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Address of Jay Leno Garage
The address of the Jay Leno Garage is 3160, North Damon Way, Burbank, California, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Jay Leno Garage for their queries.

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you can contact Jay Leno Garage via telephone or mobile phone as shown below

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+1(818) 840-3614


How can I contact Jay Leno?

Jay LenoJay Leno's production Outfit. NBC Studios. 3000 West Alameda Avenue. Burbank, CA 91523-0001. Phone: 818-840-4444.Jay Leno's Agent. Steve Levine. International Creative Management. 10250 Constellation Boulevard. Los Angeles, CA 90067. ... Jay Leno's Publicist. Dick Guttman. Guttman Associates. 118 South Beverly Drive. Suite › celebrities › jay-leno › contactContact Jay Leno - Celebrities › celebrities › jay-leno › contact

Can you take a tour of Jay Leno's garage?

Tour Jay Leno's World-Renowned Private Car Garage in LA. Grab 3 friends and tour Jay Leno's incredible collection of about 200 vehicles at his Big Dog Garage. ... The garage houses Leno's extensive car and motorcycle collection as well as the machinery to keep everything running smoothly.

What is the address of Jay Leno's garage?

3160 N. Damon Way, Burbank, CAKnowing how generous and kind this man is, if you write to him; Jay Leno, Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage, 3160 N. Damon Way, Burbank, CA 91505, you may be surprised.

How much is Jay Leno's car collection worth?

Jay Leno's car collection consists of around 136 automobiles — all spectacular and all very pricey. He also owns 90 motorcycles. Altogether, the collection was once valued to be worth at approximately million; about 14% of Leno's 0 million net worth.

How can I contact Jay Leno?

Jay LenoJay Leno's production Outfit. NBC Studios. 3000 West Alameda Avenue. Burbank, CA 91523-0001. Phone: 818-840-4444.Jay Leno's Agent. Steve Levine. International Creative Management. 10250 Constellation Boulevard. Los Angeles, CA 90067. ... Jay Leno's Publicist. Dick Guttman. Guttman Associates. 118 South Beverly Drive. Suite › celebrities › jay-leno › contactContact Jay Leno - Celebrities › celebrities › jay-leno › contact

What is the address of Jay Leno's garage?

3160 N. Damon Way, Burbank, CAKnowing how generous and kind this man is, if you write to him; Jay Leno, Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage, 3160 N. Damon Way, Burbank, CA 91505, you may be surprised.

Can you take a tour of Jay Leno's garage?

Tour Jay Leno's World-Renowned Private Car Garage in LA. Grab 3 friends and tour Jay Leno's incredible collection of about 200 vehicles at his Big Dog Garage. ... The garage houses Leno's extensive car and motorcycle collection as well as the machinery to keep everything running smoothly.

What channel is Jay Leno Garage on?

CNBCJay Leno's Garage

How can I contact Jay Leno?

Jay LenoJay Leno's production Outfit. NBC Studios. 3000 West Alameda Avenue. Burbank, CA 91523-0001. Phone: 818-840-4444.Jay Leno's Agent. Steve Levine. International Creative Management. 10250 Constellation Boulevard. Los Angeles, CA 90067. ... Jay Leno's Publicist. Dick Guttman. Guttman Associates. 118 South Beverly Drive. Suite › celebrities › jay-leno › contactContact Jay Leno - Celebrities › celebrities › jay-leno › contact

Who opens for Jay Leno?

Nicholas BarronIf you're talking about airline news in your news-centric set this week, you'd better be talking about the 800-pound airline in the room. Leno's opener was blues singer-songwriter Nicholas Barron.

