PC Matic Customer Service Contact Number

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PC Matic Customer Service Number

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customer service number of PC Matic : 843-628-1546
Email id of PC Matic : [email protected]
Address detail of PC Matic : PC Pitstop, LLC 2515 West 22nd Street Sioux City, Iowa 51103 USA
Address detail, email id and customer service number of PC Matic as shown above can help you in conveying their problems, suggestions, possitive feedback, negative feedback as well as reviews related to the products and services of the PC Matic.

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Comments (37) on PC Matic

Janis Thomas:

I paid for one year of PC Matic recently ($50 + tax and I need help to get the full benefit of choosing your company to assist me with my computer needs. I've created a PC Pit-stop login and have left a message on the help line. Please try to get back to me so I can get my PC running again. My roommate saw your add on TV and thought it was a great price for the service so I paid for it now I want to use it.Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Larry B. Wiley:

I have purchased two new laptops and need to renew my subscription before Oct 9, 2016. i can't log in to renew. my licence key is MCHO--4198767. Help!Posted on Sep 03, 2016

Jeff Brke:

I've sent several emails. None answered so far. PC Mastic keeps telling me I'm not protected and ask me to renew. I bought the Evergreen life subscription back in Jan. Tell me what I should do.Posted on Aug 04, 2016

Margo Coppi:

I have purchased the home pc matic and have a copy of my receipt however I can not download. Not real happy with customer service.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Sergio Martinez:

have left messages to no avail. I keep having issues with my computer and can only do the check via safe mode. 951-488-7749 is my phone.Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Gordon Frisbey:

I have ran multiple scans on my computer and each has said no fixes were necessary. However, when I run a link in the internet it is taken over by another program and send me to some link advertising some product. It even takes over pc matic at times. Is this not want pc matic is supposed to protect the computers from? Can you help? Gordon FrisbeyPosted on Jul 28, 2016

James Pollock:

My comp.keeps locking up and now it says I dont have pc matic.I cant launch pc matic scan as my password doesnt work.I have tried to get it from pc matic and it says it has been sent but it never does come through. HELPPosted on Jul 23, 2016

Arnie Astdillo:

My name is Arnie Astudillo: i have purchased PC Matic few months ago, thinking that it will keep my computer safe and operating without problems. Unfortunately this is not the case. I experience that your product is very unreliable and useless. I am requesting for cancellation of your service and refund the charges to my credit card ending on 2016 transaction charge on 04 16 2016. Hopefully in the future you have a better product to offer to public.Posted on Jul 21, 2016

David Moody:

I have purchased PC matic. I am over 70 and I am PC challenged. I think I had asked for a disc when I purchased this product. I need to reinstall this product. and do not know how. Can you help? Thank You. Dave Moody 713-517-6599Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Mike Bannan:

PC Matic is blocking all adds on my browsers. I need to see ads for work etc. Can I disable this?Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Stephanie Foster:

please help my daughter can't get into any of her sims games.....It says File execution blocked...Supper Shield blocked. ..I've called CSR twice. .Posted on Jul 07, 2016


I just purchased my PCMatic anti-virus yesterday but I could not install it on my Mac Air Pro because it keeps saying that my safari could not open the file ‘pcmatic-set up-1067 because the application is not available.’ I need your help to install it. Thank you.Posted on Jun 29, 2016

John Stabler:

Help! John stabler 863-465-7245 I just paid 168.81 and can not down load my life time service.Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Billy conley:

My computer Will not open The login to my Citi bank. Login I thank it is block by your spy wear would you Check it fir me (bankoncit.com) [email protected]Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Harold Hacker:

I have a virus in my computer, My service for this computer is good to 3/25/2017, this is on my Acer Model Aspire 5750. it will not even show anything. I have tied everything from safe mode to safe mode internet, and then ran your software again on this computer. Your software has scan this computer three time now. and when I go back to normal system all I get is welcome to windows 7 and then nothing. your services is to protect my computers. I want someone from your office to call me at 505-404-6124 or 785-214-2127. I have been a customer of yours for a long time now.Posted on May 22, 2016


I will never touch your product till you get rid of the commercial that says ISIS is not the problem. they are killing Americans everywhere and you have the nerve to compare computer virus to them I think that is disgusting and not American And I am going to post it on Facebook and YouTube for everyone to know. Obama and Hillary don't think terrorism is important either. I hope you take that commercial off soon God bless America not isis and the antivirus protection.Posted on May 18, 2016

edward parham:

need help for installing lic key MCHO-3663341 EDWARD PARHAM [email protected] 6366671198Posted on May 10, 2016

bob black:

I would like to talk to someone in tech support (live person) to walk me through PC Matic will not scan (8437053767).Posted on May 09, 2016

