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The address of the Angelina Jolie is 9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 810, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA you can go through with this address detail for contacting Angelina Jolie for their queries.

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How can I contact Angelina Jolie?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie email, contact Angelina Jolie management, Angelina Jolie manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

How can I meet Angelina Jolie?

Here are quite a few ways You can meet her:Social Media (as most actors & actresses are active on this relatively new platform).Finding out when the next event featuring Angelina Jolie will be happening in your area.Travel to the events where Angelina Jolie is expected to › How-can-I-meet-Angelina-JolieHow to meet Angelina Jolie - › How-can-I-meet-Angelina-Jolie

How can I contact Angelina Jolie foundation?

Jolie-Pitt FoundationWilmington, DE, United States.(800) 839-1754.Jul 2, › fdo-grantmaker-profileJolie-Pitt Foundation | Find Grantmakers & Nonprofit Funders › fdo-grantmaker-profile

What is the Jolie Pitt Foundation?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie established the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006 to assist with humanitarian crises around the world. To launch the foundation, the pair made donations of million to Doctors Without Borders and Global Action for Children.

How can I contact Angelina Jolie?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie email, contact Angelina Jolie management, Angelina Jolie manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

How can I contact Angelina Jolie foundation?

Jolie-Pitt FoundationWilmington, DE, United States.(800) 839-1754.Jul 2, › fdo-grantmaker-profileJolie-Pitt Foundation | Find Grantmakers & Nonprofit Funders › fdo-grantmaker-profile

How is Angelina Jolie an activist?

A devoted humanitarian, Angelina Jolie was made a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency in 2001. She has made headlines for her work to obtain aid for refugees in Cambodia, Darfur and Jordan, to name just a few.

What charities has Angelina Jolie donated to?

Angelina Jolie has supported the following charities listed on this site:Afghanistan Relief Organization.Alliance For The Lost Boys Of Sudan.Cancer Schmancer Movement.Care to Learn.Cinema For Peace.Clinton Global Initiative.Daniel Pearl Foundation.Direct Change.More › celebrity › angelina-jolieAngelina Jolie: Charity Work & Causes - Look to the › celebrity › angelina-jolie

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If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie email, contact Angelina Jolie management, Angelina Jolie manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

How can I contact Angelina Jolie foundation?

Jolie-Pitt FoundationWilmington, DE, United States.(800) 839-1754.Jul 2, › fdo-grantmaker-profileJolie-Pitt Foundation | Find Grantmakers & Nonprofit Funders › fdo-grantmaker-profile

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Hi.mrs angelina my name is linda im 25years old algerian girl graduated from university of algiers i have master in business law and diploma of english language i spean french arabic intermediary level in spanish and turkish and basic level in german i couldn't keep learning because it costs money to learn these laguages im very sad i can't achieve my dream to be a diplomat in algeria its almost impossible because pf bureaucratic system im not rich or daughter of politician to get a job they refused me to work in united nations organization in algeria bcs of i have to be sent by a powerful person i need your help because you help kids in arabic counties i love your way of being and helping because i want to help but unfortunately i cant i had 3 surgeries this years and one sugery since when i was 12 years old because a peoblem of my bones and now i need to do a surgey for my eyes to correct my vision my parents are saving money for me we are poor but all what i want now is to realize my dream to get a job in united nations in algeria please help me i tried to contact university ofPosted on Sep 13, 2016


Dear Angelina, I am a big Fan and also amazed by the work you do. My name is Nthabiseng from South Africa and I am in need of Help. My Husband was diagnosed with Massimo Rectal Cancer and he went to a major operation. By the Grace of God he survived the cancer. The problem is when he was hospitalised his medical aid run out of funds and I had no choice but apply for loans to pay some of the medical bills. when all this was happening we were busy with the renovations of the hose, we now cant finish the renovations because we are in debt and cant afford anything. I tried to get a second job but I am not getting anything. We now cant afford anything and the or home is not plastid inside is like we are living in a cave. the condition of or home is not good for or health especially for my six year old daughter. can I humbly ask if you can help me and my family. Thanking you in advance. Warm RegardsPosted on Sep 13, 2016


As you are aware no doubt the distress in our countery yemen is became very intense peace and srablity detroited .I have very high skill football and valiball natural unfortuntely I had like to get course in America I promise the best coach in the world specialy football .several times I have tried to travel to america unfortuntely no luck.actually I born in Ethiopia my father yemeni and my mother ethiopian I left ethiopia and started living in yemen .I have been working in travel industry for 15years .airlines reservation and hotel with tour program .a lot of airlines certificate with high school and diploma with human resourse .I woud be very great full to involve since you and your husband my favourite actor .for the most beutiful woman gave what you have whther reply no I have under oath for my god to pray for you sincerely khaledPosted on Sep 13, 2016


I realy impressed the most talented and lovely first lady woman involved tremendous good deeds .the most beutiful woman gave what you have I woud promise to my lord to pray for her regularly for healthy to live with lovely family brad pit and her children .god bless youPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Eleanor Tremayne:

This is probably a futile attempt, but here it goes . I am an unpublished author with a novel manuscript, Destiny Revisited that I know would be a best seller and movie. Five decades, from the 60's to now, Gabriella Girard has been tormented by her lost high school lover Jake Chevalier, who loses his leg in Viet Nam and married the nurse that cares for him. However, Jake never forgets Gabby. Thirty years later at his memorial service, Gabby is given The Death Box. Jake has prepared a global trip to prove to Gabby that even death will not separate them. Gabby is lead by the literary influences in her head to try and understand why her life has evolved in this way. There are other twists and turns that keep the reader always asking what will Gabby do next . All I need is someone to guide me to the right source . Please help me.Posted on Sep 12, 2016


stop asking help from her, her big heart can burst from all the pain so show her some kindness without expectation and god help us all to bether future..Posted on Sep 12, 2016

sylvester aura:

Enter your comment... hey whatsap, my name is Sylvester aura from Nairobi Kenya, I do write scripts like right now I have written three scripts & am still writing the fourth one,I really want to join you in movie industry, so am requesting if you can please assist me to reach on my goals through working with me or even if I can sell to you my scripts,you can reach me through my Facebook Page which is Sylvester aura or my gmail account or my Instagram page Sylvester aura or my phone number which is +254708862425..Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Zoe Soetenz:

Hey, I would absolutely love for Angelina To be part of my charity project to raise awareness and pass my EPQ That would be more than amazing if a role model like Angelina Jolie could feature in my project such an inspiration to me please contact me of this is possible in a shape or form!Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Barbara budhoo:

Hi miss jolie my so suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him mentally challenged, he gets seizures very often and he does not have any feeling on the right side of his body. I had to quit my job as a can to stay home and take care of him. I had a saving of $47 that I invested I invested in a clothes store but due to my son's expenses I am unable to restock my store. My only source of income. Please I am asking for your help and from whoever reads my letter. Whatever little help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my letter and may the good lord continue to bless you and your Camilla..Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Paul J Rubottom:

Earlier I requested A signed photo for a friend if I need to go to another sight let me know where I need to apply thanks Paul Rubottom 1009 W 7th Ave. Emporia Kansas66801. Please send a short response I know your very busy let me know what to do??Posted on Sep 07, 2016

Habibeh Fareghi:

Hello, Please, I can not write English or can't speak good, so can I write Farsi? I need your help, please tell me. Do you like to listen to the story of my life? I am a Persian woman. I am from Iran. I am living in Hoston TX.Posted on Sep 05, 2016

dede kabwe kibinda:

Hi Mrs jolie. l am a 36 year old married man from DRC Congo living in Namibia under refugee statement. I left my country running away from government behaviors which brought disasters to my life.l lost my mother and sister in the government conflicts then decided to get refuge in Namibia since in Namibia currently,facing unemployment, discrimination, and more other issues which make me hopeless to build my life and my 3 kids future.l would like to ask your help as l wish to be resettle to the third country. please dear Angelina jolie, help me to live this country and go where l can built my life and my children future. please dear don't reject my issue.l am very hopeless living in a country which does not allowing a refugee to work.may your assistance please. my contact is, +264813507108.Posted on Sep 04, 2016

dede kabwe kibinda:

Hi lovely misses. I am a 36 year old man living in Namibia for 10 years under refugee statement. my country of origins is Democratic republic of Congo. l left the country running from government behaviors which misruled my life and get refuge in Namibia (Osire).l am currently married to a Namibian citizens and have 3 children. Namibia government does not allow us to work or benefit from their good. l came to realize waist of my time and hopeless of my future. l would like to ask for your support as l wish to go for the third country with my family and find a country which can allow me to built my life. l will be waiting for your answer. please help me.Posted on Sep 04, 2016

Betty Beck:

Angie, I am a fan. I am not writing as a fan today, only a person in need of help and no one else to ask. I have decided to write my favorite actors and ask for help. My keyboard is not co-operating this morning. I will be placing the letter "v" in places where the previous letter would go. My husband fell from a ladder at work five years ago and injured his shoulders and hip. He has had two surgeries and is not able to do the work he did before. We have been hopeless, hungry, and straggling to pay basic bills and keep food. I work at an emergency hospital for animals in NC. I have always worked, and so did he until the accident. If you can and would help in any way - please let me know. Betty beck 919-339-5386, Roxboro NC Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Paul J Rubottom:

I requested a signed photo for a friend realized I left my info out Paul Rubottom 1009 W 7th Ave. Emporia Kansas 66801 Thank You.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Paul J Rubottom:

I have a friend who thinks the world of you. I wondered if I could get a signed photo of you for her. I would appreciate it and she would be hestatic. Thanks PaulPosted on Aug 27, 2016

Amy Sander:

Angelina, Are you ever available to have a real conversation with someone about adoption? No cameras, no interviews, just dinner conversation. AmyPosted on Aug 26, 2016

Maria Vieira:

Dear Angelina My name is Maria Vieira. I am an Angola living and working in the UK for the past 26 years. Recently I became an activist to CASA-CE. Because they offer an alternative of Governance, contrary to the MPLA. The opposition movements in Angola succeeded in calling for elections, which will take place next year. However the procedure for the elections is far from transparent, just and free. The CNE (commission for the National elections), is under the control of Jose Eduardo dos Santos himself. More specifically Casa Militar (his intelligence and security services). Often, people that try to protest against corruption, tyranny and poverty are either arrested, beaten or shot. We have evidence to support these. I'm very aware of your work regarding Africa. How passionate you are against those issues above raised. So that we could, with your support find a way forward. We envisage a coordinated protest march around the free world. In order to put pressure on the UN. To consider condemning such electoral procedure. In the case of no compliance on the MPLA's behalf.Posted on Aug 23, 2016


Hi Mrs. Angelina Jolie... I hope you are fine condition What can you do to help the needy? I'm living in Iran Your foreign currency account can transfer money to my account? I'm here to actually help the needy I want to be an intermediary between you and the needy Iran ...Posted on Aug 23, 2016


Hi Angelina I know everyone come to for help I don't know if this is the real yo or your website or not but I really need you to open your heart and help me and my for kids they're 7 yrs old, 6 yrs old, 3 yrs old and a 1 yrs old we been homeless for months now we sleeping in the small van I'm a special ads mother right now I'm staying at the church they're very kind but they need their place back to put kids in school I understand we don't know where we're going next none of my kids are school like every other kids I'm 28 years old I'm half Vietnamese and KHMER I Don't have a parents since I was little I live in the foster HOMES, I'm writing you this with tears please open your kindness heart to help me and my kids have a place where we can call home my old van is always broke down... I can give you the church address where I'm staying at right now 314 Township Ave Cincinnati, OH 45216 Thank you god bless you and your whole family!!Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Ramon O. Duarte Jr.:

Hello Angelina Jolie your one of my actor's my favorite movie is Mr.and Mrs. Smith I love action movies and that had a lot, but i mostly like how you go out & touch peoples lives especially when go and adopt kids who don't have dad and mom to me that's very touching. For a child with no parents and then adopting them it's like opening a present and even better when smile at you and they say mommy. You see i need your help since my dad past away 3yrs ago and my mom's brother 2yrs ago plus my niece 2 yes ago as well it's been real hard on us, especially me cause way before dad past I've been having trouble walking cause i have a tare in my left knee probably happened when i young but i had to move in with my parents because of it and with knee like that I'm unable to work. Right now I have to have that free insurance and my mom is asking if i can some how come up with $300, I'm asking if you can please help me with $650 this way i can pay her little by little for 3 months I'm sure by then i will be okay just need to keep going to therapy my home address is 15966 WyandPosted on Aug 21, 2016

Steven West:

Hello Angelina This is shay' s sweetheart, Steven west..I’m so deeply saddened by her continued illness and the fact that I can no longer speak to her due to her last stroke..It’s most certain her kids are in excellent care with you and brad... Marrying shay was a sweet dream and now it's shattered....this deeply heroic woman ...I’m slowly writing her bio, a titan for the children. Yes, her life has been most extraordinary... Of course you know that... I'm just reaching out to somehow connect with the kids surly brad is a terrific dad to nabi...that boy has a true heart of gold. I so wanted to be his daddy........ I could go on but I’m not sure this note will find your eyes. Deepest blessings Steven. Posted on Aug 21, 2016


Mrs Jolie, I am a registered nurse and am trying to help in the refuge camps in the Middle East. I am an experienced nurse currently working in ICU at Methodist hospital in San Antonio TX. I have tried to reach out to MSS and find out how I can help on the field. No luck yet and I am frustrated with all the walls in front of me. Can you help me get in contact with the refugee camps in Jordan or anywhere in the Middle East? I know you are involved in the region. Please help me! My heart is in pain and can't stand not doing anything about it. The children in Syria. Hope you get to read this. Razieh Izad 210-445-2585. 3942 pleasure hill Dr. San Antonio TX 78229. And my email: on Aug 19, 2016


I don´t believe but I am trying it. waiting for reply Habibi 00491786099647 this about mother this about kind this about humanity life this about everyone you should be see my story I don't need money I need my story I need my life please let me work with you...Posted on Aug 19, 2016


Dear lovely misses in would, this is Sayed Ahmad Siar Habibi 25 year old from Afghanistan but jet I am German Afghani So, i need your help I have one story my story and like to show this the would please bring this story in a film. I trust you only.. thank yon 00491786099647Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Toni clarke:

We are organising a charity event on the 10th September at the highwayman in woodlands, Doncaster to raise money for Great Ormand Street Hospital and the sick children's trust in memory of a little girl named Lydia Patrick who sadly passed away. Lydia was born with pulmonary atresia, VSD and alagille syndrome which affected her heart and liver, she had multiple surgeries however unfortunately contracted an infection resulting in sepsis and needed emergency surgery at G.O.S.H to save her life. Lydia fought for 3 months but sadly passed away on 5.7.16. We was wondering if you could help it would be greatly appreciated. Also our event link for the charity event is Thank youPosted on Aug 15, 2016


Is it possible to get financial help from Angelina Jolie, the spectrum because of the circumstances that we are experiencing and the country in wars now although I holds a Bachelor and I certificate there is no work because of the war, is it possible to get financial help to make or keep up with the future and thank you and excuse me the hassle you very much..Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Rebecca J:

I am Rebecca and I've been your fan ever since I watched Maleficent. I think you are a kind and lovely woman who represents the female gender in a positive light. You are the light and inspiration to everyone in the world. Whether you want to do a sequel to Maleficent or not, you're still wonderful. That aside, I'd like to know what you think about climate change. Have you considered becoming an environmentalist? I'm just asking because you seem like the kind of woman who would care. I'll ask you this also; how did you become an activist and what motivated you to become one? What wold be your advice if I wanted to become an activist someday?Posted on Aug 10, 2016


Hi ma, Am a mother of three kids, am 27 years old, please I need help to finish my studies in nursing, I finished my nursing diploma 5 years ago, i need financial help to do my bsc, please ma help me no matter how small, I will appreciate, I adore you a lot too,Posted on Aug 09, 2016

Numan Khan:

Hi Miss, My self Numan Khan. And i am 16 years old. I am your big fan, i have request to you that i am the student of class 1st year and i want to complete my education but i have not much resources. And i belong is a poor family and they can't support me. So please i need your help for completing my education.Posted on Aug 09, 2016

Rizwan Haider:

Respected mam I am from Pakistan having llb in bachelor I am orphan living in critical condition I need your help please oblige me Thanks for anticipation. Posted on Aug 07, 2016


Angelina, I'm writing to you for help. I am a 57 year old woman who would like to offer the rest of my life to help orphans and women who are in desperate need of care anywhere in the world. I want to make a difference. I have no fear for my life. Could you give me some guidance as to whom I may contact?Posted on Aug 02, 2016


Hi dear mam: I always read about you in news I appreciate your work. I am Tooba a Afghan woman that work as a doctor in a Afghan refugee camp. Now all afghan refugee are going to Afghanistan I can not go before I lost my one son there. I passed four C.S for each child. I have a lot experience to work with refugee problem. please help me for resettlement in another country to save my child. mam I want take in detail and also help you in refugee mater. thanks for your kindness.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Yainara Arias:

Good morning. Dear, Angelina I really don't know how to start this letter, is so much that I would like to say. I have a great respect and admiration for you. I know that you have a very busy schedule but I would like to schedule an appointment to speak with you. I'm very scare and confused. I don't even trust our own president.Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Werner G Ignatius:

Hi Miss Jolie My name is Werner age 25 years old a Namibian citizenship. I'm having a dream of becoming somebody which I know it will be true. I wanthink to become a Business Man starting from home which is Namibia but I have a financial crisis which is obstructing my way. With my whole heart I'm here up on you claiming for your help. I know is not easy and I'm not only the one who coming to you need a help but please I really need this and it doesn't mean I will not pay back. Help me out on this. Please you can contact me for more information and I am ready to hear from you. Thank you for co-operationPosted on Jul 30, 2016

Marie Celestin:

Good Afternoon Mrs. Angelina Jolie. I'm Marie Celestin, I have 4 Children's. I'm so desperate I need your help. I'm trying to rent a apartment they ask me $3000.00 to move in. I don't have that money. All I really need is to help me move in and get some.Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Marie Celestin:

Good Afternoon Mrs. Angelina Jolie. I'm Marie Celestin, I have 4 Children's. I'm so desperate I need your help. I'm trying to rent a apartment they ask me $3000.00 to move in. I don't have that money. All I really need is to help me move in and get some .Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Mr. Ronald wylde:

Hi, I just thought I'd share this with you and maybe you would be able to help me in my fight for justice for my two daughters age 6 and 7 who were sexually assaulted by a neighbour were we had 2x hung trials. Police mist key witnesses who were a present and yet they knew off them took no statement. Police lost note books and my daughter was in hospital on third day after her interview with abdominal internal bruising were photographs were known by police but not used.police were at hospital. My finances are exsorsteed through my solicitors were he can no longer continue which he simplifies my anger distress off police cps cover up which leaves my family in turmoil and my human wrights. Please please can you help.Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Elisa Esparza:

Hi Angelina, my daughter and I are huge fans of yours. My daughter looks just like you! Absolutely beautiful! She would also like to act. Can you help us please. It is very much appreciated!Posted on Jul 23, 2016


Hi ms I'm Farhan. I m your big fan.i have requested to you. I want to continue my studies but I have no resources.i belong to poor and homeless family. please help mother is very sick now a days I want to treatment of Pakistan no one helps all corrupt here. please help.Posted on Jul 22, 2016


Hi Angelina Jolie, my name is Sonia and I am from Africa,Nigeria to be precise.i do watch your movies and I can say that they are great,you inspire me. I have a movie/story line that I am working on, i want it to be made into a movie and I want you to help me,I'm not a producer or director or anything, I'm just a teenage girl of 17 years,I have no fund to travel over there but I can send you the story line/script. I will be pleased if you get back to me, please make my dream come true EMAIL] on Jul 22, 2016

Imoro Mahama:

hello my dear, tanks and may God bless you for all the good works you are doing. I like watching your movies. keep it up.Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Soufiane Aguezzoum:

Hello Angelina Hope you are doing well and to be in better health. Mrs, Angelina!! Sorry to say that to u but i feel bally I am a Moroccan guy married and have a daughter i am working in oil field in Kuwait but i get less salary here, in that life sometimes i feel that one day my life will cutoff my body going to be small i feel like my time will stop soon if i stay on that work. the life here in my country is too expensive i can't save money to make my house i am just rent a small flat when i go back home. Always i think for my daughter to make a future for her to buy house and make a small business to do a lot for her. I don't want ever will come that will not find me and happen something i don't want it at all. I will be happy if you can do something for me and small family.Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Mohamed Abdi:

Very hard working lady who always advocates the rights of displaced people with devotion and stamina.Posted on Jul 13, 2016


Looking at the amount of time and patience you have invested in helping those who are almost invisible to trp hogging media I thought of passing my thanks to you. Don't be ever impacted by what they say, week can only criticizes, only strong stood up to criticism. God bless you friendPosted on Jul 07, 2016

Mohammad tabrez alam:

Enter your comment...angel your a loving character in life. you search for religion will not end unless and until you read Koran. everything written in it 100 percent true. you can visit the place mention in holy book.Posted on Jul 05, 2016

Thomas McDougall:

Miss Jolie, we at Viospex just developed a 5 blade Spectrum for women's examinations for the early detection of cervix cancer. I was hoping you could help spread the word. Viospex and project cure are currently building a kit that would allow Physicians to examine test and treat women in third world countries for cervix cancer at a rate of about $4 a patient thank you for any help you could give us to get the word out and save these lives approximately 300000 women a year die from cervical cancer a lot to be avoided with early detection you can reach me at 352-470-8213.Posted on Jul 03, 2016


Enter your comment...Dear Angelina I'm Thandekile, I'm asking help with my tuition fees.I go to Durban University of Technology in South Africa,its my second year this year . Please help me to see my dream and also help my mother since she is a single parent.Please help me, I really need help.Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Baqir Hssain:

hi Anglina jolie.. I love your movies, all of movies you did acting in which. and Love you too .Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Ana M Botero:

My name is Ana M Botero, director for social innovation at social at CAF – development bank of Latin America. We are pioneering a project, with a high potential of replication, in which we use the highly sensitive skills of visually impaired women in the early detection of breast cancer. Aware of Angelina´s humanitarian work, we would like to share this project with her. I would highly appreciate the possibility of getting in contact with her. We don´t have any need of financial resources but we would very much appreciate the possibility of disseminating, through her, the double impact the project has: i) for the alleviation of a problem of public health and ii) in the creation of labor opportunities for a segment of the population traditionally excluded from the labor market. Best regard and I look forward to your support, Ana M BoteroPosted on Jun 30, 2016

Rute Girao:

Hi: I'm Portuguese and I'm starting to write a book in English. An epic novel about women warriors like the Amazons. I have a thought life, I need help. In Portugal it's awful no-one supports anyone. Are interested in helping, maybe co-writing, explore the idea. I'm not asking for anything that I'm not decided to work for. I need to have a money cushion to change job cause is destroying my health, and I can't cause the extra bucks are necessary to eat. Thank you.Posted on Jun 28, 2016


Hello Angelina. I am woman 44 from Canada. I am so husband divorced me. because I had miscarriage 5 time. that husband was my love. I was just died when we divorced. i need kid. I want to be a mother. I will die if cant have kid. I need financial help for my IVF treatment. that is the only way for me. please help me.Posted on Jun 27, 2016


hi I am from Pakistan. I need financially support for Islamic education institute in Pakistan. can you give me some support. we are peaceful and religious people. we are not terrorist.Posted on Jun 26, 2016

Aisha Ahmad:

Hi. My name is Aisha. I really love you from deep heart. I watch your movie i love it. Now in uzbekistan time is 1.28 am. I can't sleep from cry from thinking. how you can be this much slim...and why you have to be cancer? I hope doctors will get some solution. I pray for you...may Allah help you. Angelina Julie please wake up out food and say you are strong way to be loser. Like you beautiful women you have no right to die. I am so sad...i pray for you. sorry for my pour english hope you understand me.Posted on Jun 26, 2016

Zalwango Zahara:

Hi Angelina. Am looking to be adopted. I left my family in Uganda and came in Oman to work as a maid to protect my family but Arabs don't treat me well they even don't pay me. Am looking for help.Posted on Jun 25, 2016

muzafer alieva:

Hello, Mrs. Jolie, no need to say how much i admire your work and how brave you are to take care not only for your, but for the children of the world. just wanted to share i have watched a video with hungry dying children and i can not stop thinking since then. I have two year old daughter and i am so thankful, that she is healthy, happy child, I am not rich to make big donations, but i feel like i should do something. My hearth is tearing and i can't stop crying. this is so unfair. What can i do??Posted on Jun 18, 2016


Countess Angelina Jolie Asslam Alekum We have war in Yemen since 1.5 year,our children suffering from hunger & sickness. Need help . God will save you.Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Ahmed Elnoby:

I Hope you are fine today & I need some help from you.Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Arwa majed:

Hello my Mom and my guides Ms. Angelina jolie.. This is arwa majed palesenian girl from Gazza.. Working as respiratory therapist.. My only hope to see your face and kiss your head.. I hope we have another copy like you in this world.. I hope I can talk with you at one moment. That I can learn the humanity and the mercy at your eyes... How u can meet you please please God bless you and protect you Your daughter arwa majedPosted on Jun 18, 2016