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Comments (82) on Jay Leno Garage

Scott Erickson:

Hello Mr. Leno I have a 2008 Shelby GT50KR, with a Shelby American racing installed after purchase that I am looking to sell. It has only 438 original miles. It boasts 711 horse at the rear tires, approximately 842 horse at the fly wheel. The racing package includes just about everything you could imagine, inside and out as well as under the hood and is autographed by Carroll Shelby. I'm wondering if this might be a vehicle you would be interested in for your collection. Thank you for your consideration Scott EricksonPosted on Sep 07, 2016

Sharon Anderson:

Dear jay, I have 72 dodge challenger, that has not been driven for 30 years. What would be the best way to sell? I don't know if restoring and then try to sell or sell as is? thanksPosted on Sep 06, 2016


Jay, Hi my name is Ron Walsh. I have a love of cars and diesel trucks. I also love wood working. I have a CNC router that I have a pretty sizable investment in. I am seriously looking in to purchasing the nextengine ultra HD scanner for the purpose of doing 3D scans on classic cars and doing carvings for the owners. I can't seam to find any info on weather or not this scanner is capable of scanning large objects like a car. Do you have any knowledge in this area? I've watched a couple of videos with you and the folks from nextengine and thought maybe you would have some insight. I would love to meet you or talk with you about this. Thanks Ron WalshPosted on Sep 04, 2016


Hi Jay, My dad honored me with his 1959 Lincoln Premiere which need the whole underneath replaced. Did you take on project like these for your show? MainerPosted on Sep 02, 2016

Preston Kent:

Dear Mr Leno, I own a 2006 Honda S2000, metallic silver, all original, 1300. miles, covered, garaged. simply immolate, mint condition. If you are interested in purchasing this bit of history, please contact me through email. PJ.KENT@GTE.NET ThanksPosted on Sep 01, 2016

Danny Herman:

Hello Jay, I’ve been watching your shows for years and enjoy them more than you’ll ever know. We dumped cable and purchased Roku which gives us over 2800 channels. Guess what we watch? You got it, Jay Leno’s Garage My little wife of ‘75’ years old can’t believe she watches your show! She always says ‘He always does something good for somebody else on each episode.’ He has to be a good person. And also have you noticed he never takes credit? Now that she’s made your head big with all these nice comments. She then adds in; ‘why doesn’t he comb his hair, just look at it, and he should put on some nice clothes, I’m sure he can afford them.’ Jay, then she looks at me and says ‘you dress just like Jay!’ That’s because I’m an old car guy too! I’ll mail you my story of my 1955 Ford hotrod I built years ago and drove it for twelve years in Scottsdale, AZ with no mufflers for two years. Funny story. I’ll mail it to you shortly. You’ll love it. Danny & Ruthie HPosted on Sep 01, 2016


Hello, Ferrari 500 Super fast 1965, Owned and stored since 1973, 2 Titled Owners, complete history available with confirmed contact and phone and Never been offered for sale.Posted on Sep 01, 2016


Hi there,, My father in law is selling an all original 57 Chevy Bel Air convertible with a factory continental kit. It's been garaged for over forty years. It has solid floors and trunk and its black with red and silver interior. There are 66k miles on it and it needs mild restoration. The car is sentimental to him so we are looking for a good home for it. If there is of any interest, please let me know and I can send you over some photographs. Thanks for your time and consideration, Dan Kaufmann 631-484-3937 P.s We are located in Long Island, New York.Posted on Aug 31, 2016


Hey there Jay i have a 56 number hawk needs a restoration but runs and drives 98% complete super cool car and rare left hand drive. Any interest in it?Posted on Aug 29, 2016

Mike Driver:

Jay! PLEASE see - we need to put a Valkyrie in your garage! The company is back and we would like to talk serious business with you. Thanks! Mike and Chet.Posted on Aug 29, 2016


Dear Jay, My name is Dan laver and I live in England. I hear you have a true Mk1 Citroën xm? A extremely rare car, is this true? If so I would love to know what year it is. I own a Mk1 XM, but mines the 2 liter SEI Turbo, RHD, Manual, extremely rare car and it's my pride and joy. Be great to hear from you and see you're xm . Cheers DanPosted on Aug 29, 2016

Cindy Brozo:

Mr. Leno, I enjoy watching your show. My father has a 1923 Ford Model T Turing Cope. All original not restored. He has kept it for over 70 years. Hoping to restore one day. Well, poor health will prevent him from doing this now and I don't know how to restore cars. I would like to sell the car for him but don't know where to start. Any chance? I look forward to a response. Thank you.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Mike Dawson:

Hello Jay, My name is Mike Dawson and I'm part of the sales team here at August Motorcars. I currently have a 2009 c8 Spyker for sale, and with the rarity of this car it would fit your collection very well, please let me know if it interests you.Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Robert Hren:

I was at Pebble Beach Concourse, and joined in the charity contribution of $2,000 for a garage tor. I did not get specific information. I am ready to send check or wire money. Please advise.Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Ernie Aven:

My father-in-law had a 1954 Hudson S Jet he had started restoring, before he died 7/13/16. I would like for someone (with the means) to take this car, restore it, & add it to their collection. The engine in this car is really something to see. My father-in-law, Henry Milligan had the car running. But the car is almost a total redo. Some mechanical things have been replaced: windshield wipers & motor, lights, turn signals, etc. Please respond to this email, even if it's to tell me you are not interested.Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Joe Latini:

Hi Jay, we have a 1955 Buick Special black and white color. Single owner was my late aunt from New Jersey. It was garaged for years and still is. We are going to find it a good home.Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Mike Travers:

Hello Jay, I am in possession of a 1981 Honda CBX "School Bike" with 3.9 miles on it. Is this something you might have an interest in. Thanks MikePosted on Aug 20, 2016

David Irwin:

Jay We just purchased/inherited a 1926 Rolls Royce in Canada and trailered it to Texas. This car was owned by Rolls and they used it to drive their customers. Sometime in the 30's Rolls re-bodied it with an all aluminum body and sold it to an Australian farmer who drove it from Montreal to Winnipeg. I here your coming to San Antonio Texas soon and extend an invitation to see the car. I would really appreciate some advise.Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Patricia Irving:

Hello Mr. Leno: I am selling my 1979 camaro to help pay for my grand child's school Of corse, I would love to see it restored to its glory. Please let me know if you are interested in a cheap deal or restoration. Take Care, Patricia Irving 202-529-5475Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Tim Perkins:

I have a 1930 peerless that I am interested in selling. It has been stored inside for 45+ years. It does not run but the engine turns with the crank. It is 95 percent complete although it is in only fair condition. We are selling the house and would like to see it go to a good home where it could be restored and enjoyed.Posted on Aug 14, 2016


Hey this for J have a 1921 stearns-knight 7-passenger touring only one to be in existence as far as we can tell this is a barn find recently found three-quarters restored this might be something that might be up his alley if he needs to contact me back the number is 207-313-0296 gotta see this car..Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Jennifer Bernier:

Dear Mr. Leno, I am trying to sell my late uncles vintage cars. He has a very rare 1921 Stern Knight Model L4, 1959 Chrysler Imperial Crown hardtop 2 door, and a 1965 Imperial Convertible. Located in Maine. bassfisher0715@yahoo.comPosted on Aug 09, 2016

Ron Pinta:

Hi Jay, I enjoy your show and your knowledge of cars very much. I've been watching for quite some time, but I have not seen a Dual Ghia on your show yet? I had a 1958 when I was a eighteen in Brooklyn, NY. in 1963! They only made around 106 of these. The whole Rat Pack had one. Which I think makes for an interesting story? Body by Ghia, engin & trany were Chrysler. Sold for around $7500.00 at that time. Mine had a continental kit? All chrome. I never saw another one like it??? So that is my thought. Thanks Ron PintaPosted on Aug 06, 2016

Terry Sage:

My father has a 1963 Super duty Grand Prix 421 tripower 4 Speed numbers-matching Factory original we did a rotisserie frame off restoration nut and bolt looking to sell wondering if you are interested please call Terry Sage at 612-298-1716 if you guys are interested in adding this vehicle to your collection it is a very rare and sought-after Pontiac...Posted on Aug 03, 2016

Geet Chana:

Hi. Fantastic job on the 1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 Compressor. I am currently restoring the same in Kenya. I was hoping to get a contact for parts from you. Looking forward to your reply. ThanksPosted on Aug 03, 2016


Jay leno i am a 37 year old sick Cystic fibrosis patient and a big big big big car Person! I have a 1969 dodge charger general lee. I really want to meet and see all your cars. please contact me i am big fan of yours.Posted on Aug 02, 2016

