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Address of Cash Money Records
The address of the Cash Money Records is 2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002, Los Angeles, US you can go through with this address detail for contacting Cash Money Records for their queries.

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you can contact Cash Money Records via telephone or mobile phone as shown below

Cash Money Records phone number :

(504) 835-2676
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Tony Orr:

How can I submit a demo of my music to you My name is Tony Orr (TRU TONY). I live in the Fort Lauderdale / Lauderhill area in South Florida. You can find me on YouTube under Tru Tony. Thank You and God Bless.Posted on Sep 11, 2016

Joshua Ray: My name is Josh Ray. Born in Jacksonville,Florida. Live in Ogden, Utah I'd like to peruse the next level of music. I've always admired Cash Money. I bring originality and positivity. With Reality poetry in motion style. Cell:8012009193Posted on Sep 10, 2016

Jeffery Walters:

This is Jeffery Walters my contact number is 405-683-2930 also known as famous rapper Little Mexico lingo I was calling in regards are trying to get a sponsor or contract if you could contact me it'd be really great my location right now is 7:21 Coolidge Seminole Oklahoma 74868 also provided at the Westside Inn I hear everything you said and respect everything you're saying I got gifts all I need is opportunity One Love..Posted on Sep 05, 2016

James Bailey:

BirD Man This is oneluvprod. Founder of HBTOYS a Electronic Toy company I designed I own all rights reserved.I like too talk to you on some business expanding your business with this electronics company that's needs your help you all ready done seen my products Birdman you just don't know who's owner of it [email protected] 918-231-6282.Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Adrella Williams:

I am a single mom and my 18 yr old son wants to be an artist. His song is on sound cloud under Pint Va's Prodigy the artist is Shyraq feat Lil Hoot..Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Harrold Denton:

I'm been a fan for many years. But there one entertainment have not yet touched. haven't entered yet. I would like the blessing of speaking wit birdman if and when he come thru Ga again. Call me please in BiG H can you. Listen. What I have to say.Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Trevor Dwayne Davis:

The General came to Seagoville Highschool and Asked if anyone was interested in entertainment. My mom has one eye and we both want to see a million. I'm Trevor I look forward into my future with cash money and Universal StudiosPosted on Jun 28, 2016

gladdy izha:

GLADDY IZHA i'm happy to contact cash money. i'sing and I've same songs for me so i want to contact cash money if' i can work with cash money for this business you can trust me is very important. thankPosted on Jun 27, 2016

Willie Miller:

Song writer of hip hop songs, love songs I write that fits the movie such as iron man and Godzilla and transformers. I have lots of songs written. Call Willie Miller Aka optimums rhyme aka cool chill Will songwriter of hip hop music rap songs love songs, get back in touch.Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Daniel Whitehead:

I have Birdman/Cash Money Record a young artist out of Columbus, Ga who really need somebody to hear him. He 21years old and have alot of talent. Can you really please just take out the time to reply and hear him. PLEASE I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE A LOT GOING ON BUT ITS NEW TALENT EVERY DAY AND I BELIEVE HE WOULD BE A GREAT FIT YOU ALL. AGAIN THANK FOR JUST READING.Posted on Jan 29, 2016