Plenty of Fish Customer Service Contact Number

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Plenty of Fish Customer Service Number

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customer service number of Plenty of Fish : 1-604-692-2542
Email id of Plenty of Fish :
Address detail of Plenty of Fish : Vancouver, Canada
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What does it mean on POF only accepts messages from certain users?

Individual people can put any restrictions they want on who they'll accept messages from. ... When you get that particular message, it's usually because the person you're trying to message falls outside the +/- 14 years of your age parameters that PoF implemented some time ago.

Does POF have a message limit?

POF Message Limit Tips: According to the terms of POF, an individual can only send 4 duplicate messages per day. If a person proceeds to send the same message to more than 4 users, then their message access for that day will be blocked.

Who can message me on POF?

When you sign up on POF you can actually set certain restriction on the profile so that only certain people can message you. ... Once you message someone first outside your restrictions then they can reply and send you messages from here on out, but only that person.

Why can't I send messages on Plenty of Fish?

If your messages are not being sent, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: ... You are being blocked by our spam filers for sending the same message to numerous users, or are using potentially bad language. If this happens your profile may temporarily be restricted from sending new messages.

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Comments (100) on Plenty of Fish

Linda Blair:

I sending this again. Your computer is broken. When putting in my credit card info the expiration won't let me put my correct yearin. Keeps showing year 20. Won't show any other number, which is not my ex. date. Thank you, L. BlairPosted on Sep 13, 2016


I can't log into my account i tried to reset my password & wait for something to be sent to my email but nothing still hasn't come to my email address yet.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


A couple of members have sent me a message lately within the last week and I don't see those messages or get any alerts. Before I was a able to receive messages, why can't I see them anymore.Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Delaokande Simmons:

I want a refund on my upgrade because I made a mistake and order! I just want my money back guaranteePosted on Sep 12, 2016

Derek gensemer:

My name is Derek gensemer I have been getting where I can log on but I get kicked out I try to log back in its not logging me in if their is a problem I would appreciate you contacting me by phone 484 994 1473 my email is darkavengerbro thank you.Posted on Sep 11, 2016

Lola J Hakala:

Lost Password vanished. Trying to reach POF for many days. Do not have e-mail that was used to register. New e-mail is on Sep 10, 2016

Tiff Beaupre:

Some one needs to contact me now. I've emailed twice and I want a response. I want my picture taken off of someone else's account. I am not even register through pof any more and I don't want her using my picture to advertise.. This is wrong and some one better contact me and tell me they are gonna fix this. No can use my face or picture on a dating site with out my consent.. NOT HAPPY .Posted on Sep 09, 2016

mike johnston:

Please close my account I've been hacked I can't get into it I can't remember my password and I cannot get you to reset it please close the account now..Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Harold wright:

Your site fucking sucks it says by email does not exist you sent me several emails so it does exist trying to log back on to the site says my password is incorrect please send my email I'll recovery for my password and don't tell me doesn't exist because it does..Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Yajaira avellan:

Hi my name is yahaira I have to report a abuser the person he post private pics of me and open profile the profile name is tucubanaza they need to delete this profile please my on Sep 07, 2016

Eun kim:

Hi my mane is eun kim. My nick name is Zina123. Email address is I think someone stole or change something account is can not doing anything. one men (chatting whit me) he may be changed. please what is going on. Would find for me. I can not logged in.Posted on Sep 07, 2016

Jennie Crapser:

Someone hacked my initial POF JCrapser88 with email of I tried to make a new one. it won't allow me to access the new one either. JLoveC65 email Help me delete both logins & start over please.Posted on Sep 07, 2016


Please my profile name is LloydAStewart111 please I like to get my money back the 81.40 put it back on my card here the last four number to my card 5552 didn't want the 81,40 off my card I just wanted to try it out for a month not for 8 months please call me on my phone 8044330990please thank you.Posted on Sep 06, 2016


How is that a person that has blocked a user be able to access their profile, and comment on profile photo? The blocked user can respond. Swalt23 made a nice comment about my profile photo. I went to reply with a "thank you" only to find that I was blocked. I tried to contact your customer service department, but can't make an international call and toll free number is not a working number. Also, how do you report a profile that doesn't have a clear facial photo on the app? Also why does my refine search keep changing my preferences on age minimums and miles range?Posted on Sep 06, 2016

