak was good and the other filet was gross. It was chewy and grizzly and the potato was old. So disappointed. 6201 and Federal Hwy was the location. I picked up my order at 7:59 pm. Check #314 order # 4911510. Please let me know how you will rectify this. I spent almost $60 with tip. Thanks MarkPosted on May 24, 2016

Carlton Vaughn:

To celebrate Mother's Day my Pastor, Associate Pastor and myself Deacon Vaughn decided to take the four oldest mothers of the church to dinner on Saturday, their ages are 94, 93, 92, and 86, upon arrival at the Outback on Greenfield Rd in South field, Mi we were told because of the shortness of staff it would be at least a thirty minute wait. We were a party of seven after forty five minutes we were told that we will be seated soon(this was the only time any staff came over to update our status). In less than three minutes later your host sat a party larger than ours' and that had came in at least thirty minutes after us again no word on why they were seated before us. After asking the host when will we be seated he simply said soon and walked away. Needless to say at this point we felt that our business was not welcomed there so we left and ate at another establishment. I have visited Outback Steakhouses from Michigan to California and never had I or the party I'm with have been treated with such disrespect. Just to let you, had I been alone or say with my wife. I could have stomacPosted on May 08, 2016

Peggy Kellar:

I ordered the petite filet with mixed vegetables. When my food arrived I noticed a long black hair in the middle of my vegetables. I called the waitress over and she acknowledged the hair then asked what I wanted to do. I said my filet was fine and I wasn't going to eat my vegetables. She asked me to take the meat off and place it on a side plate, took my vegetables away. They delivered fresh vegetables to me on a small plate and asked if it was alright and left. I proceeded to eat my meal on two small plates with the meat being cold and the veggies hot. I really felt the entire plate should have been taken away and delivered back to me with warm food. The staff was very nice. I was disappointed with my meal!Posted on May 02, 2016


Irritated as EVER with this management. Outback customer service at this Calumet City location is BS. I received potato soup with black moled potatoes in it. Why would you serve someone this? Serve what you would eat, it's not that complicated. Geesh.Posted on Apr 24, 2016


My family came to eat at Outback in Calumet Illinois. We entered the restaurant & a young lady said someone will be with you. After waiting 5 mins, the hostess sat us down & before we can say anything she walked away. So being unsatisfied with our seating & not being able to locate anyone, I approached the manager and explain my concern, and he replied well you have to wait we just opened up 15 minutes ago. I feel if you open hour doors you should be open for business. We as customers should not be cheated out of good service, because you as a manager don't have your crew together. I will never bring my out of country nor in country family or friends to this establishment again. Thanks for nothing.Posted on Apr 24, 2016

Kim williams:

i Was at your saracus NJ location yesterday. First thing I did while waiting was use their bathroom which was filthy both tickets had urine on them and not flushed toilet paper empty in one stall, trash on floor paper towel holder empty. Then I went out of bathroom to see three hostess laughing and giggling at front desk. When being seated was told can your party of four sit at a table/booth when there was many booths that I asked for available. When I asked the hostess for a both she gasped in disgust. It was way to dark we had the worst time reading the menu. Food took forever with no explainating. Then my friend ordered prime rib medium rare was given a end piece full of fat and black on on side. When the manager came over to see the prime rib he said oh the plate cooked it cause it was hot and we will cut off the fat. Really we said a end piece cannot be medium rare he told us that's not true. Took the plate away returned with the same piece which now was very small with twice the amount of potatoes . My friend stated she wanted a new piece which made us there even longer.Posted on Apr 24, 2016

Raymonda Banks:

I placed an online order on 4/15 order number 4665136. When my husband returned home with my order it was without my two extra lobster tails and without my two side orders of rice. I called back and spoke to the manager and he said he would send me a gift card. I did receive the gift card for $20. My complaint is that this is not a gift because I paid for the items I did not receive and did not receive a refund. I usually dine in and eat here often. Can you please make this situation correct. So I can enjoy outback like I usually do.Posted on Apr 23, 2016

Lisa Navarro:

Hello, me a and my family were dining at the Outback restaurant in National city(plaza Bonita), California. We go here all the time. This is our favorite restaurant! We were celebrating our daughters birthday. First of all, they say they ran out of prime rib. Really? A steakhouse? So when our steaks came out they were all prepared wrong. They were all well done and dry when we wanted them medium. Really, The mashed potatoes were bland and our dessert was not was we usually expect! We come here all the time and know what to expect from outback, but tonight was such a disappointment! We didn't enjoy our dinner even the dessert! Which I must say you have the best dessert My husband doesn't want to come here anymore, but it's my kids favorite place to eat!!! Service was OK, kinda slow. We had a group of 7 and spent over $150. It really wasn't worth it!Posted on Apr 19, 2016


Location #552 5628 Make Murray Blvd La Mesa, Ca 91942 619-466-9795 The Wedge Salads had yellow cores...only ate a couple of bites....the lobster was mushy also puree. ...terrible meal.Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Hannah DeAngelo:

I was in Outback with my family on Dec 27. I found a six inch screw in my chicken. I almost bit into it!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!Posted on Apr 06, 2016


Went to eat at outback in bay-side my saw a new item Chicken Marsala decided to try it. Tasted fine but had no mushrooms on it. Did not look same as picture in men.Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Jackie Geans:

We were at your restaurant in Mishawaka, IN.. last evening. We had a gift card as it was our 43 rd anniversary. I ordered a steak med.with a salad w/ ranch and sweet potato.The dressing was so spicy neither me or my husband could eat it, the out side of my steak was black like charchol and extremely dry. My potato was delicious. .Our server was excellent and she felt bad as my steak and salad was bad and did have the price of my steak removed from our bill. Needless to say our anniversary dinner was ruined. ..It was our first there as we are both on fixed incomes and will most likely be our last.Posted on Feb 01, 2016

Ron Schaffer:

I just had my wife pick filets at your Spartanbrg SC, Reidville road location. We ordered medium rare, they were both well done. My sweet potato was burnt black . I usually don't complain, but this the third dinner I've got here that was totally below your standards. The other dinner was your noodles in cream sauce. It was dry,noodles half cooked, and very unappealing. I worked for Georgia pacific . I was on the road everyday. I eat at your location in Memphis,West Monroe Louisiana . Cleveland Ohio. That's why I know this location serves below standard food. We live 20 miles from this location . Returning it is not a option. We made do. I just want better service. I don't want free coupons. I might add, I have ALS,a fatal neurological disease . I have trouble chewing tough meat. This was tough!Posted on Jan 17, 2016