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The address of the Cristiano Ronaldo is Avenida de Concha Espina, 1, Madrid, Spain you can go through with this address detail for contacting Cristiano Ronaldo for their queries.

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you can contact Cristiano Ronaldo via telephone or mobile phone as shown below

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+34 913 440 557

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hello boss, my name is GAFAR Ridwan from Lagos Nigeria. you are the footballer I admire most in the whole planet, the man i fight for behind his back well you are my mentor,the kind of person I wish 2 be, I play the same wing as you, fans named me Ronaldo, lol that name helped me improve more, I pray you receive this message, God will continue to bless you, I wish to play in Europe I really need help and how is cristiano jr, TEAMRONALDO. Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Richard. Whaley:

Ronaldo when are you going to realise that you are very overated massive EG0. you played like crap in the World cup. Lionel Messi is hands and shoulders a better player than you were ever or ever will be. Regards RichardPosted on Sep 11, 2016

Fredrick Mofya:

Hi I need your help please. Am desperately in need of my university fees. Am in my final year of Medicine program at City University here in Zambia. Your help will be highly appreciated.Posted on Sep 10, 2016

Onitsha Preye Godgift:

Dear sir Chris a wonderful day unto you,its my first time of meeting with you,sir you are a grate character to the World even in Nigeria in particular. Sir I was born in 1992 Jan 24, I am the last born and the 8th son,but one has past away in 2014 my dad and mum are fishermen and they can't meet up to the demand because my dad is more than 80 years and my mum 70 years to train me. I have finished my school and I had no money to go the University of reading of which I have ever dreamed of, sir Chris I humbly plead in the Name of God to help me actualize my dream to study mass communication even though you want to take me to the university of your choice, note sir not all Nigerians are "lying"please I need your HELP even though its scholarship I will be very grateful to you and your family to make it to be a reality. Bring me up to be a better persons. MY no:07069763808 or 07013692829: ACC0138754335 Guarantee Trust BANK(GTB).Posted on Sep 10, 2016


Hi Cristiano Ronaldo. My daughter is in Madrid Spain on holiday. She would so like to visit your home and take a pic. Please contact her if it is possible.Her number is 0782169435. Many ThanksPosted on Sep 08, 2016

akash kiran:

Hope this email finds you well. We have an upcoming project in Abu Dhabi for which your products and services were recommended by our clients who comprise of High Net worth Individuals, VVIPs and Royal family members from the middle-east. Please let us know if this is something of interest to you so that we can speak further in this regard. You can check our link to see the quality of the event - We look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, Akash Kiran Mobile : +971 565 01 99 44 Web : bigboystoysuae.comPosted on Sep 07, 2016

Rishi Dave:

Look in gonna be honest I am trying to contact you because I have a friend who has dyslexia and he loves you I am in Goa India and me and my friend study in Mont liters. If you could be here you wold not believe how happy he will be and we are both 12 year old we will be happy to see yo I was disabled as a child I was born without 4 bones so I couldn't walk but when I used to watch you play I started walking and that's why your my inspiration. Please contact me at +91 7507 1177 42. Thank youPosted on Sep 07, 2016

wabe gossaye:

Hello sir, I’ve sent you a message on Facebook. My request is the same even here, I've asked for help from different people and airlines but i never get positive feedback. I am 17 years and completed high school last year with good results here in my country Ethiopia. I have a desire of becoming a professional footballer like you so please be my sponsor to fulfill my childhood dream please. Any form of help will be highly appreciated. Kind regards, wabe gossaye email me [email protected] or call +251949767529. thanksPosted on Sep 06, 2016


Hi cristiano I always pray you improve game by game, season by season so that I will always be happy. I like it when you said sir Ferguson is your football father. Always remember that you have a number one fun in West Africa (Ghana) hala 7 cristiano. My phone number 233541865563. Email @ [email protected] I will always support you.Posted on Sep 04, 2016

Cho Deland:

Hi, the great CR7 I'm a prominent fan from Cameroon and i admire your talent though people mistake it for a skill. I dream of becoming a footballer too but I don't have the means here is my name: CHO DELAND and my number is: +(237)651 514 158. thanks and stay blessedPosted on Sep 02, 2016


Enter your comment. why would such a big famous man like him give out his number? it must be a big irony and he truly replies to his fun am waiting for reply..Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Ameh Emmanuel:

Hi, Ronaldo, I really love you, am your fans, I love your style of football. Am from Nigeria and I also love football and I also play football my dream is to see you because I believe you can make me to achieve my dream as a footballer. I always like to be like you one day, both I have financial problems, I lost my dad when I was 10 yr old. Am d bread winner of my family.Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Mouhssine Reda:

Dear Cristiano, My name is Reda I am from morocco but I live in dubai I am one of your big fan. pleaee can you call me or whatssap me 00971566183523. Than youPosted on Aug 27, 2016

Atri Majumder:

Sir. I am Atri Majmder from India. I am a born footballer but just because our society don’t accept footballers. I lost that opportunity. I am frustrated with my life. Apart from that I am also a fashion freak. I follow all your fashion designs all your styles and everything. I just simple need a help from you.And I would request you to give me a job in your own CR7 brand. I will be waiting for your co-operation. Thank You sir.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Jason dino:

Hello ronaldo. good night to you..actually i have a old coins for sale. am sell this coins because i want use the money to build house for my parents. if you don't believe me, i will show you my house picture. hope you can reply my message on [email protected] i will show you the picture. i am from sabah..Posted on Aug 25, 2016


Dear kindly, I am from Somalia. Dear cr7, am a big fan of you, I really need your help of about $10,000 to complete my education as a communicator. Any consideration given to my request will be highly appreciated.Posted on Aug 25, 2016

khalil yousfi:

Ronaldo please read this my name is khalil yousfi and I am a big fan of yours I wanted to ask one question. why don't you return to manchester United?Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Georges Michel:

Dear Cristiano My son adore you more than can imagine, his dream is to see you, we are from Egypt and we will visit Spain (Barcelona) starting from 6-9-2016 to 9-9-2016. so what we can do to meet you. really you can't image how he adores you, please help me to let his dream come in real way. waiting sincere reply from your side..Posted on Aug 25, 2016


Hi Cristiano Ronaldo i love your trick skill you are my best player in the world Please send me yours signature on a picture please.Posted on Aug 23, 2016


Enter your comment...hi cr7 am your fans in Nigeria i need your help, please i want beck you that you should be paying me a little money so i can use it to self things are hard for me am a orphan my name is frank this are my contact 08061183555 [email protected], thank you may GOD bless you amen.Posted on Aug 22, 2016


Hi, I would like to speak to Cristiano as I need his help. Could you please tell me how I can contact him. My number is 07939809827. Kind regards AaliyahPosted on Aug 19, 2016

David Nyamhende:

A complete versatile player..his determination is excused as obsession yet his record of success past and present will be ranked among-st the finest footballers ever yet his future success will certainly be unequaled. l salute the highly talented global icon..Christiano Ronaldo. It will be the most memorable time to meet and chat with you. In the mean time l will cherish the adorning of you number 7 jersey at either national or club level..even both...long live Cristiano Ronaldo.Posted on Aug 17, 2016


Dear Chris,, I am a 34 woman from Iran with MS. I heard you help MS patients. I need to migrate to a country which is testing stem-cell therapy on people with this disease. could yo please guide and help me? wish yo happiness and health.Posted on Aug 14, 2016


World is Honorable Dear Ronaldo Sir, With due Respect I'm Harun from Myanmar but currently i live in Malaysia came for Starting University..Posted on Aug 13, 2016


hi, ronaldo. my name kumalasari, i am from Indonesia, please the alms and finance for education child's and the orphanage in Asia. BCA account 1660063079 code cenaidja, thanks before.. sincerely,Posted on Aug 13, 2016

john c mendy:

Enter your comment... please world C Ronado the ballon' or best player. you the greatest player handsome and philanthropy. am an orphan I need money to build my home because am homeless. i need 30, 000 £. I put my hope on youPosted on Aug 13, 2016


