Walmart Money Card Customer Service Contact Number

If you have any feedback, reviews, experiences, complaint or any query related to the products or services of the Walmart Money Card, then you can contact through its customer service number as shown below.
Walmart Money Card Customer Service Number

customer service detail of the Walmart Money Card may or may not be tollfree. Here Walmart Money Card shares customer service number, customer service email id,
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customer service number of Walmart Money Card : 1-877-937-4098
Address detail of Walmart Money Card : Walmart Money Card, P.O.Box 1187, Monrovia, CA-91017, California, United States of America
Address detail, email id and customer service number of Walmart Money Card as shown above can help you in conveying their problems, suggestions, possitive feedback, negative feedback as well as reviews related to the products and services of the Walmart Money Card.


How do I get a live person on my Walmart Money Card?

To get a live person on the phone, the best number to call is 877-937-4098. You will first have to go through the auto attendant. Press #5 to get additional Menu options. You will then be asked to enter your Walmart MoneyCard and Zip code.

How do I speak to a live person at Green Dot?

If you need to contact a live person in Green Dot customer service you need to dial +1-(866) 795-7597. In a first menu press 5. After that, the automated phone system will ask you to enter your card number or SSN number. Once you enter it you will be connected to a live customer service representative.

What is the number to activate a Walmart Money Card?

Open the Walmart MoneyCard activation page and enter the card number, expiration month and year, a three-digit security code, the last four digits of your social security number, and card PIN. Click next. Step 2. You may want to call Walmart on this number: 1-877-937-4098.

Does Walmart Money Card deposit early?

The Walmart MoneyCard offers other additional benefits, such as the ability to get your direct deposit up to two days early.

Why is my Walmart Money Card blocked?

Reasons Why Your Walmart Money Card May Be Blocked Here are some of the activities: You didn't correctly register your card. If the card you purchased was temporary, or if received an unregistered card, you are obligated to register your card as soon as possible.

How do I unlock my Walmart Money Card?

To enable Lock/Unlock Card, update your mailing address by calling (877) 937-4098. To report your lost or stolen card, immediately call a Walmart MoneyCard Service Agent at (877) 937-4098. A lost or stolen replacement fee may apply.

How do I talk to a live person at Walmart Money Card?

#1 877-937-4098 To get a live person on the phone, the best number to call is 877-937-4098. You will first have to go through the auto attendant. Press #5 to get additional Menu options. You will then be asked to enter your Walmart MoneyCard and Zip code.

How long does a refund take on Walmart Money Card?

Re: Refund to Walmart money card Give it 2 weeks for now. Up to 30 days is the industry standard and by federal law. It could be sooner depending on your card issuer. Keep an eye out for it in the Walmart money card account.

How do I talk to a live person at Walmart Money Card?

#1 877-937-4098 To get a live person on the phone, the best number to call is 877-937-4098. You will first have to go through the auto attendant. Press #5 to get additional Menu options. You will then be asked to enter your Walmart MoneyCard and Zip code.

How do I speak to a live person at Green Dot?

If you need to contact a live person in Green Dot customer service you need to dial +1-(866) 795-7597. In a first menu press 5. After that, the automated phone system will ask you to enter your card number or SSN number. Once you enter it you will be connected to a live customer service representative.

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Comments (28) on Walmart Money Card


Thank y'all for all the information, I am not gonna get a money card,,had one in the pass was trying to get another one to set up direct deposit and it is so hard to get In touch with a live person, thank,i am no longer using the Wal-Mart money card!Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Tricia Jordan:

I have WMC my account has been blocked. when I call the 877 number everything is totally automated. I would like to speak with an agent it keeps saying my birthrate is incorrect. Please help.Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Stephanie Fritts:

I got a Wal-Mart money card and can't activate it I put 25 dollars on it and I have the receipt also can someone please help me I'm getting annoyed my number is (814)651-3112..Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Maria Johnson:

Never use a Walmart Money card. I have had my card for years. No problem until this year. My card was locked for almost a month. Sent me a new card finally and now, I had a property tax refund sent to me on August 18. My tax refunds come every year. Well, it came and Walmart rejected my direct deposit that was received on the scheduled date. 5 days after my refund was received, after I called to verify with the state they had the correct information, I checked my money card again. There is a recorded message stating that because it is no longer tax season, my direct deposit was rejected and sent back! Property taxes are not released until August or September. Funny, my daughter received her taxes back on her Walmart Card. I spent an hour talking to customer service. You must press one to speak English. Every person you get can barely speak English. You have to keep asking them to repeat themselves. I was told at 10:00 that my request to speak to someone in Corporate would require a call back. This was at 10:00 am and it is now 5:00 pm. I am done with this crap. Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Yolanda Gonzalez:

I cannot get a hold of anyone my card was comprised when I was out of town and I had no access to my funds and No one to talk to its all automated. This is too frustrating. I'm not going to do this especially if I can't get any answers.Posted on Aug 17, 2016

Chad heiser:

To whom this may concern, I hope this is the Walmart money card complaint center. Because I've had the card for years, at least 7 years now. In the last few months they have been rude, and taken money off my card without putting it back on!! Lied to my husband and I, we would just like our money back and to close the account! We would like to speak to someone who is an actual Supervisor and can give us our refund or we will have to take action. I seriously hope someone contacts us soon!Posted on Aug 06, 2016

bonnie george:

Totally disrespected by Walmart customer reps. No help, might better talk to a wall. I made a special trip to Walmart (a 40 min drive one way to get there) to get a money card and now I cant get the money off the card. Really, isn't that called stealing?? The reps confirm money is on card, they closed the card and cant tell me why, they don't know the answer themselves. They say they will transfer me to a manager and then my call gets thrown into a digital revolving door which no person is available. Convenient! I want my money, this is called stealing. Is this how Walmart makes their money? By stealing from the little man??Posted on Jul 09, 2016

bonnie george:

This is absolutely illegal!! This customer service phone # is totally a joke. I drove a special trip to Walmart (40 min drive one way), to have money applied to a money card, which Walmart acknowledges is there, however they closed my card and cant explain to me why they did. The reps on the photos are idiots, might better talk to a wall. This is stealing, plain and simple, why doesn't Walmart have to answer for what they have done. I want my money back, no service provided! 3 weeks and still waiting for someone to be responsible from Walmart and do the right thing. Is this how big retailers make their money, by taking what isn't theirs?? I want my money back, i am tired of corporate America taking advantage of the working citizens. My next email will be to the BBB.Posted on Jul 09, 2016

Jason Grandison:

My card is not activating and I'm getting the run around from your company I put 200 dollars on a card now I can't use it cause your system says it can't activate it I need answer quickly! Your people keep telling me to call the number on the back of the card to talk with someone from customer care to research my claim but that number gives me no option to do that.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Dona Lam:

What the hell is going on. Do we all need to contact the better business Bureau? To get assistance. get new card activated. to access our money?Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Dona Lam:

I've had a WMMC for years but now we have no way of getting balances information or talk to any customer support with your 800 number. You enter the info it ask and you get a response to call the 800 for further assistance however you are already on the 800 number. Please call 864-621-3910.Posted on Jun 17, 2016


Can't get into my account why security block been lock two weeks call call can't get a live agent to help me I email and no response. you have my money lock up and what's my next step not sure.Posted on Jun 11, 2016


This number doesn't work I keep calling it to talk to someone and can't my card has expired and I can't use it. I need another one. It just tells me my card is active. I hence bills to pay please let me know something.Posted on Jun 01, 2016


CCR agur off our card and is now holding our money hostage multi they figure out the disputed SCAM charges! This is my husbands perdiem while hes working away from home and now hes stranded! CS is a JOKE with this company!! Not to mention that none of the reps speak clear English and the fast that they screw with us when we call in and transfer us from rep to rep when we ask for a sup!! We are beyond angry at this point!! Thank you Walmart!!Posted on May 31, 2016

Bill Brick:

I spoke to a Walmart money card representative back in April regarding my card expiring in May. She stated that the card would be good until the and of May and that she could not process any changes until the card came up for renewal. I have tried using my card and the transactions have been declined. If the card is does the system allow us to put money on the card but not be able to use it? This has caused a great inconvenience to me as this is how I pay my bills. I would appreciate an answer regarding this issue. Thank You Bill BrickPosted on May 22, 2016