Kitesa Daba:

Dear Angelina. Here my name is Kitesa Daba from Ethiopia. I m student of preparatory school but now i have already finished it. Dear I am admires of you, all your work is great and attractive, I like all of it. Keep it up! My great Lord bless you! Dear Angelina, sorry for asking you such like help but I have not another choice to leave it. Actually I have family and economical problems, i have no father and my mother is so poor she can't afford to help me. I have many dreams and desires but because of luck of support I am tired to fulfill my dream and desire even moral support all my days are passing me by see a lot of tears. Eve at this time tear flowing from my eye. All my hope is feeding so please help me. So Need sponsor/scholar to make my dream come true and also I desire to live or study my education in abroad. Please get me here: on Jun 17, 2016

syed saif:

Hi i am syed, i am from Pakistan i love Hollywood films i am watching every time Hollywood films and according to watching english there was an idea came in my mind for english films now its my wish to join Hollywood films and to discuss my film script with you to shoot my film from any film industry in you so kind jolie contact with me at Facebook i will waiting you thanks.Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Adrienne Klotz:

Dear Angelina, this child and his Father Sándor Balog asks help. The Child had more brain hemorrhage already. seven year little boys. His father cancerous. Local organisations cannot help. Please speak in the interest of them. A good word may help! I do not ask money. He and little boy need Doctor and Medikament, please speak in the interest of them ..Opportunity. Not for myself. For them. With love. I send Post with Pictures for you....sorry for my bad english... hes Adress: Balog Sándor Address: Vámospércs Temeto utca 24 Hungary Phone: 0036 30 223 9756 With love: Adrienne Klotz 1118 Budapest Radóc u.4 HungaryPosted on Jun 13, 2016

Lisa Gardner:

On going scars ! My life story will uplift women hood; I'm a testimony.Posted on Jun 11, 2016


Hey everyone, I would like to submit short version of the plot of my mystery/thriller screenplay, Who Am I, to your consideration. Who Am I is the story of two young people on different parts of the world having paranormal experience at the same time, for which they believe was a contact with aliens. But in an unexpected twist they find out that the things are not as they seem to be, yet their role is critical for humankind survival. It is The Da Vinci Code looked through the extraterrestrial prism. I am a huge fan of astrophysics and also upholder of conspiracy theories, which gave me idea for the script. The screenplay raises crucial questions; about everything one believes, but most importantly,, Who we are'' as members of human species. Hopefully, answers will present themselves, like they did to my protagonists. Who Am I is based on well-know facts, which gives real dimension to the story itself. When it comes to my background, I come from Serbia, Europe. I am pursuing Master's degree at the Faculty of Economics. My interests are multifarious, with screPosted on Jun 11, 2016


I'm writing to you, as I'm longing for purpose and change. I admire you, for helping others around the world, and think it might also be a calling for me, that I long for. Who knows where this message actually goes, but you never know, if you don't try. I'm almost 45, female, and am lost in my life direction, and can't seem to figure it out. For some reason you intrigue me, with your heartfelt reaching out. I'm interested in ways to help change, and share with others. OK, odd but I'll send this.Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Ahmed Khan:

To, The Respected Madam Angelina Jolie Actress of Hollywood. Dear Madam, My name Ahmed Khan s/o late Abdul Karim, from Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan. I am belong to a very poor family. My parents has passed away. I have five sisters. I am the only one responsible of my sisters. I am homeless.Me and my sisters so much in difficulty. We have no home for living. I am not able to buy home for us. Because my financial problem. Therefore, I am requested you please please financial assistance me for home $10,000/- only. Me and my sisters always pray for you. I hope you help me for home. Please please support me. Thank you. Ahmed Khan s/o late Abdul Karim. Account Title: Ahmed Khan Account No. 0489174951000512 Bank Code: 0567 Bank Name: MCB Khuzdar Branch Balochistan Pakistan. Contact No. 0092-3337995777 Address: Umrani Autous Ghulamani Chowk Khattan Road Khuzdar Balochistan Pakistan.Posted on May 24, 2016

Thelma Simmons:

My name is Thelma Simmons, and am reaching out to see if there is some help for me. My ex-husband has installed some kind of spy surveillance system in my home. For the past 8 years I have been his prisoner. I really feel so violated and exploited in this town. Have no means to prove my story and none to help. Is there any way to help me?Posted on May 23, 2016


I am not asking for money I'm asking for a chance for my daughter. She graduated college and her dream job is to work for a non profit group she is amazing with children and has been to Africa with school. The jobs out thee pay so little she can't pay her student loans doing it. She is setting on working with autistic children in Philadelphia which also doesn't pay much. I know she can make such a difference. This is your forte can you please help her career and let her help others??? Please I'm a single mom and can't help her I just want her happy. Not rich just to be able to pay her bills and do what she loves.Posted on May 19, 2016

ali khan:

salam, dear Angelina Jolie my name is Ali khan. I am from Pakistan. you know here in Pakistan and specially in Khyber pakhtne khwa and peshawar female education is very less. I want that you here in Peshawar open a small technical and vocational training center for poor women and girls. For this purpose my free service is available any time, my contact number # 00923459209384. email adress # gmail adress # alikhan5529@gmail.comPosted on May 19, 2016