Dear cr7, am a big fan of you, I really need your help of about $10,000 to complete my education as a communicator, please grant my requests god bless you. Name: adewole kazeem country: Nigeria state: Lagos mobile number: +2349038819655 via western union.Posted on Aug 11, 2016

robert pastory:

Enter your comment. Hi CR7 I'm a good fan of you from Tanzania. I hope you doing well I need your help me or support me money $ 25000/ for starting the business. I will be happy if my message will be considered. thank youPosted on Aug 10, 2016


My dad died in November,and the bank wants to take my mother's and my home. I don't know if it's website real i really hope so. so please help me i don't want a lot please reply!Posted on Aug 09, 2016


Hello Cristiano Ronaldo me I call Jay and I'm a Exupéry Béninnois and I'm a big fan of football and you is my most favorite player and I want to be like you one day and I need your help. Here is my email: [email protected]Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Raymond Kayombo:

Enter your comment. I'm Tanzanian,How are you Dear Cristiano? I'm happy to welcoming you and your family to come in Tanzania to visit, also i want to be my friend.Thanks i wish you all the best, god help you and your family.Posted on Aug 07, 2016


Dear Cristiano Ronaldo I'm Musa from Indonesia, I have a question, whether Christian have a charity engaged in education? Please help me, because I want to continue my graduate studies, but I have a problem about financial. Thanks before.Posted on Aug 06, 2016


can i asking help with you mr. ronaldo, i really needed your help right now. my name is daud from Nigeria. an not a footballer but am a fans. i just need a laptop to upgrade mu skills in some some computer software..Posted on Aug 06, 2016

Hossam Ahmed:

Hi Cristiano I hope you doing well and all is fine with the family. I'm hoping from God to read this email and get back to me. This email is gonna different than any others is not about how good player or the best in the world you are It's about how good person and a great heart you are Until a week ago I didn't like you at all or I would say I hated you as a person not as a player and I was online and I saw few videos for you about the way you treating kids and your fans and how good heart and a great person you are ever since the only thing I'm watching is your videos on YouTube I saw almost all of them and keep repeating them everyday please accept my apology million times my only wish right now is to be online friends and the only thing I'm asking you. Please if you ever visit America I want to meet with you and to guest that will make me feel great and gives me the chance to apologize to you in person and get to meet and know you In the end of my email I just wanna say it from the bottom of my heart you are a great person with amazing humble heart God bless you and your so.Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Peter Mubanga Kabaso:

Hello sir, I’ve sent you a message on Facebook. My request is the same even here, I've asked for help from different people and airlines but i never get positive feedback. I am 17 years and completed high school last year with good results here in my country Zambia. I have a desire of becoming a professional footballer like you but first i want to do my aviation course as a pilot and so am kindly asking if you can offer me some sponsorship because it's very expensive and my parents can't afford. Any form of help will be highly appreciated. Kind regards, peter mubanga kabaso. Posted on Aug 04, 2016


Ronaldo you are the greatest player ever. I love football but don't get the chance to play. I want to play outside Ghana. I need help to exhibit my talent. you can call me sir..+233577561627.Posted on Aug 03, 2016


Hi my world star am waiswa Abu from Uganda, hope your well. I congratulate for winning 2 greatest trophies in the world please keep shining my star.. My contact is +256772027162 Email [email protected]Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Henry Amenuku:

Dear Ronaldo, I trust you doing great with family and club. I really wish you can help me support my brother through college and my sick mom who has developed complications because of lack of money. Kindly support me with $5,000. God bless you.Hope to hear from you soon. Regarss HenryPosted on Jul 31, 2016

Olabiyi obe:

Hello CR7,how at today, hope all is well? Am one of your fans in Lagos, Nigeria, please I need an assistant I wanted to come to spain, but don't have money on me please I need like 30k to finance me there from Nigeria. This is my info. Olabiyi A OBE, Fidelity bank no. 6017495449 and my Tel. No +2348023844534, Thanks & GOD Bless.Posted on Jul 29, 2016


