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The address of the Dan Patrick Show is 545 Middle Street, Bristol, Connecticut 06010, USA you can go through with this address detail for contacting Dan Patrick Show for their queries.

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(212) 445-3926

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You can also write your quires on email id of Dan Patrick Show. The email of Dan Patrick Show is [email protected]
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Comments (9) on Dan Patrick Show

Edward J Joyce Jr:

Hi this is Teddy the mailman from Providence I met you at the final four inhouston. I put a pie in your face Dan. I'm still waiting for Seton to send me a care pkg for the Gronk Jersey I gave him. I also gave you the Marvin Barnes jersey. I can't get in on the phone on Mondays because Mclovin won't shut up with his stupid questions. Season my access is Teddy Joyce 22 Elder Ave Riverside RI 02915 My best of the weekend was Kris Dunk throwing out the first pitch in MINN my worst is the MINN kicker is still missing Thanks3Posted on Sep 12, 2016


Hi Mr. Dan Patrick my name's Phillip Alvarado I was wondering if you can get in your thoughts on the Rob Lowe roast with Peyton Manning it was recently on the roast with Rob Lowe it was hilarious wondering your thoughts on it or if you watched it...Posted on Sep 07, 2016


The tune you played on your show this morning is a ripoff of spirit fresh garbage. They opened for Zeppelin. Back in the day.Posted on May 06, 2016

Buzz Hillma:

Everyone realizes that there hasn't been a Div 1AA for over 10 years, right? BTW GGG was a best of last weekend.Posted on Apr 25, 2016

Buzz Hillma:

Everyone realizes that there hasn't been a Div 1AA for over 10 years, right? BTW GGG was a best of last weekend.Posted on Apr 25, 2016

R. Davenport:

I'm a long time listener from Grand Rapids MI. A salesman who always has your show on in my office or in my car when I'm traveling between accounts. Today the Grand Rapids press and other media announced a programming change for WBBL (107.3) for a new morning show with a new host starting this Thursday 7 APR 16. My issue is the new WBBL programming schedule shows the new morning show morning on from 6-10 with an asterisk next to the DP Show. I'm hoping the contract requires them to broadcast the entire show with some exceptions for other contracted events like baseball etc. Anyway, DP is the best sports radio on any network and I will seek other ways to listen if the geniuses at WBBL think what they are better from 9-10.Posted on Apr 05, 2016


Hey Dan and the Danettes! Our son Max is graduating from high school on May 22nd. We are having an open house on May 21st. He is a huge fan of your show-if you have any interest in coming to Sioux Falls South Dakota we would love to have you stop by to n the 21st! 4-6.Posted on Apr 03, 2016

Bob Oliver:

When the subject of "Worlds Greatest Athlete" is discussed. Why isn't Bob Mathias' name in that form? As a high school senior in 1948 he won the Decathlon Gold medal and repeated that fete in 1952. I just don't think he gets the love he deserves.Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Patrick Delaney:

I thought your show was a sports talk show? It turns out it's nothing but talking about singers and music . Dan you are no actor get that thought out of your mind you suck in that department. When you people start talking sports again I might start to watch and listen again. Thank you for your time!Posted on Dec 07, 2015