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spotify customer service phone number united states

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spotify customer service phone number us
customer service phone number of Spotify Usa : (917) 565-3894
Email id of Spotify Usa : [email protected]
Spotify customer service phone number of Spotify Usa : 76 9th Avenue Suite 1110, 11th Floor New York, USA
Address detail, email id and customer service phone number of Spotify Usa as shown above can help you in conveying their problems, suggestions, possitive feedback, negative feedback as well as reviews related to the products and services of the Spotify Usa.
spotify customer support number phone

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Sonia Medina:

I am trying to log onto Spotify but it is not allowing me to reset my password which I forgot because it keeps telling me I'm trying to log in with my Facebook credentials and I deactivated my Facebook account. When I request a password change it tells me that it will send me a link and I've tried several times and yet I have not received that e-mail with the link. If the only way to log on to Spotify is through Facebook please cancel my membership. Sep 02, 2016


I have tried to contacting to CANCEL my acct. and need it done. Can contact me @ [email protected] Losing patience. Desire to bring this matter to a close as soon as possible. Aug 31, 2016

Carla McNutt:

I am getting very pissed off. There is no way to speak to a person and my friend that is poor business. Someone needs to get in touch with me ASAP, or, cancel my membership. You are not the only game in town. Aug 31, 2016

David J:

Spotify customer three years. Tapped on Spotify today on iPhone. Asked to "sign in" or sign up. When i signed in it said I already used that e-mail address. No kidding. I just want to access my playlists, not any other stuff. How do I simply gain access to playlists? Aug 31, 2016

Hilary Barry:

My name is Hilary Barry and because my daughter Sapphire is a minor, i want you to stop taking money from her account. She doesn't have a job as of right now and she is a sophomore in High School. So, please stop taking money from her account. Thanks Aug 30, 2016


My spotify app. Is threatened, so Norton antivirus tells me. I have been forced, very regrettable, to uninstall. Unless you can suggest a remedy, please unsubscribe me. (I have reinstalled a phone number of times to no avail) Aug 30, 2016

Teresa Martindale:

I want to cancel my membership with Spotify. I did not want it in the first place and the only reason I can think of it being on here is because of my grand kids. Aug 30, 2016

Gwendolyn Davis:

My bank account was billed $9.99. I have been unable to log in with the username and passwords that I use to cancel account 813 569 9683.. Aug 29, 2016

Kelly New:

I KNOW I have TWO (2) accounts with you guys. I recently got a new phone & cannot remember LATEST account I had on previous phone. I know here is more than one b/c I got back intoy OLD account & playlists are NOT the same. Here are ALL my e-mail accounts, though I no longer have the one marked with * [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] I could have also used Facebook for newest account. I use the 2nd email listed here for that. I would like to merge the 2 to my OLD account with ID kellydee35. PLEASE HELP!!! Aug 29, 2016

Karl Denger:

e-mail immediately, I will press charges against the company if I don't get the rest of my money back. I still wold like to keep my premium account, only if I keep my student discount because I am still a student. How dare you charge me three times in one hour. I recommend contacting within 1 day of seeing this. I will press charges if you keep taking my money without permission. Aug 28, 2016


I need someone from Spotify to please contact me. My Spotify app on my iPhone just goes to an advertisement page now. I tried to login my password or my username do not work. I tried to change my password but I have an old e-mail address account listed for Spotify that is no longer working. I think it is ridiculous that you guys do not have a contact phone number to speak to customer service with! Aug 26, 2016