Dear Cristiano. Firs of all I want to say I am so sorry because I sent you this message. I am one of your fans from Indonesia, I hope your kindness. Now I need lot of money to continue my study, so I need your help! I know that You have been give money to many people, so Please. give to me too your money. I need money about 25.000 euro. If you wish to help me, I thank you very much for your kindness. This is my Bank Number : 0218 – 01 – 010990 – 53 – 5. Indonesian people’s Bank (BRI) My phone contact is 085 299 000529Posted on Jul 28, 2016


can i asking help with you mr. ronaldo, i really needed your help right now. my name is indri from indonesia. please let me know how can i contact you and please help me. thank you so much and Good bless you always regards indriPosted on Jul 27, 2016

Ayanga phiona:

Enter your comment...hello i have 6 children under my care but have run short of money to take them to school and their future is in question help me with some support. Am phiona.Posted on Jul 27, 2016


Hi! I am a professor in mathematics, country Bangladesh. I like you and yours son. I like you for your help of poor people. Remember always God, Booz God made Ronaldo . I want to meet you, I am a Poor teacher but made many true people. Md. Abul Kalam Sazad Assist. Professor (Mathes) Kushtia govt. college Bangladesh Email: [email protected]Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Girma Tegegn:

Hi dear, Cristiano Ronaldo, how are you doing, how is everything. I think everything is good. may God be with you. long life, happy life. wish you all the best. you the best player in the world in my life I never seen like you. i am from Ethiopia.Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Samar Aziz:

Dear my only player in the world I'm writing to you Because I now you have feelings us a man with big heart I have less than 16 hours to pay 11,000 thousand pounds I'm single mother of 2 beautiful kids and I have now where to get this money I had a month but I try so hard I got not get this amount of money please please please I'm asking with all my heart safe me for my kids sake I now you have big heart you are a father. please this is my email address [email protected] and my phone number 07450734915 please give me hope is been a month I eat once a day and I hardly sleep I'm really ill.Posted on Jul 25, 2016


Hi Cristiano, hope you'll read my message and please please please help me, I have some problem with my health and don't have enough money and I'm working 14 hours a day and six day a week just to keep up with my payment I have 2 years old son and my wife pregnant now and old sick disable father so I'm only ask about $35000 and I'm ready to pay it back with interest so please help me, and the reason I'm writing for you because I heard that you been help a lots of people so please again help..Posted on Jul 23, 2016


Enter your comment... Hello. I have on several occasions read on websites how you help charity organizations, helped the disadvantaged. Here i put in my request for about 1 million dollar to take care of orphans whom am responsible and taking care of but failing due to financial constraints. Thank you waiting to hear from you.Posted on Jul 22, 2016


Hi Sir! I'm one of your fans. Hope this massage doesn't disturb you. First I congratulate you and your national team being champion of Europe and I wish to be champions of the world. I know you're well-known star but you are human, So your heart full of kinds. That's why you help people especially to children. I know that you like to do charity.I have a 5 years old niece but she looks like a baby, she stopped growing up cos of medical conditions. As poor life we haven't got money to treat her. If you help her we'd be deeply grateful to you. Thanks beforehand. I wish you great success. This is my e-mail if you wish to help ozodbaht on Jul 22, 2016

Joseph zhou:

CR7 hello how are you, I'm looking for a help I'm now seeking of money to help me on my life, no food, no job sometimes in the name of god please help, I want money to start a business like any money you want to provide me. my details: Name:Joseph Zhou Account Number: 25106514038 Bank:Barclay's Branch: Kadoma Country: Zimbabwe Address: 156 Cotton Research Institute P.Bag 765 Kadoma,Zimbabwe Phone:+263775591823 l support you all your play, I'm seeking about my life just help Cristiano I want help of money.Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Tijani Rasaq Olayiwola:

Enter your comment. Good after noon sir I am your fans from Nigeria that needs your assistance and I believe you are capable of doing that I look forward to your assistance.Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Ali hassan shah:

I am your biggest fan ever. i just love the way you play. can i have any thing which belongs to you with your signature please? its a humble request! thank youPosted on Jul 20, 2016


Hey this is One of yr best and biggest fans and lam very good in soccer and l have a team which l named after your name which is CR7 l hope this message reach. l am 32 yrs Africa Zambia contact me +260964204795..Posted on Jul 20, 2016


Hi, this jayden I am a very good soccer player and I am the best in the grade. And I am 11 years old. I'm you best fan.Posted on Jul 19, 2016


Enter your comment. i am one of your fans her in Nigeria you are doing well, also need your help to pay my hospital bill.Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Khushi Patel:

Hi Ronaldo! My little brother is 8 years old and he wants to become a professional soccer player. It would mean the world to him if he could meet you In person and you could give him tips! We would love it if you could agree and my dad will fly him wherever you are at the time so he can meet you. Thanks and I hope you help my brother have this wonderful opportunity.Posted on Jul 18, 2016


CR7 i love you so much, i'm a big fan of you. My name is Widney Tjiane from South Africa,I'm great full to be in your generation of football.My dream is to see you in real life and touch you. Congratulations on wining the EURO2016, you deserved it and Portugal deserved it also.I hope to see you in future.Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Innocent Jeremiah Nyikwagh:

The GREAT ONE, as your great fan, I feel fulfilled to discover this site where I can contact or communicate with you. I am a footballer but due to inability to progress I opted to study. I am now a university graduate from Nigeria. Due to the poor economic situation and incessant terrorist attack, I have not been able to secure a job and care for my old Mum and sibling. I need your financial assistance to enable me start up a business. This will go a long way in helping me out of poverty. Thank you and God bless you. My contact is +2347064502272. e-mail- [email protected] Account Number- 2032193659. Bank- UBA PLC. Thank you.Posted on Jul 17, 2016


Hello Cristiano, my name is Franklin and am from Nigeria. Am one of your biggest fan ever but am having some challenges. I wanna set up a business which I already have the business plan but I don't have the funds to finance it. I will be very happy if you can reply my mail or send me email so that I can explain myself better. I see good in you even if I have not met you,but am also looking too seeing you in person someday and also your response. God bless!Posted on Jul 17, 2016

Arbi ghazarian:

My name is arbi i am from Iran almost 2 years i am coming California really don't know I think you will help me or maybe all your movie only I remember not knowing the rules here and i am got big problem i am from poor family and my family are in Iran i cant not do help my family and i found Father cancer is diagnosed for sanctions for Iran i have very high cost not money not money for help him i am ashamed of my family who need me what can i do i dreamed last night that I slept very upset to a very wealthy man asked for help and i am helping because i like you i decided to get help because lot of time for surgery first trusted god after you sorry for my bad english i am used translate thank you for time.Posted on Jul 17, 2016

Adeniyi Adedotun:

Hi Cristiano Ronaldo the legendary of or time when it come to field event, am talking of football, yes you truly deserved the total nonrecognition of 2016 ended in the world football it's a matter of hard working of your, i'll looking forward to cheer this part of recognition with you. my email remain as below +234 803 888 1515.Posted on Jul 16, 2016

Joel Roger:

Am a strong supporter of cristiano ronaldo. I enjoy every bit of what he does on pitch. May the almighty grant him more strength for him to keep doing it.Posted on Jul 16, 2016


Dear Cristiano Ronaldo,,, My name is Rifki, i lived at bali indonesia.. I'am one of yoûr biggest fans I''am totally proud of you about your attention of Muslims are oppressed, (honestly my tears fall down when i write this letter to you... ) MR. Awesome Cristiano Ronaldo, i live here with my wife, actually we need a job... Maybe you can give a job (anything) ex: gardener, servant or anything... Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo, thank yoû verry mûch of yoûr time to read my letter.. #respectronaldoPosted on Jul 16, 2016

cherno baba njie:

Hello ronaldo am cherno baba njie from the Gambia in west Africa first of all I would like congratulating you for recently been the European champion 2016. It has been a great achievement for you BRAVO..... Ronaldo am a student in the Gambia I have completed my first year course but having some financial constraints so I couldn't effort to continue my educational career I am kindly asking for your help. My contact address is [email protected] thank you in advance.Posted on Jul 16, 2016


Chris, Bro honestly you are the greatest footballer to have ever lived. you unique way of adapting to different terms, players and formula makes you superb. owing to the way you have been playing with different players esp in Madrid. i don't thing there is.anyone else including your rivals who can achieve what you have achieved.i like.also the way you hate tattoos and your are God fearing.God bless you and am praying for you for quick recovery from the current injury.Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Okorie Ambrose Temple:

My name is Temple and I am one of your biggest fan. I will love to be a professional footballer like you. I'd be grateful if you help me. This are my numbers:08187609916, 09030639549.Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Amad Jalloh:

Hi Cr7, you are my world best footballer i have ever known in my life, and my all time legend in soccer. I love yo very much sir. I'm 23 years of age a Sierra Leonean by nationality from west Africa. i'm Sierra Leone onder 17 player, Sir i want to be a professional like you but i have no support or opportunity do that. Sir please please please help my dreams to come true. My name is Amad Jalloh and email is [email protected], my contact number is +23278925588. Thanks in Advance May ALLAH Helps and Bless you Sir!Posted on Jul 15, 2016


Hello dear Cristiano My son and i always watch your match,he really love you, he is 13 years old and very good student, i am his mother and i am having difficulty in financing education and life, please help me amount of the his expenditure of education, i hope my son become successful man and we come to Spain to see you. thank's a lot.Posted on Jul 15, 2016


Christiano Please Help me please.. have a big big problem. i now you have a big heart.Posted on Jul 15, 2016

Wissam Antoun Bejjani:

Hello I am from Lebanon. I know that you are a good person, and you help so many people. That is why I send you this message. I have a medical problem, my father my wife and me have cancer, and I can send for you all the medical documents to prove this. And the number phone of my doctor and all the documents you ask. I need 10000$ That you can help me with my problems . I know that is not the best idea to ask you this, but this is my only way. You are a good person if you send the money or not. God bless you.Posted on Jul 15, 2016


Hi dear Cristiano, my name is Jamalinho, I am from Kenya and 20 years of age .I am one of your biggest fan.I really needed your help I am having a hard life and not able to further my career and my siblings education because my parent got separated eight years ago and each re married another person living us on with no one. we are facing a great problem on taking on our lives .I wish I can speak to you urgently. I needed you to assist me in whatever is in your care. it would be of a great help if you can convey this message to sir cristiano. here is my phone number +254 708528011. thank you may god bless you and your family have a lovely day.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


greeting .my name is Amar I have 13 years, you're my biggest idol of my inspiration, from you I have learned so many right things ... I'm young but I learned to be a man of you ... I coach soccer as you and I would like to be one days like these and a football player and covjek.Moja greatest wish is to see you once in my life ... it will be my greatest incentives ever ... I have a job and work weekends and collect money to look at one game and to meet with you ... a lot of support ... AmarPosted on Jul 14, 2016


greeting .my name is Amar I have 13 years, you're my biggest idol of my inspiration, from you I have learned so many right things. I'm young but I learned to be a man of you. I coach soccer as you and I would like to be one days like these and a football player and covjek. Moja greatest wish is to see you once in my life. it will be my greatest incentives ever. I have a job and work weekends and collect money to look at one game and to meet with you a lot of support. AmarPosted on Jul 14, 2016


hi, i am your fan from small country Latvia and i am looking at cr7 like may inspiration and i am trying my best to prof my self and be like cr7 and i hope that's you will rite back to me.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


Hi dear Cristiano, my name is Jamalinho, I am from Kenya and 20 years of age. I am one of your biggest fan. I am very happy because I found out recently when i read an article and knew that you helps indigent people. I really needed your help I am having a hard life and not able to further my career and my siblings education because my parent got separated eight years ago and each re married another person living us behind with no one. we are facing a great problem on taking on our lives. I wish I can speak to you urgently. I am massive fan and knowing that you make me so amazed at what you could do I needed you to assist me in whatever is in your care. it would be of a great help if you can convey this message to sir cristiano. here is my phone number +254 708528011. thank you may god bless you and your family Have a lovely day.Posted on Jul 14, 2016