Sean ventsam:

Hey jay, I am a old friend of Todd Bolin. I am a member of American Legion post 507. We are having our third annual car show called "Hot rods 4 Heroes". I know that you're a great admire of small shows. We are in Newhall, CA. Oct 9th is when our show is. We have 100 spots for cars. i was hoping you'd be interested in coming by for our armed forces.Posted on Jul 26, 2016

Steven Repp:

I'm trying to reach jay Leno. I have seen in his YouTube video that he has a Mazda Cosmo in his vehicle collection. Jay's Mazda is a series two L10B Mazda Cosmo sport. I would like to let jay know that I am selling my 1968 Mazda Cosmo sport series one L10A. It is in perfect condition, runs and drives, 100% stock from the factory, has 21,000 original miles (34,000 kilometers), and is #322 of 343 ever made of the series one. I am willing to sell it to jay before I let anybody else know that I'm selling it. I am located in Oregon and have had this Cosmo imported directly from Japan. If another method of contact is better to reach out to jay Leno please inform me. Thank you for your time, Steven Repp 702-808-2702Posted on Jul 23, 2016

Mr. J. Gisbers:

Dear Mr. Leno, a few days ago a lady in Detroit offered me a Chrysler Ghia Trbine Gold Foil image, formerly owned by her late father who worked for Chrysler in the sixties. I like to send an image by email. How can I do that ?Posted on Jul 22, 2016

craig bauer:

I read in best ways that Jay prefers local "Father's Day" type car shows to the high end mfr's events. We host such a local show in Tehachapi, about an hour north of Los Angeles. The 7th Annual T-Town Rumble Car Truck Motorcycle Show on Saturday August 27th (2016.) We will be hosting approximately 125 vehicles from the Bakersfield, Tehachapi and Antelope Valley areas as well as featuring some Vintage Trailers. It's a popular, up and coming show (probably because we have over 40 awards in 25 categories!) Yo'll find a little more info on or Facebook page - as well as a Facebook Event link with more info - Let s know what size tee shirt Jay wears and we'll be sure to save one for him. Come on p and beat the heat!! Thanks for considering us.Posted on Jul 22, 2016


To inform Mr. Leno that the Rolls Royce that belonged to Michael Shmacher is for sale in Portugal. It has 6.000 miles and it is in one of my friend car lot for Sale. Let me know if yo wold be interested to acquire this car. My email: 7/20/2016Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Angel Pizzurro:

Hi Jay! My name is Angel and my father passed two weeks ago, leaving me his ONE-OF-A-KIND hand-made car, (NOT a KIT CAR) fashioned after a (approximately) 1914 Bugatti electric engine - in excellent condition. He was in Design & Styling w/Chrysler and made one of the Imperial Eagles (ornamentation), as well as many others, including the Roy Rogers hood ornament, now (I believe) in the Roy Rogers Msem. PLEASE contact me and let me know if this wold be of interest to you I'd love to keep this heirloom in the family, but nowhere to store it! Beautiful fire engine RED color...I'd place a pic, but don't know how? Thanks! Angel 248-579-7883Posted on Jul 19, 2016


Found an original matching set of rear/front fenders and running board, right and left sides in original black paint and numbered for a model T in my father's garage. I was wondering if there might be a club of model T enthusiasts that I might contact to offer them. I have no use for them, and I'm sure original parts are rare. They are in excellent shape.Posted on Jul 18, 2016

John Welsh:

Don't know if you wold be interested but my daughter just had a 1989 Honda CRX Red and Black totally ORIGINAL even down to the original floor matts, given to her by her father-in-law. She is looking to sell it. This car has every receipt of every service at the Honda dealer to go with it. I know it is not a fast or super car but it was and is still a very desirable car. And it only has 98959.8 miles on it. Even if Jay knows of a Honda collector it wold be helpful. Thanks in advance for you understanding and cooperation. Contacts ; John 1-302-593-1429 or Shannon 1-302-545-8880Posted on Jul 17, 2016