Jo Mullin:

Only wanted monthly payments plan instead you charged the full 10 months all at once. Do not want that payment plan. Understand it was a monthly fee not a one time charge. Please either correct or refund full amount. May not wish to use 10 months of your service. Only wanted to try it month to month. Thank YouPosted on Sep 03, 2016

david jolly:

I canceled and close my account but yet they will not take me off i'm still getting emails I have met someone on please stop sending me emails take me totally off..Posted on Sep 03, 2016

Sharon Ravenelle:

My account has been hacked. RedShirtTime is my profile name, the email address is that too has been hacked and has been canceled. My second email is I just upgraded my account too. Help! My phone is going crazy! you can contact me at this is a new account. If it cant be repaired please refund my subscription to the card that was on file and I will open a new one. can this be done asap before all my information is lost to the wind. Sharon J. RavenellePosted on Sep 01, 2016

Afton Maxwell:

Crazy person stole my FB photos and created an account here with my name. I am getting all kinds of sexual emails. I need that account deleted.Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Jaron Cantrell:

I cant seem to login. Every time I try to reset my password, nothing gets sent to my email. Can you please help me out. Username is Cantrell89.Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Terence Walker:

I just tried logging into my profile: megentman, and noticed I can't log in at all. I had not changed the password, and had recently, just a few hours ago, successfully logged in and sent messages with other seers. I have done nothing to violate your policy. Not sure if my profile has been hacked or what. I attempted to call you "customer service" number and got no results. In addition I tried sending emails, and requesting a password reset. I got no response to either. Can you please explain what happened and why?Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Mark Green:

Hey I make my profile and it works then when I go off of the site and try to get back on. It tells me the I'm using the wrong password or user name. Posted on Aug 30, 2016


Hi my username is womanloveagain. i cant remember my password nor have access to the email address please i need to close the account I've left numerous messages to customer service no one is contacting me..Posted on Aug 27, 2016


Someone hacked my account and my phone is blowing up with messages. I cannot log into my account. please help change my password or erase my user name was ringkneck.Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Ronda Palmer:

Yes my name is Ronda Palmer and I was just informed that my account and profile has been hacked and there's some black chick in my place for pictures in them this is the second time this has happened and this is the second time I've had to pay for an upgrade and this is getting to be ridiculous. My POF username was lovemaker09 and my email address was . My phone number is 1 515 423 53008. And I want to redo my profile but I am not paying for another upgrade and I want the one that was on there cancelled now. Please contact me as soon as possible or send me an email so that I can get this straightened out and taken care of. Sincerely Ronda Palmer the real love maker 09.Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Jeannette Hartman:

I deleted my profile and account yet am still getting email notifications of people wanting to meet me. I'm suck of this site. Nir only are there mostly cat-fishers in here but the PR availability is virtually nonexistent, if nit totally a scam.Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Kevin Linklater:

I can no longer log into my account. I've also been notified that someone else pictures are on my profile. My username is SportyLinks I have sent several emails through the app on the log in page.Posted on Aug 25, 2016


The flood of notifications on my cell phone has slowed down now to normal for my account pjpj9999 which has been hacked. I still cannot reset my password. I need to reset my password.Posted on Aug 24, 2016


The flood of notifications on my cell phone has slowed down now to normal for my account pjpj9999 which has been hacked. I still cannot reset my password.Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Chadrick white:

For some reason when i send messages its not showing me the messages i have sent so idk if they are getting them how can i fix that.Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Rebecca Melendrez:

On August 2. 2016 I was suppose to give a payment of $81.00 BUT. They charge me twice the amount of 162:00. they did refund me $81:00 but the other $81:00 They didn't refund me back. I'm OK. With that cause with that money I'm paying the month of August. but the problem is my app POF is not working, I can't even down load pictures to my profile. Can you fix that? Thank you. Rebecca Melendez. Phone number 1-830-758-9006. please, help I love POF.Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Bobby Gose:

My account got hacked because someone obviously clicked on one of your links or to retrieve the password to my account, I think the email they used is on Aug 23, 2016


i want my profile superman202061 to be deleted i cant access it i don't remember my email or my password i used please delete it its been yrs since i been on it and its caused me to lose my soulmate..Posted on Aug 20, 2016


and if its not that email it niteangel0@gmail i just want to be able to get back on I've been on here many yrs and never had this problem..Posted on Aug 19, 2016