Greetings, By this email, i am not seeking for money or any other sort of help. Actually, am not a football fan to!! I stood on this page to express m'y admiration to you Ronaldo, but not as a a famous soccer. I am writing to the person playing inside the football player! I am so impressed and touched about what you are offering to people. NT talking about charity or money you give. In m'y culture, people are NT judged for their fortune, but for the way they are . Rare r people who contribute others happiness and live its precious moments without any return. Thank you Ronaldo for what you offer to people from your deep inside ans wish you all the best.Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Angela Nicholls:

Hi. I am holding a fundraising event to help children with cancer at alder-hey hospital i am trying to buy items like lego. Dvd players etc. So when the children are receiving there treatment they can still do stuff. The event i am holding needs help with auction items/raffle and i was wondering please if you could sign a shirt that could be auctioned off as this would raise lots for the children. i hope you consider helping.Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Adegoke toheeb:

Hello brother cr7 my name is adegoke toheeb and i lost my mom and dad i don't have two parent and please i need money to continue my school please brother cr7 god will not make you crying in your life and all your family please and please this my number +2347016313285.Posted on Jul 12, 2016


Hi Cristiano Ronaldo my name is Aminjon I am 7 years old I love you so much I am always praying for you. I want to be same like you. You are the best football player in the world. I am also playing in Dubai Real Madrid Academy. I am always dreaming you in my dream. In Shallah if I am lucky I will meet you???Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Ismail Sy:

Hello Mr. Ronaldo! My name is Ismail Sy and I am a big fan of soccer. It is really an honor to watch you play the game of soccer. I am only 11 and I think you are way better than Messi. I live in New Jersey and I hope you can call me so we can talk. I really hope I can meet you. By the way, congrats on becoming a champion for Portgal. Best regards, Ismail SyPosted on Jul 11, 2016

john chatzichaleplis:

Cristiano ronaldo come to beautiful island skopelos which is very green you please ready my email fast i admire youPosted on Jul 11, 2016


hey Cristiano Ronaldo am Peter a Kenyan congratulations for the win. I love you so much. i have a problem with money would you help.Posted on Jul 11, 2016


Hello Cristiano, I'm Kylian Hagenmeyer and I'm 15 year old . I watched your game yesterday and I was really very moved when you came out of the ground crying, I'm very happy for you and for Portugal. I beg you, for the love of God, can I have one of your jerseys Portugal signed please? Thank you so much KylianPosted on Jul 11, 2016

Mamado B TRAORE:

Hello Cristiano RONALDO My name is Mamadou B TRAORE, I am Malian, I extend congratulations on the victory of the Euro 2016. I am very happy and I am very fan of you. Thank you. My phone contact is 00223 69708545.Posted on Jul 11, 2016

Filbert Niyo Nshimiyimana:

Hi, you are the finest player on this planet. congratulations first of all. i am an African young man looking for help. Thank you and may God continue blessing you. [email protected]Posted on Jul 11, 2016


Dear Bro, I need your help me as I am in a crisis with my 3 children who I have not seen for over six months. My young boy is only 9 and I miss him terribly. Please if will help then it will change our lives.Posted on Jul 11, 2016


Hi my names Morgan and I am a big fan I'm 9 years old and I like that celebration you do at the end I wish I could come and see you but I live in the UK I a very good at I talk about you all the time I have got a football card of you I am really good at football and a can play a bit like you.Posted on Jul 09, 2016


Can you use WhatsApp with your phone number? Or, Portugal don't have WhatsApp? Maybe I don't know.. But, I have save that number.. Is it true.. Is that the True Ronaldo number?Posted on Jul 09, 2016


