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Address of Caso Cerrado
The address of the Caso Cerrado is Telemundo Media, 2340 West 8th Avenue, Hialeah, FL 33010, USA you can go through with this address detail for contacting Caso Cerrado for their queries.

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you can contact Caso Cerrado via telephone or mobile phone as shown below

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(305) 884-8200


Where is Caso Cerrado located?

In 2009, Ana María Polo visited Chile to attend several MEGA shows. Due to the success of the Telemundo's original show Caso Cerrado in Chile, Caso Cerrado Chile began production with Polo as host and has aired on MEGA since September 18, 2009.

Was Caso Cerrado Cancelled?

Judge Ana Maria Polo's Caso Cerrado Renewed By Telemundo! INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED DRA. ANA MARIA POLO RENEWS MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT WITH TELEMUNDO The Popular TV Star has Captivated Audiences Across the United …

Is the lady from Caso Cerrado a real judge?

Ana Maria Polo. Caso Cerrado has been a staple on Telemundo since 2002. ... Ana Maria Polo, a real attorney who plays herself, as the judge in the cases presented on the show. “This show really is for young people.

How do I contact Ana Maria Polo?

Ana María Polo's Phone. Found 1 phone: 313-430-XXXX.

Is Dr Ana Polo married?

Ana Maria Polo Married Husband Decades Older Than Her But the married life with her turnt into divorce soon after they lost their baby. After her marriage ended, she is said to have adopted a child named Peter Polo whom she raised alone and whose identity hasn't been revealed yet.

Is Caso Cerrado Cancelled?

Judge Ana Maria Polo's Caso Cerrado Renewed By Telemundo! INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED DRA. ANA MARIA POLO RENEWS MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT WITH TELEMUNDO The Popular TV Star has Captivated Audiences Across the United …

Is Dr Ana Maria Polo a judge?

Ana Maria Polo, a real attorney who plays herself, as the judge in the cases presented on the show. “This show really is for young people.

Who is Ana Maria Polo partner?

Ana María is a star and if she's a lesbian or not, it doesn't change the amazing work that she's done inspiring Latinos across the nation. A Mexican tabloid magazine is reporting that Polo's partner is called Marlene Kay.

Is Caso Cerrado Cancelled?

Judge Ana Maria Polo's Caso Cerrado Renewed By Telemundo! INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED DRA. ANA MARIA POLO RENEWS MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT WITH TELEMUNDO The Popular TV Star has Captivated Audiences Across the United …

Is Caso Cerrado a real court?

The cases are real, though there have been instances where they have had to dramatize them (bring in actors and such). There is a disclaimer at the end of each episode admitting such, in bigger print than what you would see on Judge Judy and similar shows.

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Afecis Burgara Diaz:

Hola doctora Ana Maria polo yo soy Nayelli me gustaria llevar a mi ex esposo a corte por la custodia de mis dos hijos angie y Isaac me a Me acusado de abusar a mis hijos y estoy buscando ayuda para recuperar a mis hijos puesto que le papa Es abusivo a sus hijos y lo a sido a mi persona porfavor doctora no deje que mis hijos crescan con n absador de women llame 2134476319Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Hello my name is Salvador Donis. I am trying to get divorced from my ex wife. Please it would really help me because I have tried multiple times but there is always complications. I need this so I can be happy & feel relief and take care of my daughter in peace.Posted on Sep 11, 2016

Milliza Gonzalez:

Hello, I was a victim of domestic violence for 8 yrs. But Thank God I was able to leave that relationship 20 yrs ago. I joined a company that is called Damsel In Defense you could check my website I would like to share this company with everyone specially Latin. The company mission is to to Educate, Equip and empower women by introducing our items and also explaining how to use. We specialize in stun guns, pepper spray that police will be able to tell who is the attacker with UV light. Personal alarm for children, we even have a digital defense program for our home and families. I look forward in hearing from you. Thanks, MillizaPosted on Aug 31, 2016

Nilsa Rivera:

Dear Dra. Ana Maria Polo, I babysat my mother for years - and she loved her Doctorcita - I never took the time to look at your show - I read my newspaper - my Mami passed away 10/17/2010 - sometime in 2012 her home attendant would come over and that is when La Doctorcita came into my home - I have been hooked since then - when my baby brother Ralphie comes over he sits and listens - this week several times he said that in one of your episodes you said "a family member who does not look for his family members have something wrong in their head - Ralphie reminded me of this after my brother Angel L Rivera disappeared on 08/6/2016 leaving his keys, wallet and cell phone - he left his house at 6:00 am - we were informed on 8/7 - Ralphie's 49th birthday - we wanted to be on the road by 10:00am but we left about 1:00pm to drive my 3 granddaughters back to Deltona, FL - I pray to my Mami, Papi & Migue to please let Angelo be ok - I received a call from my sister Rosie - in a Delaware stop that they found his body not far from his home - He was a Physicians, Assistant etc, Bradenton FL..Posted on Aug 20, 2016

john castro:

I text Dr. Polo yesterday and after posting a message asked me to check back I'm not sure why? I didn't enter my email address but I leave my phone number just in case here it is again 1-831-525-1002 Please Help My life depends on if your willing to help or not the story alone will pay for the help.Its incredible!! My email address is johnc630.jc on Aug 20, 2016


I wish to contact Dr. Ana Maria Polo for inquiries on my problem. I have a mentally challenged brother who denied his illness. He threatens to kill me, burn the house down and tried to intimidate me at all costs. I don't call the police on him because police shoot before they ask questions. We have had several cases in my county and state. Please help me, hear my case before it's too late and he does kill me or gets killed.Posted on Aug 14, 2016


Dra. Polo, watching your program today 8/11/16. Don't agree with your comments about Trump and the Mexicans. I don't discriminate against anyone but some Mexicans & others that do & continue to commit illegal actions by which they give a bad name to their heritage. However, let's be fair, thru the Mexican borders there's a lot of people that cross over just to get benefits for which I have to work very hard and don't get to see. Let's all be fair when making our statements and not abuse our powers of authority. There us a serious oronlem wuth Mexici and illegal border immigration. And there's nothing illegal about acknowledging that reality which honestly needs to be fixed in this Country. Mind you, I'm a great fan of your program.Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Regla Garcia:

I have being trying to get in contact with some one for manymany month I will like to explain a case I have to Dr Ana Maria Polo to see if there is anything that she can do for me please reply Thanks and have a bless dayPosted on Jul 21, 2016

William Cintron:

Hello Mari polo my big brother is number one fan of yours and I would love to get him the birthday present in his life and I would love for him to meet you my brother is 45 but he total blind and disable and if yo can make him dream come true please contact me thank you very much.Posted on Jun 29, 2016

alejandra segovia:

I need help on what do to in my case or what is best to do.Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Kitty Mina:

I would like a Show case over a sibling situation of yrs. I love my sister but she has always seen me like not a nice person. I just want her to accept me as I am & always was. And still am. I am oust in my words of my feelings. Don't know if Ms. ANNA POLO CAN HELP ME.Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Regla Garcia:

Good Morning I was in a really bad auto mobile accident in July 25, 2015 and the person that because the accident was in such a harry that he try to pass the car that was in back of me and me wily I was making a left turn and he only had a PIP insurance I had bleeding of the front lobe, fractre my neck and the bone crush the artery that floats the blood to the right side of my head I was hospitalize 2 times and i still have a lot of things to do with that artery I will like to ask Dora Ana Maria Polo if there is anything I cold do to this irresponsible person to make him pay for some of my damages I will appreciate if you could give me an answer. Thank you so much and have a bless dayPosted on Jun 23, 2016

julianne Magan:

I would like to go to caso cerrado to present my husbands case based on a deportation. Case I am a us citizen married for thirty years together for thirty seven years. My husband is being deported for a twenty year old case. Desperately seeking an objective opinion and or justice and forgiveness for a parent grandfather and above all a law abiding resident. I think I am being disregarded as a citizen and my rights as his spouse are being violated.Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Marilu Ramos Santiago:

Hi my name is Marilu, I'M a loyal fan to your show, but now I would love to participate in your show due to a want a Divorce from my husband,, I am since 2014, As well his abusive to me I have an injunction on him since 2014,, till 2019 for Domestic violence I'm 47, his 56 his an alcoholic verbally, mentally, physical abusive,, I want out I need out our divorce because just cause we r still married he thinks he owns me. please help me,, i know how to get in contact with him if you approve aloud me to become a candidate in tou show.Posted on May 07, 2016


My kids dad left with another women 2 weeks before our last baby was born now is trying to take them away from me please I need help 9207133445 thanks and God bless.Posted on Apr 24, 2016

Gabrielle Castellanos:

Will you be able to help me on custody, I'm 14 and I chose to live with my dad because he has bride me that he would treat me like a princess, hasn't happened, my moms request after she died stated I can't live with him period because he has not been there during my whole childhood. I want to live back with my aunt in Nashville, Tn. I moved to Kansas to live with dad but it's not working out, and my aunt is willing to take me back, is there anyway that you can help me ??Posted on Apr 13, 2016


I do not speak Spanish but understand a few on your show. You are a very special and compassionate person and just wanted you to know that. God has blessed you with a huge heart and a very personable person. I get that because I have experienced tears and that is for any language. God bless you. Posted on Apr 07, 2016

Alejandra sharp:

Dr polo, my dad had cataract surgery on February the 15th he was discharge from the clinic after 3 hours later he had a massive heart attack my mother needs your help she has contacted few lawyers for malpractice and they denied due to the hospital is a government place we need closure and if the doctor gave my dad the wrong medicine or too much or even that he was allergic we need to know so he can be accountable for this happen in Dallas tx. Parkland hospital thanks.Posted on Mar 09, 2016

isela avila:

well i need help i had a baby in 2012 and had a fourth degree tair 2 years passed and i had bowel leakage, i haf surgery on july 7th, i tried getting a lawyer but they say its been way to long to sue a dr for mal practice i was wondering if doctora maria polo can help me, Posted on Sep 14, 2015