Hi JL Garage fans! Like life in the fast lane? Live the collector lifestyle too, really check This is a collector selling his 2.5 acre property/ home car showplace near Daytona. Crazy digs for the price. on Jul 14, 2016

Robert Charlton:

Thank you Jay for being the car guy you are! In my teens I jumped a irrigation canal in the Imperial Valley. It was a 71 Charger 440 Magnum. Unfortunately a few months later I cut it completely in half after hitting a utility pole while going about 130 mph. I won't bore you with my numerous stories. I now have a 40 Ford p/u SBC tunnel ram dual quads a bit over 500 hp before the nitrous. I built it all. It helped me rehab after falling 40 ft off a utility pole. This time I was at work and part of the pole broke. I was paralyzed for a while now my proper medical definition is incomplete spinal cord injury. Like that makes me feel good ? How does being incomplete make me feel? I made it back to being a journeyman lineman. I'm now 54 driving my 40 ford p/u. I'm building a wing to keep from smoking the tires when I hit drive at about 90 mph. If you ever allow people in your garage I would love to see it. Keep being cool! Robert Charlton Santee Can(by San Diego)Posted on Jul 14, 2016

John Headley:

I just found and bought a 1903 Orient buckboard. It is as found un-restored and probably 95+% complete. It was stored in a garage since the early 20's next to a 1914 model t and a 1926 Packard. It should be an easy restoration. There are few of these in existence. If Jay is interested in this car contact me at 983-479-3353. The car is in NJ. Thanks. John HeadleyPosted on Jul 13, 2016

AJ Rounds:

Team, Here is your opportunity to be part of history and help raise money for schools and be part of the largest mock presidential election (for kids) in history. This is the 50 X 6 Road Trip and we are giving you the opportunity to sponsor and follow this historic trip with iconic All Star, Les “PeeWee” Harrison, that will include meetings with each state’s governor, visits to schools to teach students about responsible behavior and sign them up to be part of the largest student election for president in history. See the official write-up attached. How can we reach you to talk more about this? We'd love to work with you. 801-368-1823Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Donna Smith:

We have a 1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super-10 pick up. Designed and signed by Dale Earnhardt Jr. built by Hendricks motor sports part of the Valvoline reinvention project in 2014 it is the ultimate collector truck mint condition has a Corvette LS3 engine-480 horse power. If your interested for your collection please contact me. Donna Smith 662-825-0490 in MSPosted on Jul 11, 2016

John Overfield:

Hi Jay; I have two classic Town & Country convertibles. (we call them Tiger Woody & Tiger Lilly) (1984 Mark Cross Edition California car, 1985 Mark Cross Edition Turbo) I understand that you have a 3D printer that is used to re-produce some parts that cannot be obtained through dealers or suppliers. Could you tell me if those printers can be used to reproduce a part such as an EGR valve or a Thermos valve ? If so, what would you charge to replicate them? You can see my cars on P.S. - I miss you on the Tonight Show. John Over-field (773) 931-5675 Email - jhnw1985@yahoo.comPosted on Jul 11, 2016

Huck Kircher:

Jay, Just looking for advice on a car insurer that will allow me to insure for complete repair as opposed to ACV. My car is an 07 Honda S2000. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Aletra Stuart:

Hi! I have enjoyed you and your shows! But...Jat Leno's Garage is the best yet! My family and I share a love for cars and enjoy seeing the special cars that other's own! It is so much fun to share what we see on your shows. Through the years we have visited the original Shelby in Vegas several times. Now...we would love to see you involved or highlighting the auction. We wonder what will happen to this fabulous car! on Jul 07, 2016

tom locarno:

Jay need input on a new color for 2017 Wrangler. Last 4 were red, red, black, white. What do you think pal?Posted on Jul 03, 2016

tom locarno:

Jay, I'm ordering a 2017 Wrangler in the fall. I do so every 3 years or so, and now I need a new color.Latest have been red,red,black,white.Have a white Mercedes so no more white.What do yo think my friend?Posted on Jul 03, 2016

Tim Tinsley:

Barn-Find.. I ran across a complete '45 HD in Emmett, ID. My biker nephew R. Tinsley in Reseda, got first dibs and passed. Give me a holler if interested. I've got a few pics. Fireman Tim 909.630.5591 Posted on Jul 02, 2016

Mark John Patrick O'Toole:

Jay, I have always admired (and lusted after) your car collection... However, I feel that I MUST ask why someone who does seem to RESPECT originality, will take a (momentous) Olds Toronado and turn it into a REAR wheel-drive car!?! After all - and this is a car-guy thing - If you wanted a hot-rodded '67 Toro, you could have simply used a '67 Buick RIVIERA, and already had the advantage of the Switch-Pitch Super Turbine 400 for the tranny!! With a little 360 HP 430 Buick... Sighhhhh Mark O'Toole, San Rafael, California 1931 Auburn Boattail 1931 Model A 1915 Model T 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash RunaboutPosted on Jul 01, 2016

George Dewoody:

Hello Mr. Leno, I have a 1929 Mercedes Kit car in my garage, this took best of show in a local car show. We want to sell it, however we do not know what it is worth, looking to sell it. It has a clear title, and ready to drive. Please if know of anyone interested in it let me know. George Dewoody 3390E Saddlebag Dr. Kingman AZ 86401 home# 928 692 3549. PS working on a VW almost ready to register. Thanks George DewoodyPosted on Jun 29, 2016

Dave Krtzman:

Jay, I just finished watching yo and Jeff Dnham talk about his Gremlins. I smiled so big, my moth hurt. (this won't let me print yoo's!!) Anyhow, I had a Gremlin (a 1972) in college and dental school. It was the kind of car that really inspired ridicule ...but wold not die!!! Try as I might, I cold not destroy it. I could even work on it myself - I rebuilt the Carter's one barrel carb in my dorm room and my room mate and I replaced the engine months in the parking lot outside or dorm after I dove the front end into the concrete doing the AMC version of the Dkes of Hazzard! Six years later, it finally fell victim to a 6 mile per hour crash into the back of a station wagon (which was undamaged by the event) that made the engine jump the months and pushed the fan into the radiator. I limped it into a Toyota dealership and traded it for a seriously stripped Tercel. It was a great car! It was my first... Sigh. I even had a girlfriend who wold (reluctantly) ride in it. :) Thank you for the memories!!! -DavePosted on Jun 29, 2016

Brenda Ward:

I have a friend that has a 59 Chrysler hard top 2 door car. silver in color, white leather seats. He was wondering if Jay was interested in a car like that.Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Bill Mieswinkel:

F Y I--- my letter ( ) doesn't work on my key board; so any word like (your) will be missing the ( ). I did some drag racing in the mid 60's with a 64 street hemi. I am a retired hobby woodworker and have made some wooden tool boxes for some street rod people in this area (Springfield Mo.) I have been watching your garage videos and was curios if you would be interested in seeing a small wooden keepsake box I have made with the Ford oval and the Chevy Bow tie in the top of the box. I normally make these boxes in oak, but can also use other woods. I thought boxes like these maybe an item you could use in your car business. I have also made some wooden tool boxes like one I saw on in one of your videos. I think the tool box was sitting on the running board of one of your cars. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing these items: I can ship you samples of the keepsake boxes..Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Carl Berry:

This Carl Berry from Notasulga Alabama I just wanted to know if you can help support my son Blood drive this year. It has been 10 years since he pass away in a auto accident. On July 4th 2006 he was 17 years old. The blood drive is being held my Life South on July 24 2016. Contact: me@ Carl Berry 295 county road 83 Notasulga AL.36866 Phone # 334/401/9291Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Lennart Ginman:

I'm writing to you, 'cause I am selling my car here in Denmark that I know for sure will interest Jay Leno. The car is a VOLVO 122s from 1964 and is in mint condition and 100% original down to every detail. The car is owned by me who is a private person. Please let me know if this car has your interest. (Ps: I have posted some photos of the car to Steve Levine ealier today.) Best regardsPosted on Jun 27, 2016

Linda Marquesen:

I have finally talked my husband into selling his project, a 1952 chevy pickup. It would help us pay off our son's student loans and my husband is no longer in any physical shape to do much work on the pickup anyway. My question is, where on the net would be the very best place to put it up for sale. Since you know classic cars, I thought you would be a great source of information. Thanks, Mr. Leno, for any advice you can give. Sincerely, Linda Marquesen lmarquesen@att.netPosted on Jun 26, 2016

Byron Conaway:

Jay, I'm a Baltimore Police officer who has one shot to purchase a "dream" car. If in my shoes which 2009 vehicle is best: 1. 911 4s Cab 2. SL63 3. Vantage S (collector was willing to drop the price however it's still 18k out of my range. Maybe I will hit the lotto over the next couple of days lol) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Bob Harris:

Jay, I have a 1956 T-Bird color white with black & white interior. I am the third owner and purchased it from my family member who bought it in 1958. I had a frame off restoration 6-years ago and have about 2,900 miles on the engine since the restoration. The car has a hard top with port hole Windows and spoke rims. Do too illness I am not able to drive it any more that is the reason I want to sell the classic. I thought of yours I know you are a big collector of cars. If there is any interest please let me know and I will send pictures. Best regards & thanks for taking the time to read this.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

ryan bryce:

I am an artist that lives in Lancaster ca. I would love to help design and or build a custom vehicle for or with Mr. Leno as a one of a kind moving are peice. I am sure its a long shot but doesn't hurt to ask. I have never built anything like this before, but looking for a challenge and would love a change. Please contact me if he has any interest. Thank you so much.Posted on Jun 22, 2016


Mr.Leno,I am 64 years old and I have recently retired.I live in Saskatchewan,Canada.I am thinking of purchasing a 1966 or 1967 Corvette convertible.I have always admired these cars.I haven't found one yet,but I am starting to shop around.Do yo think this car would appreciate in price in the next few years??What engine size should I look to get?I know the 427 is a the holy grail but a lot more money.What would you suggest??Thank you so much. Posted on Jun 21, 2016

Sandra Zentz:

I have a 1954 Desoro Firedome convertible which I unfortunately have to sell. Only 1100 produced, one of only three we knew of around of now! this is an original Mass car-you may like to take a look at it!!!!Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Mike Lulli:

When my father was alive he would always talk about Jay Leno possibly wanting his car. I am contacting Jay Leno's garage to see if they might be interested in his 1967 Ford Fairlane station wagon that has been garaged all its life and has 15,000 original miles on it. It is in really amazing shape and has not been restored. My father let his house get very run down and selling this car could provide some money for badly-needed home repairs.Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Kristine Farrey:

Dear Jay, I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm looking for diecast/model 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 hard top with 4dr. Upper part of car is yellow and brown biege lower half. I have a similar picture on Facebook under Kristine Farrey. This was my Dad's first car. He was proud of this car but unfortunately, he had to sell it before going into Military Services. He still talks about that car today. He's in upper 70's and would to get this for him as a gift (if it is not too expensive) before he moves on someday. Do you have any connections or website I can check into? Thank you so much! Kristine Verona, WIPosted on Jun 10, 2016

Jackie. Porter:

hello,my name is Raymond Porter.I live in Belleville Michigan.I was wondering if you would be interested in a 66 Buick deuce and a quarter has got 80,000 miles on it inherited it from my brother passed away and I want to get rid of it and everything original nothing changed its yellow and black you can get in touch with me. My phone number 313.686.9294 313.656.1057.Thank you. Posted on Jun 09, 2016

Sylvia Bartley:

Hello my name is Sylvia Bartley, we have a Detomaso Mangsta that we are going to pt for sell in about 3 months and wasn't sure if Mr. Leno has one of these. If interested, please email me and I will send photos.Posted on May 23, 2016

Pala Simeon:

Aloha Jay & Mavis, My neighborhood is sponsoring a MAJOR Fndraising Event to help the Syrian people. I know Mavis knows way more than me and I wold love to have her help in planning, etc. unfortunately my health has been challenged as I have underwent 4 surgeries since 2/2015. It wold be best to come to my hose as I am supposed to be on bed-rest, but you know nurses and doctors are the worst patients. Maholo, Pala SimeonPosted on May 23, 2016