I cant log into my acct. i have asked 6 times for my pass word reset for some reason y'all aint responding to it and yes i even check my spam folder. please fix this for me my act name is nite-angel.Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Tara Higgins:

Hey somebody has hacked into my account n they won't stop so I'm getting all these numbers call and text me its getting bad please get it off. my user name was lucky girl let me no thanks !Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Jonathan herbandez:

I can not log intony acct no more and i am still being charged is there any way to reset i forgot my user name my name is Jonathan Hernandez..Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Garen Dennis:

I deactivated my account and still getting charge a monthly payment want to be reimbursed for my last month because I've not had an account in over a month thank you..Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Renee P Yepez:

I was charged again for this service and u didn't ask for it. I’m very upset that I was charged for this service!! I didn’t authorize the payment nor did I want this service. I thought I was paying for in time only. I want a refund of my guard earned money! Plus the bank charged me $35 extra dollars because this company charged my credit card I want to be reimbursed for that bank fee too!! I’m very unhappy with this service bad company! Please contact me ASAP.. 619-323-6276 Posted on Aug 17, 2016

John Fernandes:

Pof won't let me log in. When I try to log in with my correct username and password. It states my username or password is invalid. I sent messages to the help center and I don't receive any emails from Pof.Posted on Aug 16, 2016


I have a serious problem with pof ppl calling saying I have talked to a under age girl which is not true they said I send them a certain amount of money or I'm going to jail I have done nothing wrong...Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Yanet Rodrigez:

Hi, My name is Janet Rodriguez and I've been a POF subscriber since 2009. I've recently ended a five year relationship with a man I met on POF. I created a new acct. and after logging out, I could not log back in. I then proceeded to create yet another account, only to encounter the same issue. I then decided to use my old acct. I am able to log in and see others but neither my messages go through and it shows that not a single person has seen my profile. its like I don't exist. Am I banned?? May I ask why? I'm a kind, honest, hardworking single mom and a fairly decent human being who just wants to me a man with similar qualities. I don't know if maybe my ex has logged in to this account and done something (he knows my passwords to everything as we were life partners). I can think of nothing else and even this is a little far fetched. All I want is to know if I am and why. I'm a little discouraged with this. Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you.Posted on Aug 13, 2016

Debbie Freeman:

My POF account has been hacked and I can not get into it. I have been told I have no pictures on my account any longer. What do I do to solve this problem? I have a paid membership ship for 6 months but if I can't get on my account due to it being hacked I need a total refund. Please advise!!Posted on Aug 12, 2016


Site will not accept my password When I change password It says password was changed successfully. But when I go to sign it. It does not accept the new password..Posted on Aug 10, 2016

Donta Howard:

the payment planned never stated I had to pay all at once it took 80 dollars from me I talked to someone about my problem and they said they could refund 42 dollars and put me on the three month plan I said ok as long as I get my money back they told me it would take 1 to 10 days it's been almost three weeks and no refund and I barely use the site now I'm feeling like I'm getting ripped off and if I don't receive at least my 42 dollar refund today then I will cancel my account and want my full refund back......Posted on Aug 10, 2016

David Frantz:

I'm on POF, and on my account it has Kevin Brazil or somewhere like that, the problem is. In my area some women won't task to anyone from out of the country. So I need help fixing it, my screen name is davidearl70...Posted on Aug 10, 2016

Mad lady:

Someone fraudulently created this site under some weird name using my email address! Re moving any & all of my information from this site! I did not sign up for this! I did not authorize or ever visited this site! Ibe received several emails that someone is viewing me! If I find out who it is, or this site is keeping my information fraudulently, I will precede w pressing identity theft chargers! I repeat - re moving anything associated with me off this site!!Posted on Aug 09, 2016


I had to remove my profile for the woman that tried to stab me found me I want to get my acct back. Please help me. I just need to speak to someone to help I pd and was on for only 2 day.Posted on Aug 09, 2016


Yes I have been trying to get a hold of someone from the pof website for three days now with no luck at all and it is really starting to piss me off. You give a number that does not work and is boggles. You took money out of my account that should not have been taken out. Of my account. I want money back in or a check written out to me for the amount of $81.00 and if it is not or if no one contacts me by email within the next few days I will find a way to turn them in and get them in big trouble for what they have done. I have since cancelled my membership and deleted my account on pof so I should not be getting charged and if I do I will be taking the site too court and using them for what they have done. I am sorry but the letter is not working on y computer. I want a response back from them in the next few days.Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Kimberly Holt:

My $38 was taken out of my money card for POF yet it don't let me be upgraded..I called my card to see where the money went and on August first it was taking out automatically by guys .so what's going on here I'm not happy either I want that money back on my card or I want to be upgraded like I paid for.Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Greg Pabst:

You upgraded my account after the upgrade I did 3 months ago. i did not give you permission to do will reimburse me today 8/8/16 by 5 pm Eastern can you do this without getting permission. if not i will be seeking a lawyer.Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Bonnie swinney:

I am an upgraded user and I am not able to access my account. It just stopped working one day I've been trying to get a hold of somebody to help me I've tried to change my password and it keeps telling me that the page has expired I've never had so much trouble trying to access an account before on any dating site my username is crazy purple lady. I would appreciate some assistance. When I upgraded I upgraded for 2 months and I know that that time has not passed.Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Keith shields:

I went to cancel this y'all took all the money at one time in it said 10.81 to up grade for 8 month I want my money back..Posted on Aug 04, 2016

Robyn Helgeson:

I tried to use my password word but it's telling me I'm using the wrong password. My account should already be set up. I have six messages in my inbox I can't retrieve because I can't get in. I would like some help please. When trying to get the password reset it never sends me an email. My user name is Dinky1960..Posted on Aug 03, 2016

Jeremy Robbins:

You need to take my profile off its been on there for 4 years now I deleted it and I'm married for over a year now, my wife found it on your site and I want it off now I called left messages emailed and I need it gone now asap, my name is Jeremy Robbins, love life get it off please or I will be taking legal actions torts this site, you can call me at 319)361-3705.Posted on Aug 02, 2016


Hi, i looking for ome of messaess from 2 months ago, i know it removes after 30 days, bt is there anyway to bring those messages back? Please advise ThanksPosted on Aug 02, 2016

Ronie Lewis:

I have been trying to contact someone over the recent problem I recently had with a member that sent me a messages saying that he want to meet me I declined letting him know that I met someone and it did not work and that I was not interested to meet another person so soon and wished him blessings. The alarming thing is his reply. He sent a messages and Funny videos coming from a nigger.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

p f:

frank Daniel is on dating site. the girls need to do a background check on him. he is a dangerous man. he has jail time of 33 yrs for shooting his ex-wife. he got out on "good behavior" after serving 3 yrs. he is portraying himself to be kind and a good ole county boy. wanting to have a good time. the girls dating him need to be aware that they cold be in danger. his sight is frank31002. please if you do not do anything else. do a background check and see for yourself. he does not need to be on the site. he is not who he portrays himself to be. this is a warning to all the girls seeking to date him. please take heed and at least respect yourselves enough to do a back ground check before you get involved with him.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Barbara Schmutz:

I have tried several over the past few days to login and I can not. The Id is SCHMUTZLBARB the email addresses I could use would be or but neither one has received the password rest link. The two passwords I would have used was Bls876359 or Bls596387 and neither one of them works. I really do not have to redo profile but if I do, how do I delete the other profile? Immediate response is necessary. Barbara SchmutzPosted on Jul 31, 2016


I did not create an account with pof, I keep getting emails from pof, I can't get a hold of anybody to delete my email/account, I can't log in, did not create account, don't know password, so I can't do it myself, so with any good company you will do the right thing and delete my email and stop sending me emails I don't want.Posted on Jul 31, 2016


I have been trying to contact you about my refund of $81.40. You guys requested the info and I submitted it please refund my money back.Posted on Jul 30, 2016


I've been blocked for no reason on POF Been trying to get in touch with customer service through email but No one has responded. Italiankitten78 usernamePosted on Jul 29, 2016


I can't reset my password. The password link won't come to email. Help me please. How you contact anyone help??Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Vickie Pierce:

I would like to know what is going on once getting on to POF I am not able to search at all the only thing that will come up as refined search why has everything changed I can no longer search by username which has occurred recently could you please fix this or let me know why thank you Vickie Pierce..Posted on Jul 29, 2016

Renee Clements:

I am trying to access my account. I did not change my password so I dint know why I can't log in. I tried putting in my email so you can send me a link but you keep telling me I have to have a valid email. well that is. You send me emails there all the time. Please help! I am Kalicogirl on there.Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Maria lee mendez:

I need to find and password i have 2 different emails not sure which one was it the only I remember is my username was mariamendezbx i just don't know my email from this username but you can send to my other email my membership is for 8 months help please..Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Barry Wilkerson:

I keep getting kicked off of pof, I have to make a new profile every day, when put my username and password it says it doesn't match.Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Theresa Bruce:

Can't log in to Pof I entered the correct user name and password. It keeps saying one of them is wrong, the user name or the password. It keeps sending me back to the log in page. It did say to go into my browser and look under tools then internet options. Then enable cookies or security setting. I don't know how to. Can you help I don't want to start over I have been on here three yrs I am lost without my Pof. Please help? Theresa Bruce.Posted on Jul 27, 2016

Jim Woodward:

My account appears to have been hacked. User name is wooddog4850. Please check and advise.Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Amy Townzen:

brand new account here and wont let me sign in and it wont send me an email so i can change password! can anyone help with this please..Posted on Jul 26, 2016


I am unable to send any messages this has been going on for over three weeks. I've tried to contact POF through the telephone #604-692-2542 and 977-720-6558 rings then busy signal. Could someone please contact me. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Maryanne..Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Robert Branvall:

The account I set up originally with you was through a Verizon email address which is no longer available as of a month ago now I am having issues with my signing in. I already changed the email address from Verizon to Gmail. Then it says if you want to reset your password and give the original email which I can't do because I don't have it anymore. I tried to set up a new account with my Gmail address and the same thing is happening now where I am not able to get signed in can you tell me what is happened please..Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Bob Branvall:

When I signed up for my POF account I had an old email address that just disconnected now I'm having issues I can't sign in its telling me my information is wrong then I try to reset the password and it won't go to me because that email is no longer mine I try to reset another account and it won't go through either can you please help me and tell me what the problem is bb7729 is me, thank you plus none of your phone numbers are working.Posted on Jul 26, 2016


I woke up Saturday and my account was deleted. I have been active and logged pretty much everyday for the last few months. so I signed up again and was fine for a few hours than late Saturday night into Sunday Morning, it was not letting me login... I thought it was some password thing. had you reset password but no email back. Can you let me know why my account was deleted? My user name is yagamark The email address for login is Thanks MarkPosted on Jul 25, 2016

Stephen Barnett:

For sum reason i can't log into my account and when i send the reset it never comes through on my email..Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Mark Sefcovic:

I can not get into my account tried calling asking to reset how I have gotten no help Atoguy is user name. I have sent my email numerous times, haven't even been on a month, your customer service sucks!Posted on Jul 23, 2016

Stewart middleton:

I can not get back in to my account. Pettreat is the username. It looks like there are a lot of people with the same problem ! What happened to secure? I think there are enough people having this problem that we could start a class action law suit. The customer service email is not even accepting messages! If anybody is interested in starting a class action, message me at my name is Stewart!Posted on Jul 22, 2016


Hello, I have completed a profile on the POF website 3 times and each time my profile is deleted the next day! I have read the terms and agreement page and I am in the specified requirements. However, my account continues to be denied can you explain why?Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Amy Rountree:

Got locked out by another fish, evidently he hacked my email. Had to delete old one and set up new account. From moment he hit my email I couldn't get back onto POF. Need help paid for 10 months on July 15th. User name is AmyRountree old email is contact me at 903-805-1198. The guy that did this was goldon12. In desperate need of help.Posted on Jul 20, 2016


I do not have access you an old email and need an account deleted. I forgot the password 7344698895 john morrow the username is dirtrider240 old email is on Jul 20, 2016


my password is not working and I am not receiving the new link to my account to change my password. can someone please assist me with this matter? thanks robPosted on Jul 20, 2016

Doris Poggi:

Hello! When I registered on plenty of fish, I thought the site was free. Now I see you have to pay to receive messages. Is that so?Posted on Jul 16, 2016

Jon Roberts:

Please take me off the site, my profile and pictures. It's a good site no problems with it I'm just done with it for now.Posted on Jul 15, 2016


