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Utilitech Customer Service Number

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customer service number of Utilitech : +1-800-238-6753, 610-777-3200, Fax: 610-777-2699
Address detail of Utilitech : 3020 Penn Avenue, West Lawn, Pennsylvania 19609, United States
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Comments (20) on Utilitech

Ryan Palmer:

I purchased a s b p mp Model: 8(IN)VMIIP1WP I have had the nit for a little under a year and the float went bad on it. I am hoping your customer service is willing to address this issue considering the age of the nit and i know you products carry a warrant I just no longer have the original receipt. If you will address this issue I will be grateful and continue to buy your product. Also you cannot type the letter on you website. That's why its missing in many areas the only reason why certain ones are there is because of a to correct.Posted on Sep 23, 2016

Anthony Olsen:

Hello my name is Anthony Olsen I'm contacting you to voice my concern over faulty LED light bulbs 60w I purchased at Lowes. I purchased 3 six packs of the 60 W light bulbs and nearly every one of them has gone bad within a four month period I would like replacement bulbs to be sent to me. Thank you, Anthony Olsen 20 Dallas Dr. Grantville pa 17028 7177433746 73wingnt@comcast.net.Posted on Sep 03, 2016

Michael Brankmam:

My motion sensor light does not come on but a red light flashes in the motion sensor when it detects motion. What is the problem / solution?Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Rachel Lundy:

I bought a 3 pack of led light bulbs from lowes. The package said it had a 2 year warranty, all 3 bulbs lasted no longer than 2 months of very light use. I've never been disappointed in a light bulb because it's a light bulb, but this is pathetic.Posted on Aug 03, 2016

Tawanna Concepcion:

I bought 6 halogen bulbs from Lowes, these bulbs 75 watts only lasted a few weeks. I think I need to be compensated for 6 new ones.Posted on Jul 30, 2016

JIm Graffius:

Do not call the number above for Utilitech Products. It is not the correct number!Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Cheryl Holmche:

We broke our solar panel as we were trying to hang it up. It was right out of the box, brand new. Do you have replacement I could buy? Lowes just sells the whole light. model # MSLED1801T. Thanks.Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Joel Brown:

I'm in need of( 3) Par38 spot, LED, warm white, 3000k, #0424728 lights. Lowe's is no longer carrying them. I can't find them on line either. Can you help me locate them? Thanks in advance. Joel BrownPosted on Jun 30, 2016

Glenda W Boothe:

help with timer i bought it 4 years ago and replaced it this year now when the power goes off it doesn't keep the time help am i setting this different i use it on my pool pump while i am away etc.. call me at 540 966 3770.Posted on Jun 28, 2016

John Roskelley:

I bought at Lowes a LED light branded by your company, black &I red case, about 3.5" X 2.25" X 1.125". It takes 3 AAA batteries, has a 3-LED mode on one end, a 24-LED mode on the top surface, a power on/off button, a magnet on the back, and a plastic hook for hanging it for use. The label on the back calls it a 2-in-1 LED Flasjlight. One of the 24 LEDs failed almost immediately, but when I returned to Lowes to exchange it, they didn't have them any longer. I'd like to send a picture of this light to see if you can tell me where I can obtain one or two more of these lights.I'd also like to get the one with the bad LED replaced if that's possible. The reason I haven't spelled out the name of the company is that the letter between y and I on the keyboard will not work in this message on my iPad. The only way I got it to work in two instances Ina word that's the same as photo is to partially spell the word, then select the word I'm trying to spell from choices given. I tested it in an email account, and it works fine there. Also, I tried going to the company's website, and was red.Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Jeff Miller:

I have a bathroom light/exhaust fan I purchased a few years ago from lowes utilittech Item #0553456 I had to remove the light to paint the bathroom one of the 4 bolts and knurled nuts that attach the base to the fan box fused together and broke when I tried to remove the light base. I need to find this replacement nut and bolt.Posted on Jun 04, 2016

Randy wilde:

I recently purchased several of your halogen 40 watt candelabra light bulbs and they have all gone out, 4 of them in the last 2 weeks. I have never been more disappointed in my life. Randy Wilde randyandfay@q.com. 801-388-2785.Posted on Jun 03, 2016

Robert J Kostran:

I had Lowes install recessed lighting in my kitchen 3 years ago and they used Utilitech Split Reflector Halogen Bulbs #0274378. They go on, then, 5 minutes later they go out, then back on. I keep replacing them but each time, they do the same. All of them. I bought GE Reveal Q50GU10FLRL-LTP and they last and don’t go out. Why do yours do that? Are your bulbs poor quality or just made to cheap? I will need to always buy the GE brand.Posted on May 17, 2016

Frank J. Cagnolatti:

What lumens are produced by fixture 0283542 and a 12" version of the same light? ThanksPosted on Mar 23, 2016

Olivia Volmary:

I purchased a Utilitech space heater from Lowes a little over a year ago, so it is no longer under warranty. It has worked fine except for the last month. The first thing that happened is that the knob where you switch from Fan to 1300 to 1500, just got stuck and totally quit working, would not turn at all. I even had my husband look at it, he is very handy and he could not fix it at all. The 2nd thing that happened was that the following week, I was in my bedroom where the heater is located. (I had it sitting on a rock tile, hard surface, as proper). All of a sudden I heard a weird noise and looked over and parks and small flames were shooting out of the heater, so I immediately unplugged it. If anyone can give me any advice I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks very much in advance.Posted on Mar 04, 2016

Mr Neil s. Golditch:

portable heater model H-3013 {Intertek 3125218} worked well for a few months. Now the cheap selector switch is very difficult to operate and electrically arcing. Can another switch be sent?Posted on Feb 14, 2016

Chad Dunn:

I purchased the recessed LED daylight lights at Lowes and paid like $25.00 each and I purchased 8 of these. They have been installed for about 10 months and I've noticed that they are getting dimmer as time hours on. Not sure why? Also, I purchased 6 LED flood light and 3 of those do not work any longer and the remaining 3 are not as bright as they were. I wish someone would contact me from utilitech and replace them or something. That's a lot of money I spent in lights for them to go out so soon. I have bought lots of utilitech lights and fixtures with great success and will continue to buy them but I'm not happy about having $200 plus in lights that don't work!!Posted on Dec 18, 2015

Jim Graffius:

We used to be Utilitech, Inc. at 610-777-3200. We have since changed our name to avoid calls for Lowe's products of the same name. Please delete any entries showing this name and phone number. From your site: customer service number of Utilitech : +1-800-238-6753, 610-777-3200, Fax: 610-777-2699Posted on Dec 02, 2015

Linda LeCount:

My husband purchased several different watts of CFL bulbs. They only are lasting about 7 days and then they burn out. We are very disappointed with these bulbs and do not plan to purchase any more. On the package it states that they have a life of 9.1 years, based on a 3 hours a day of use. Even if they are on more than 3 hours a day they should last more than 7 days. Regular light bulbs last a couple of months or longer. We purchased these thinking they would last for a long time, that is not happening, we are only getting a week out of them. You should change your life expectancy for these bulbs to 7 days and not 9.1 years. It would be nice if you would either reimburse the cost of these bulbs or replace all that we purchased. We purchased all different sizes. Thank you, Linda LeCount 6171 Bathey Lane Naples, Florida 34116Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Doug Christensen:

Utilitech compact fluorescent bulbs UPC 017801997385 Model #L23TM6/27K Item # 0252475 23W CFL Bulbs 800-238-6753, 610-777-3200 3020 Penn Avenue, West Lawn, Pennsylvania 19609 I have been purchasing the above bulbs from Lowes for use in my apartment building. These bulbs are used in pendant fixtures in hallways with plenty of air circulation and are on 24/7. They are rated for 10,000 hours yet I get on average of 3 months of function. That calculates to about 2200 hours. This value is far below the rated value on the package. How do you account for this?Posted on Sep 16, 2015