James Cobbs:

This is so ridiculous,we've been patient long enough you're giving us nothing but lies every single day! We totally have no access to our own money, we can't pay bills, feed our children, get gas, medication etc.! This is against the law, my money has been stolen! It's been a week now no access to my own money, lights will be off today, really. what about my family?Posted on May 20, 2016

Arthur Dimarco:

Trying to get a hold of you people sucks. l call the automated # and they say that I have a security hold on my card,l already know that and also my card expires at the end of the month 5/16 l wanted to see about getting another card,but I don't know now,because of the situation that I've had to go through.Posted on May 20, 2016


I've tried calling the automated line to check the balance on my card for the last 5 days and I get a recording saying that their experiencing technical difficulties.. I finally got a hold of a customer representative and was told he couldn't look up my info as well because of the technical issues their experiencing. Very frustrating!!!Posted on May 19, 2016


For the pass three days I been having trouble with my online account not able to check my balance not able to transfer money out of that and today I ran out of gas and have to call off work now my question is who's going to compensate me for my pain and my suffering and for me have to call off work because my card declined and I did not have enough gas to get to work my telephone number is 909-276-2514.Posted on May 18, 2016

Carnessia Wilson:

I have been trying to get my balance and I keep getting a recording. I need to find out what the problem is because I have my job deposits coming into this account.Posted on May 18, 2016

Margaret Schaber:

Having extreme difficulty talking to a live person. Keep getting a standard message about updating the system. Am getting quite frustrated. I need my money and want some answers.Posted on May 17, 2016

Gavin Williams:

My card was activated on yesterday 5/16/16 the only reason I purchased the card was for the convenience of it & I needed to pay my power bill. However, the card won't work it's showing no money on my card!!! My power has been disconnected, I can't speak to a live person & I may lose my groceries! On top of that I spent borrowed money for a hotel for my family! Please help me resolve this matter ASAP!Posted on May 17, 2016

robin harrison:

I am expecting a direct deposit why can I not get through to you. It is important.Posted on May 16, 2016

raven cooper:

i just bot card last week and then i lost it so now i got the one in the mail and i have tried several times to activate the card it say number not find when i went on line it says that it is already activated but i can't use the card. Posted on Apr 25, 2016

Shawn Meyer:

I put $500 on a Walmart prepaid m/c toytry and make things easier for a trip I was going to take and your card has caused me nothing but grief. I was supposed to leave 4 days ago but couldn't cause much to my surprise the temp card allow people to purchase is useless unless all want to do is shop online. I can't purchase gas or food online. I tried to contact customer service only to be told by someone with very broken English sorry I have to wait for my permanent card and it was being mailed on Monday well now here it is Thursday and I still have not received any card from people. I feel like are holding my money against my will. I want my money or a card in my hand that works ASAP or I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau. This is by far the worst service I have received from any company ever in my life. I truly hope there is someone that works at this company who can help me so I can get on my trip to go be with my father who is very ill.Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Tim holt:

I've never been more disrespected in all my life! If mistreating your customers is good business. Then you got it down pat. Holding my benefits. and giving no consideration for your customers should be your motto. And being that due to the lack of consideration I've lost my twins, been made homeless, and have no options to fix hardships caused by sheer incompetence. And lack of concern. All to be sent to a call center out sourced over seas some where. This is wrong. I'm American, I served my country, from which now I'm disabled. This type of treatment should be illegal. Sincerely stuck, Bishop Timothy Holt.Posted on Apr 07, 2016

Kenneth or Betty Case:

I am trying to get my replacement card activated and set pin.I call your toll free number.Ask for all information and I get to pin and says can't activate.I know it is frozen,I want to speak to someone to get it unlocked.Please help me I need my money.Thank you.Posted on Mar 29, 2016

Jakela Armstrong:

Hey I'm trying to unblock my card that came in the mail but haven't spoke to anybody. It's saying my expiration day wrong.Posted on Feb 25, 2016