Hi, I wish you will come to Malaysia and I can meet you! I hope so much that I will meet you at one day. If I meet you.. I think.. I will cry because of happiness? I hope you read this comment!Posted on Jul 09, 2016


Its a request from among your billions Fans.....sir I need your play for my country as you are...but due to financial problem I can' sir Please HELP me....Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Rahl Dev Boora:

Hello CR7 I am a boy with big dreams and trying to realize them.I studied at IIT Delhi, India and got selected for Foreign exchange program for autumn semester at France but i do lack money for this which make it difficult for me to gain International knowledge and be part of this academic and cultural exchange. I do request you to help me a little (4-5 Lakh INR =7000$) if you can, you definitely could. This amount mean nothing to you but a lot to me. I will be really thankful to you . Your Appreciator Rahul Dev Boora ( RDB)Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Nadia Anantika:

Dear Cristiano Ronaldo...can you help name is Nadia from Indonesia. Can you help me to charge my husband hernia surgery. We can not afford to run the operation. I also wanted to take my mother to go Umro and Hajj yo Mecca Saudi Arabia. I very much hope to you Cristiano Ronaldo. If you wish to help and assist us in difficulty, I thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. May God always protect and bestows a lot of sustenance for you healthy.. AamiinPosted on Jul 07, 2016

Khalil Abualya:

Please READ This My uncle Has stomach cancer and no Hospitals Will Except him He Has Been in a clinic that can not great. His Cancer He Doesn't Have Enough Money To Cover the treatment Please Contact Me As Soon As possible on My Email [email protected] Please Please I Will Repay You Just Help Me out.Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Eveyana Ashlee:

Hi Cristiano Ronaldo, I am Eveyana Ashlee, I am 13 years old....I am such a die hard fan of yours. And I kindly ask if you could please send me 2 signed t-shirts of yours and 2 signed photos of you, Cristiano If you will send them please contact me at this number +91 8259845542 Thank you so much, Ronaldo I live you so much Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. Please send the signed t-shirtsPosted on Jul 04, 2016


hi dear this is pardis. i send you an email from iran. i need your help. can you help me? please help mePosted on Jul 03, 2016

Klarius Kgomongwe:

CR 7, I just hope this post reaches you. I write to you from South Africa but for now won't say a lot because I'm not yet sure whether this page is real or fake.Posted on Jul 02, 2016

Woltourd ETRENNE:

Hi Cristiano(CR7)! How you're doing today? I am happy to see in semi-final but it's not enough. You've to go for final and champion for the first(1st.)time and you'll be as well the goal scorer in the European Championship. This dream could become true only if you'll recite this prayer from this Friday to open Saturday at 2 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock. It's a gift cause you're my favorite football star. Here's the prayer.Posted on Jul 01, 2016


sir, I am MD:SHARIF UDDIN. student of Jagannath university dept of ENGLISH. sir now I and family suffering lake of money by poverty. my family's have 3 lakhs take a loan or debts. we have nothing enough wealth to pay this loan.we are seven members in our family. everybody student without parents. sir if you give us money, we will remove our poverty. Sir please help me from your foundation or any found. my Dutch bangla bank account no: 0148 0007 59328. MD:Sharif Uddin Dept of English, Jagannath University.Posted on Jun 30, 2016

daniel c.ronaldo:

Hy :) Ronaldo email:[email protected] to you're a kid my favorite player We are very poor in my family my mother leave us a father brought us 15 years of working but there is little support payment if I want to thank you if you're the world's best sprint kick against the Poles in two to fivePosted on Jun 30, 2016


please super star I need your help because am in a very big situation right now that why I need your help please see me through my account number 0065173061 am one of your biggest fans from Nigeria banking with diamond bank my email address [email protected]Posted on Jun 30, 2016


Please Ronaldo, Madrid star I am from Nigeria I love your football style I don't miss your matches am one of your fans from Manchester to Madrid am also preparing to go and watch today's match between your country and Poland I wish you good luck, but am in a very big situation that can be solve by money please I need your help my acct details is this Charles c Boniface 0065173061 Diamond bank no. +2349024506039.Posted on Jun 30, 2016