Abdur Rehman:

i am big fan of you, you are a beautiful actress and i like your character in all movies you are a great performer. you have a big spirit you have a lovely look my daughters are like you very much. thanksPosted on May 18, 2016

Anna M. Eteiwi:

Dear Angelina Good day My name is Anna M. Eteiwi, 44 yrs old, Greek - Jordanian with an MA degree in Counseling Psychology, I am a single mother for two kids, Ghaith 18 yrs old and Alexander 16 yrs old. I have been struggling to make in Jordan as I work in the Royal Jordanian Airlines and my salary is Apr. 500 Jod, I have a bank loan 18000 Jod and a provident fund loan. My son wants to continue his studies a Bachelor degree in Physics from the Britain, but I can not afford it, please I really have come to admire your humanity and motherhood, I want to find a good job in order to provide for my children. Best Regards AnnaPosted on May 18, 2016


Dear Angelina, I hope it is not late. Your medicine is in Jenin/Palestine called Alanda. You have nothing to loose. It is a herb boiled with water only. Please write to me for details. I need nothing for that.Posted on May 18, 2016


Hi, dear angelina. myself santhu i am from India .. i am your huge fan.. i want to meet you in my life please contact me 918970600657.Posted on May 10, 2016


Dear Angelina, We are Syrian family homeless we lost every things and striving to live please for God sake help. Mob 00974 33234477Posted on May 06, 2016

Kelly Satcher:

Hey Angelina, I'm putting a little thought for you in the mail that the Lord put on my heart. I pray today (national day of prayer) that by the grace of God, it gets in your hands and you see it as a love note from your Heavenly Father. Blessings- Kelly SatcherPosted on May 05, 2016


My name is Andreea, you are amazing person with great soul. I will love to help you with different thinks in your place. I am good and honest person, I work like a CNA for more then 6 years in Seattle area and also like RN in Romania. I know cooking very good and cleaning beside my job. Please if you want to know more about me contact me at on Apr 30, 2016

Samra zeeshan:

Respected mam I am samra from pakistan I need your kind help because I want to open school in my village so I need your kind help in from of loan which I will return you in 5 years I need 10 thousand dollars only please do contact with me I am very thankful to you. Email me or cal me My no I +92-0303-5078633 regards Samra zeeshanPosted on Apr 29, 2016


Hello Mrs. Angelina Jolie, my name is Akadiri Lateef, i am from Nigeria. I have been true hardship time am a cloth seller last year my cloth store was burnt down and I have a wife and three children I don't have anything to feed them please for Almighty God sake help me with any assistance. I hope God will always bless you for the rest of your life.Posted on Apr 29, 2016

Claresce Fortoen:

Good day Angelina Jolie, I trust that this email finds you well. My name is Claresce, I'm from South Africa. I was wondering if you could maybe assist me, I wrote a book and it is self published (based on my true life story). Is there maybe anyway that you could guide me in the right direction, as to who could maybe help me make a movie of my book. Or maybe a contact number? Email address? Please email me if you do require more information my email address is Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you so much for your assistance. Regards ClarePosted on Apr 24, 2016

Jimmy Markou:

Dear Angelina Jolie, I am the biggest fan of yours and I would like, to tell you, if you can send a picture of yourself on my email. My e-mail is: on Apr 21, 2016


Good day mother, I am Palestinian/Jordanian mother, I have 3 children, I am married with the careless, laziest person on earth, I cannot leave him, have small kids and I do not want to make myself a story to neighborhood and kids teasing my kids at school. Anyway, I am writing you this letter not for asking money, or charity or anything. in fact, I have American visit visa. I am writing this letter to ask you to be my sponsor to be able me to transfer to America as residence/American citizen with my children alone. Well, its my last chance. me hopeless.Posted on Apr 21, 2016


Hi Angelina greet women, I am bit different my request is that m able to heal you within 3 days. I've seen the sickness you catched lately am very sorry for that.Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Mohssine AIT Kordas:

No matter how long old must die ..! No matter how much beauty to be pyramid ..! Have you seen Rose did not wilt ..........! Did you see older has not been implemented ..........! Is our existence in this life or the end of it we have no explanation for this presence? Why are we constantly changing leads us into the abyss of death ......., ..!.? Is this the life we or the other it is fully taste ...! Taste is not the end of it, the taste of the same particular, the taste of his place after death ..! I tell you your illness is in fact a taste for others ... different tastes of the man and of another human being ...! Answer your weakness right now is you of past memories ...! Your status is now, compared with yesterday and today ......! Your condition today is the beginning of a new birth ....! Beginning with the same again, the beginning of her last thought, you know that the beginning of its end! Entrust my sister, calling from God to heal you, heal without pain .. To learn your recovery price invaluable. The price is good work, for it is you stand Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Mohssine AIT Kordas:

Here are my sister: Peace to you and your family, and peace to all of you like in this mortal life. Aaochta my message to you: I have a spiritual dimension and not after worldly. My message to you, my sister: ask about you all Mathmlh word meanings across. My message to you, my sister: asking you to talk to me yourself every minute of the day. My message to you, my sister: the healing if you wish. My message to you, my sister: address (will not heal you but Allah) Fabgesa him a speedy recovery and wait, I say do you look back, on the day singing and fun and fun day and the day to take pictures ....., ..! Where all of this, my sister.?Posted on Apr 19, 2016


Hello, My name is Justin. I' m Polish. I have two sons Krystian 6 years Old and Simon 3 years old. Together with my husband we rent a fiat in a block for which we Pay 800. I found Thatcher we take a mortgage and buy our dream house and SO we found for 230 thousand polish money. Unfortunately we have the capacity to 130 000 lacking 70 thousand could you something help? Please.Posted on Apr 18, 2016


Hi mam.. Myself sowndarya from India. I'm your heart dying fan.. Al your movies are awesome.. Today only i saw your movie after trying for 1 year i got this film.. your acting was awesome in gia.. you brought back the real gia in-front of my eyes.. you are my roll model in everything mam... "you are the most beautiful women i ever seen my life & i love you so much mam.. Please reply mam.. I am waiting for your reply.Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Mhammad Ashar:

hi i hope you will fine you adopted a children world wide could you imagine why you are done because if you serious than contact me.Posted on Apr 15, 2016


Dear Angelina Jolie, my name is Rami from Lebanon. Recently I knew about your struggle with cancer. I work with what is called alternative medicine or herbal medicine. I believe that anyone can beat cancer by very simple herbs or alternatives that can be found easily anywhere. Unfortunately people do not know the real effects of “chemo”… Anyway, since you have been struggling with cancer for so long, and I am not sure whether you will read this or not or whether you can contact me or not. But if you do read this letter, and you believe in alternatives, try to contact Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Italy. Or Jim humble in the USA. I am sure that they will recover very soon. Wish you all the best.Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Bochra genichi:

Good morning :) i'am bochra from Tunisia i have an information very important from God and i should translate on you please call me this is my phone number +21623447714.Posted on Apr 13, 2016


Love Angelina Jolie, I am writing this letter because my daughter loves you above all else and would like to meet you. My daughter keeps track of all your messages and want to make sure you do please. Please meet her this dream . Her name is Fatima zahra Benkhayi About a cheerful message, we'd love to all of us and my daughter more . God bless you. Danke schön. Best regards E. Benkhayi, Munich, 04.13.2016Posted on Apr 13, 2016

Nadine kayal:

Hello Angelina, my name is Nadine kayal. i live in Africa, my country is ivory coast excuse me for my English. Angelina please i want work with you in tour association for help any people all around the world. i love help and i love tour spirit you are a very big heart tour sensibility fascinate me and i want to be same of you if i have any source i want to Cree my foundation in ivory coast for the children who need some help please Angelina help me to become a good person. you are the best i pray for you for your husband and your children God bless your good heart your foundation and your life i love you and don't Forget me i want a job in your foundations please this Is my number phone 00225 08287072.Posted on Apr 12, 2016


how are You and how you feel you seems to me a little out of mood, hope Allah guide you to the right path, and wish you and your family all world happiness.Posted on Apr 11, 2016

bhagirath singh:

my name is bhagirath singh and i am manager of shiv bhagirathi viklang shikshon prashikshon site shivbhageerthi.comPosted on Apr 11, 2016

bhagirath singh:

my name is bhagirath singh and i am manager of shiv bhagirathi viklang shikshon prashikshon email id bhagirathsinghpak1973@gmail.comPosted on Apr 11, 2016


My name Bhagirath Singh and i am manager of Shiv Bhagirathi Viklang Shikshon Prashikshon Sansthan. my email id is on Apr 11, 2016


I'm from Tunisia i Would like to ask you for any help you could mum suffer from cancer. i'm in extremely difficult situation...thank you....Posted on Apr 10, 2016


Hi, all news said that you not feeling well ?? I'm prying every day for you to get well soon. You are A strong person and you will be fine soon.Posted on Apr 10, 2016


Hello Dear Angelina Jolie I am writing from Mongolia. I am in desperate need of money in order to save my family, my 2 daughters from poverty, becoming homeless and life without mother. Please help me to save my family and give your helping hand. I am begging you. I need $400.000. I think you are such a kind and generous woman who helps people and children around the world. So i hope you can help my family, my 2 daughters. Looking forward to hearing from you. Again i am begging you. Best regards,Posted on Apr 09, 2016

chayma mekkaoui:

salam alaikom, my name is Chayma, I'm a Muslim girl from Morocco. I saw your pictures and I want to tell you if there is anything I can do for your health I'm ready, even if given you a part of my body. God bless youPosted on Apr 09, 2016


Hi. My name is Ernest. Only reason I m writing you its because you are the only one who will fight for your family like I do. My kids have bin parenting kidnapped back in 2013. Fbi has issued arrest warrant for my ex wife. I got full custody of my children but government didn't help me yet. It has bin 3 years so far without hugging my kids. Please with your voice something can be done. I can't do it by my self. Please respond. thanksPosted on Apr 06, 2016