Please need help immediately my user name and pof is jayjaycaemel email address is i can log to my inbox i reset my password i never receive the link which is crazy they said they send the links but i don't never received it. I check my junk mail or my regular mail all my inbox no links show up so i could receive my password please help i even email my self i saw them email but i can see your email i could also see when someone send a message but can log on i wrote guy so many times no answer. I even call leave messenger nothing haven't done. My other email is this is the second times that's have when you forgot your password you can see a the link i have to star a new account which was suck can they send me the links to my cell 3478986760 like Facebook so i could reset my password please please help me.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


My name is Alex and in a minister representing I need to talk to someone about sfl.sfl. Browneyes a person he met online at POF. It wasn't pleasant and now my friend is dying in a hospital because of what she did. I already contacted a family member who is a attorney.Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Reginald Deberry:

I paid for 3 months worth of service and for some reason I can't log in to my account. I tried to use my password word but it's telling me I'm using the wrong password. My account should already be set up.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


My name is Malcolm Holmes. I have been with POF since 2006. Since that time I have had the name since I joined. Now someone else is using my user name. Pardon the use of the letter v. my other letter is not working. That user name is secure4u2da.I can't access my account and I just payed for the upgrade and I can't cancel if I have to. The guy using my account is in Houston tx. I would like to continue my account and please renew my password. Thank youPosted on Jul 13, 2016

patrick loper:

I keep getting deleted and I want to know why I've Got 5 messages on there that I cannot answer if you're accusing me of cut and paste your wrong but then if I did that's my business not yours I've not offended anybody I'm not used any vulgar languagePosted on Jul 12, 2016

Felecia Hunter:

Well I have been trying to get through to customer service for additional charges without my permission sign up for two months thought it had been expired then see it renewed with out me doing anything can't get get an email threw either says invalid user name. Omg can't believe this is being done to ppl then the number I reached wanted 20 $ to help me omg ! 1843 582 1308Posted on Jul 11, 2016


I am wanting to know why my accont is getting deleted when I haven't done anything wrong.Posted on Jul 11, 2016

lecrecia johnson:

Someone used my card to have my pof account updated for a year, it wasn't me who made the transaction for$81.40. I would like my money backPosted on Jul 10, 2016


I did not give permission to resign up for the site, I would like my account deleted and my money credited back.Posted on Jul 09, 2016

Kris camprgal:

My friend Jack got his pof account hacked. The guy copied his profile. His nick is sweetjack64. He was asking women for money. Someone must have reported him. My friend is innocent and women did not believe he was not the one trying to scam them. Jack's account has been frozen. He can receive messages but he can't reply. We made him a new profile sweetjack16, which is also frozen. So we made him another one today with his other email address and that one is also frozen.sweetiejack65 My friend Jack is innocent. This is the third time I have written and complained. Can we please get a reply? My email is Jack's email is Thanks!Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Gary Brown:

I keep entering my gmail address for a password because mine isn't working but l get no reply sent to my gmail address. l have even sent emails from that address stating my problem but still no response. I am a paying member but it does me no good to pay if I can't get on. If this does not get me satisfaction l am going to cancel my membership.Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Michael Daugherty:

Y'all charged me after I deleted my account and it was charged for $38.70. this needs to be resolved as soon as possible.Posted on Jul 08, 2016


I have received numerous email messages saying that members have sent me a message. I cannot find the way to access those messages. Secondly, everything from pof only shows up in my junk mail. How do I correct that? Thank you.Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Adrian Long:

I want to know the reason why I'm not able to go on plenty of fish anymore. I'm always kicked off please explain for me.Posted on Jul 07, 2016

hiram golson:

Hello, pof, on, July 3 while in your site i purchased a year long upgrade.. Two problems occurred one i only wanted a three month subscription and also for the year subscription i thought i would b charged monthly in the 6 dollar amount listed not total deduction of 81 from my acct. I wish to cancel subscription and get a full refund. Thank youPosted on Jul 05, 2016

Bill Landon:

I have lostball my contact info I know my email. Is please help me as I am a paying customer and I would like to get back into my account please help me with this I have been trying for 2 days now and cannot get nothing sent to me to get back in.Posted on Jul 05, 2016


My name is Lovinia Greaves, I am unable to get onto my account my info: Lovinia3/Sparkey.Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Ashley Somers:

My account was hacked and nudes where posted how do I go about posting new pictures for my page. Please allow me to post pictures of non nudity.Posted on Jul 02, 2016