R. Geis:

I had my PC repaired and after reinstalling PC Matic, I am not able to access email, facebook and other on line favorites. Some things are accessible. When I try to access my e-mail, I get a message as follows "This page can't be displayed". Need TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in advanced settings and try connecting to https://webmail.pldi.net again. If this error persists it is possible that this site is not protocol or cipher. Please contact site administrator. Please advise. ThanksPosted on May 09, 2016

Sharew A:

I have a subscription evergreen PC matic for more than a year, Since this morning didn't allow me to log in. It says me you are not licensed & I see a locked key symbol at the top.Posted on Apr 28, 2016

Andres Farias:

I have been trying to cancel my service as it's not performed as advertised, n PC Matic makes it very challenging for customers to reach them, it's all automated and will Repor the to B.B.B. they are very unethical, the worst I have encountered.Posted on Apr 15, 2016

Raymond Johnson:

I bought PCMatic on 4/1/16. I have a PCMatic password and a pc pitstop passwords, no License Key. Please e-mail that to me.....don't tell me how to login without it. I have tried many times without access. I am a older gentleman (85!) and that is a lot of the problem. Thank copy very much.Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Bill Fry:

Installed PC Matic on two computers and everything seems to be working alright. Except the Super Shield download for definitions. The Definitions download fails on both computer after about 15 to 20 minutes.? Made several scans alright Bill Fry, [email protected]Posted on Apr 09, 2016


Need help now..made some mistakes and need help a soon as possible.. Thank youPosted on Apr 04, 2016

dog anderson:

just keeps loading after clicking scan. also said contract ends 3/30/2016 should be 2017.Posted on Mar 21, 2016

Victor Cintron:

I had PC Matic installed in one of the PC and had to install because we get a message, when pressing open PC Matic... Blocked by Comodo Secure DNS Warning...Posted on Mar 08, 2016

Janet E Lorenz:

We paid for service twice and need one of the $50.00 charges reimbursed to or bank account. We still want to keep the PC Matic for the home, did not mean to pay for it twice.Posted on Mar 03, 2016

Homer Newell:

This my 3rd attempt to get HELP from this company. They do NOT respond!! I have loaded the software successfully on ONE computer. Doesn't work on second one. A note at the top says I am not registered. But my account is registered. Kindly look into the matter. Thanks.Posted on Feb 27, 2016

Sybiller Vega:

I have been trying to use the support message system but doesn't work and the Icon for PC matic is greyeed out. need you to run a scan to figure what is going on, virus or whatever. [email protected], 5712133079, on research computer, actually you have the same computer twice as registered PCs. I tried several means but got no answer from you guys yet and a week is going by. the research computer, let me know something other than links to situations different from mine.Posted on Feb 21, 2016

Kenneth Leiding:

My PCMATIC will not perform its sched led scans. It will perform man all scans My phone # is 757 587-8060. I can't type the letter after this form!Posted on Feb 20, 2016


I paid for PC Matic on DEC. 2015 and it got lost in the somehow. Can I get it reinstated?Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Jsy Ortiz:

I have PC Matic for one month and I am not happy with the service. When I scan it does not remove the problems after the scan. Today I can't even load the site. On top of that the you won't answer your phone. Please give me my money back.Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Dan Barrrett:

My product has stopped working on the scan. I am exposed. I have been trying for days to get customer support and no avail at all. I need help fast as the online ticket submission is and has failed multiple times.Posted on Feb 17, 2016


I m very concerned, I perchased PC Matic in November and it seemed to be working for a few weeks.Then suddenly the last time it ran,the next day I turned on my computer and I had no internet or printer. The drivers, etc were totally gone. Since I cold not go online I had to go get my computer repaired for $100. The repair place told me that sometimes when virus are removed they will attach to a program or whatever and take it with it. What do yo say cased it? I am now afraid to down load PC Matic again and the computer repair co said to just see the free antivirus programs. What say yo? and for some reason as I type this to you, the letter ( ) will not type yet it does everywhere else, whats with that? My accont is nder my email accontPosted on Feb 11, 2016

emory burleson:

I purchased PC Matic today and I have had an icon on my laptop screen saying "PC Matic is Loading" and it has been there for over 4 hours. I am assuming this is not normal and need some help. Thanks.Posted on Dec 11, 2015


I have had your product for a few months now and it has not preformed as your advertisements indicate, I have had to spend couple hundred dollars to fix my computer that was infected and caused it to crash. I have up to 5 computers and want to know if you will refund me the remaining portion of the amount paid. I am very dis satisfied. Kathy Sutton 406-459-8018Posted on Dec 11, 2015

Roger McDonald:

What do I get for my $150? Is this a yearly cost? Once in a while my internet connection is interrupted by a notice that there is a problem with my computer and i am instructed to call a specific number so they can correct the problem. This is a scam. Will PcMatic prevent these contacts? I would like to get a copy for my daughter. She does not live with me. How can this be done. thanks, RmcPosted on Dec 03, 2015