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Portfolio Lighting offers the detail of customer service for its existing as well as potential customers that can help them in conveying their feedback of its products and services. As a customer of the Portfolio Lighting, if you face any query, feedback, complaint or suggestions related to its products and services then you can contact the Portfolio Lighting customer service team through its contact detail, email id as well as customer service number that may or may not be tollfree. Portfolio Lighting has shown its customer service address detail for its customers that are shown below.
Address detail : Peachtree, Georgia
customer service number : 44377-839

Portfolio Lighting Customer Service Number

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How many track lights do I need?

In general, you'll want to place track heads on linear and monorail track every 12 to 24-inches. You can place lights closer together for a specific use, such as lighting a work area, but keep them at least 4” apart.

What are track lighting used for?

Track lighting systems are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or any other fixtures with the proper adapter and voltage.

Can track lighting be mounted on a wall?

The track is usually mounted to the ceiling but it can be mounted to a wall, a beam or dropped from the ceiling on stems or cables. Power is usually fed to the track from the end (an "end feed" or "live end") but it can be powered from anywhere along the channel with special adapters.

What is the best low voltage landscape lighting?

Most landscape lighting today is low voltage, and with good reason. Unlike 120-volt systems, it's safer to work with and less costly to install.

How many lights can you put on a low voltage transformer?

Transformers generally range from 150- to 900-watt capacity. Matching the size of the transformer to the lighting design is important for efficient operation and function of the system. House current, 120 volts, is reduced by a transformer to 12 to 20 volts, the current needed to operate low-voltage landscaping lights.

How do you make landscape lights?

Landscape Lighting TechniquesAccent or Spot Lighting. Landscape spotlights focus a controlled intense beam to highlight the focal points in your garden: flowers, small shrubs, and statuary. ... Grazing. ... Shadowing. ... Silhouetting. ... Pool and Fountain Lighting. ... Downlighting or Area Lighting. ... Cross Lighting. ... Uplighting.More items...www.lampsplus.com › ideas-and-advice › designing-a-landscape-lightin...Designing a Landscape Lighting System - Ideas & Advice | Lamps ...www.lampsplus.com › ideas-and-advice › designing-a-landscape-lightin...

What are the best solar lights?

View the Best Solar Lights, Below.AMIR Solar Powered String Lights. ... URPOWER Solar Lights 2-in-1. ... URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless. ... Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light. ... SolarGlow Solar Garden Lights. ... Moonrays 92276 Stained Glass LED Light. ... Avaspot Solar Powered Security Light. ... Sunix Super Bright Security Lights.More items...•Jul 13, 2019bestofmachinery.com › best-solar-lights10 Best Solar Lights [ 2019 Reviews ] - Best of Machinerybestofmachinery.com › best-solar-lights

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Comments (10) on Portfolio Lighting

Wanda White:

I purchased the Portfolio 8 pack rust Solar Powered Led lights item 379418 model rs28m-n1-rs-w8 from Lowes in Greensboro on Cone Blvd. I have had no satisfaction with these lights. None of them have ever worked at the same time. Not only did I buy the 8 pack, I went back and bought 4 individuals because at first they looked good I have been unable to get a replacement because they no longer carry these.. I see that there are replacement sets in Lowes but I am afraid to spend money on them for fear of not being satisfied nor being able to return a faulty product. In a like this, what am I supposed to do, as your customer?Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Tony Lederman:

I have recently purchased an outdoor Post Lantern Model #LWS1204E and it's paint is already flaking off of it's frame. I believe I got this from Home Depot a couple months ago. This is kind of disheartening. Is this now going to rust immediately? I hope you warrantee for this type of malfunction? What can you do for me? Not very Happy!Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Nancy LaBossiere:

have a 3 light island pendant item 0018044 model RPB5072-3-143 part # 120533 glass shade have new home one was broken looking for replacement shade no one seems to have it can yo help me get one I don't want to replace all the shades they go with the rest of the home.Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Dannette Dearybury:

We recently bought a Portfolio otdoor High Output Solar Spotlight with remote panel (set of 3) at a yard sale only to discover that the solar panel necessary to operate the 3 lights was missing. Is it possible to purchase a replacement solar panel?Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Patrick Hanrahan:

Hi I bought 2 bathroom lights for my 2nd bath in a New condo I built year half ago. The item # 321701 Portfolio 3-light Lyndsay vanity light. They both stopped working. The wall switch was changed didn't help?? The breaker for this bathroom is good, all other electrical items still works in bathroom? Is their a recall on this item #? Not excited about having to spend money on new lights!! The lights came from Lowes Davenport Iowa Patrick Hanrahan 1245 Kimberly road Bettendorf,Iowa 52722 Email: phanrahan20@hotmail.com Cell 563-370-0714Posted on Jun 25, 2016

Richard Wilson:

I purchased a 4-light vanity bar (item # 0115280) - on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, I rate this a 11. The designer should be fired. The average American male is physically incapable of assembling the fixture globes because his hands are too large. Being a 4 light bar, it should have a minimum of two anchor points to prevent it from becoming a propeller.Posted on Jun 13, 2016

Marcia Hardy:

Just unboxed and assembled your model JD-A10017 and lamp does not work. I tried three working outlets but to no avail. I love this lamp and it was the last one Lowes in D'Iberville Ms had. I cannot get another one there so please advise as to what we can do to solve this issue. Again, I love this item and hope we can resolve this quickly. Thanks Best regardsPosted on May 04, 2016

Jill hagler:

I bought your branch 4 track light and the bracket enclosed did not fit my electric box and when I went to buy a new one. It didn't fit any at the store. This should have been simple. did I get a bracket for another country?Posted on May 02, 2016

Ms Theo Fjiyoshi:

Model: LTHSTBF BR20 DBL M4 We were remodeling a house & in Oct or Nov., & I purchased (from Lowes Waipahu) 12 of the above referenced model track lights. We installed 4 tracks & inserted the above model lamps. We immediately experienced major electrical (wiring) problems throughout the house which has taken several months to resolve & re-wire. Approx 3 weeks ago the electrician finally completed the work & when we turned on the lights, 2 of the above mentioned fixtures did not light up. Both lamps do not light up no matter where we place them (one of the lights rattles). Lowes will not take them back because they have a 90 day return policy AND I no longer have the paper receipts. I am seeking to replace these lamps & seek your assistance. Lowes AND Home Depot do not carry this model anymore. Please contact me at theothecook@gmail.com or phone 808 497-6667 Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Aloha, Ms. Theo F*jiyoshiPosted on Mar 24, 2016

Kay Crawley:

I purchased the 3 light vanity bar # 0344411 from Home Depot. We got it hung and there are only two of the little ring things that got inside the light globe that hold it into place on fixture. I don't want to have to take it back completely down and take it back just for that. Is there any way to get another one of those little pieces sent to me ASAP? Thanks!Posted on Mar 12, 2016