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The address of the Anderson Cooper is CNN America, Inc. (TV Station) One Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle New York, NY 10019-8012 USA you can go through with this address detail for contacting Anderson Cooper for their queries.
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Brenda Kay Olmstead:

Why is CNN always negative except covering Clinton. Many other stations praised the meeting in Mexico today and gave credit for the trip. Only CNN had all negative comments. How terrible you can never see the good in things. I have to watch balanced coverage rather than a news channel slanted for democrats even when they are wrong.Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Fran hunter:

In his autobiography written in the 1980's, Lee Iaccoca talked about making". America great again". Does Donald know this expression is old?Posted on Aug 31, 2016


I know this Polish old guy that worked on the Trump towers,, he explained to me how Trump bullied the building inspectors and paid off a lot of other inspectors should send a real inspector that has sonar to check out his rebar in the he also said might find a Polish young guy in the concrete.Posted on May 14, 2016

Hermann Noord:

I'd like to contact Mr. Anderson Cooper about priest pedophile in Haiti. Please, come to help Holy Cross Congregation about this case.Posted on May 04, 2016

Ryan Drito:

Anderson, we respect you for who you are but you may have forgotten that Hillary Clinton has supported gays throughout her career. But now it appears that you are being forced by Sanders' supporters to be biased against her in your reporting. You have constantly played Sanders talking points -- showering $1 bills, fund raising, breaking the banks, redistribution of wealth, super delegates. However, you have failed to question Sanders about the specifics of his plan and to detail his math to implement them. His supporters going after super delegates, especially women in a beastly manner, to force them to switch their votes to Sanders. Why does he want to overturn the will of the people who have voted - 2.3 million more and 230 elected delegates. Why can't he answer the basic questions on how he would expand trade, or how he would break the banks and the consequences of such actions? He does not have knowledge of foreign policy or trade. We are not an isolated nation, we sell our planes and other goods to other nations or even have to do for political reasons which Sanders has no know.Posted on Apr 18, 2016

Helen West:

Anderson, My father killed himself when I was 7 years old. We, also had the "problem" of being "blessed" with money, so therefore there was no sympathy for me or family. Since this was a wealthy family, what was the problem? Instead he was mocked for his inability of not being able to cope. I've often wondered if he had been someone who was not able to feed his family, how sentiments might have been different. Thanks for sharing and honesty, it probably helped a great many people. It helped show how money certainly doesn't have the ability to solve everything.Posted on Apr 10, 2016


How long are you people going to flog a dead horse? This has reached reached the point we know what every candidate is going to say verbatim. Are we going to have to listen to this horse manure for months and months. God help us!!!!??Posted on Apr 05, 2016

Jean Postlethwaite:

I am so tired of the CNN hosts (in fact network media in general) allowing their guests to all talk at the same time, interrupt, shout and continue what comes across to me as a viewer as a cacophony of noise. I can't understand what any one is saying. What ever happened to reasoned debate? To respect for others' views? To looking for common ground? I noticed last night Anderson Cooper beginning to actually moderate the panels so we could in fact understand what guests were saying. Please continue this effort. We need more civility and respect.Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Brad Thomas:

MSNBC reprimanded Brian Williams for lying; what are they waiting for to call Joe & Mika out for making sure Donald Trump can stay self-funded because they give him all the coverage & support he need? I'm not surprised by Joe but SHAME on Mika who do her yearly serious on women’s issues. If she’s not supporting Hilary she should not be publicly bashing her with HER OWN personal opinions.Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Brad Thomas:

EVERY MORNING for more than a week after the Town Hall where Hilary wore the yellow jacket they repeated talked about her saying how horrible she looked in the jacket. When did Joe S. become an expert on women attire? I don't know if you are aware of it but they attacked Anderson Cooper & CNN this morning-2/19/16- about the pathetic questions you asked. Night before last was the only time I’ve heard this ask Donald Trump any serious questions which only happened after I saw an ad in the papers calling attention to their coziness with Donald Trump. They challenged CNN to pull their transcript why not challenge them to pull theirs. PLEASE take them up on that & expose how they trashed Ben & Hilary. You won't find anything recent on Ben because he has falling to the bottom but I can guarantee you they are doing everything they can to help Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders & defeat Hilary. Whatever happened to being impartial instead of reporting the news like well paid employees of Donald Trump. I see it as hugging Trump & Sanders for ratings. I used to switch between CNN & Morning Joe bu.Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Brad Thomas:

I woke up this morning (my TV still on MSNBC from last night’s Town Hall. I heard Joe Scarborough saying CNN had called them out for not asking Donald Trump serious questions. Thank you so much for calling Joe & Mika out for acting like campaign managers for Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders instead of reporting the news and allowing viewers to form their own opinion. Since Donald Trump entered the race they have literally walked all over the other candidates; especially Hilary Clinton & Ben Carson. When Carson was at the top of the polls, I listened to them-every day almost for the majority of their show talking about how crazy the American people is to be supporting Ben Carson. Their view was nothing he said made sense. What could the American people possible see in him. I watched them feud with anybody who didn’t agree with them including conservative, Hugh Hewitt, because he refused to talk about Ben Carson. I don’t think he’s been back on the show because Joe refused to apologize. And I know I’m not alone in my observance in how they ATTACK Hilary Clinton. All of their coverage.Posted on Feb 19, 2016