Stephen Dawson:

Hey can you tell me about 1919 Stanley steam car owners manual. i can't find one online for sale so it must be rare. My grandfather left me quite a few owners manual from his cars in the past and that's one of them. Thank you for your time.Posted on May 15, 2016

Robert Cameron:

hey Jay, can give a segment on the 68 Coke Bottle Charger, i believe there was only 500 made that year, If ya get a chance send me an email, I hope there a few still hidden.Posted on May 14, 2016

cdlive fishman:

Jay might want to see this. google me at "clive fishman 1972 corvette" and read the article "dealer discount". there are more pics on the numbers at the top of the article.Posted on May 13, 2016


I love the show and I love the cars. But most of all I love the gmc syclone he owns. Ever know if will sell or give away haha. Been my dream car since I was a kid but little money. Let me know will love to have a syclone.Posted on May 05, 2016

Will Daniels:

Hello my name is Will denials, I am long time.Fan of Mr.Leno and.also an Artist. I have a painting that I did of Mr.Leno that would be perfect for his garage or office.and would like to have him take a.look at it if possible. I've posted a photo of the pic on Jays Garage Facebook. Under WC daniels. I'd like to know if Jay would be interested in purchasing my work. Thank youPosted on Apr 29, 2016

Wally Motloch:

Electric Motor Bike of Santa Rosa Ca. was financed by Lee Iaccoca I have one of their very rare products, a 1999 EMB LECTRA VR24- Electric Motorcycle in almost new condition - Perfect for your private museum, I would love to sell it to Jay because of rarity and historical significance he would appreciate it. Wally Motloch 1516 El Dorado Ave. Santa Cruz CA 95063 Phone 831-316-0732Posted on Apr 28, 2016


Dear Leno, I am really upset about why the City of Milpitas has issued an ordinance against my husband's first car. It is a 1977 Camaro which is parked in our driveway. My husband lived in Milpitas for 33 year and i have at Simas Drive for 27 year's. We pay property tax. Why is the city doing this. The Camaro is not ugly. It is a collectible and has memories of my husband and when he was in the US military, city has no right to tell us what to do with it. I am really upset. Where are we to keep our cars collectible or not? What right does the city have, it is like we living in communist country. We are not to have our cars in our own driveways. We paid for the car not the city. My husband's Camaro is priceless. I do not want to store it in the garage. I went to the city and they said that they might give an exception for the ordinance. I am sad hope you could help. Thanks Sincerely Lekha Loved all your shows!Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Peter Baikie:

Hi, I have a 58 imperial crown Southampton that I too am about to go for a disc brake conversion. AAJ brakes do a kit but I was looking for something better. Stronger, without bending steering arms. I would love to see how and what you use and any fabrication required. I live in Sydney Australia so parts can be difficult to get here. Peter J. Baikie. Thanks.Posted on Apr 20, 2016

Tom Griffin:

Hi Jay,I have a 1914 MA bronze motorcycle registration badge #2600. It was carried with a leather fob strap in pocket.Most of the others I've seen have been drilled to amount on the rear fender.This one is in very good condition and hasn't been drilled.It belonged to my grandfather from Tops field MA.Close to where yo grew up.I was wondering if you would be interested in purchasing it.Thank you.Posted on Mar 28, 2016

Banoth mohan:

Hi jay sri, this is Mohan from India...i am designing electric car for your help...this is phone number +919010752583...please contact me.Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Linda Cloney:

Mr. Leno.. Interested in a brass era vehicle for your collection?Posted on Mar 19, 2016


Hi Jay, I live 5 minutes from your old neck of the woods; And over. This is a real question for you: I believe my family may have a painting done by Tony Bennett's father. We own an old painting of the Titanic. It is signed by A D Benedetto. Is it possible to ask Tony about the painting? My great-grandfather bought it in New York in 1915-1920? and my grandmother was told it was done by Tony Bennett's father. I'm trying to contact Mr. Bennett, but so far I have no way to do that. Thanks Jay! Sincerely, LisaPosted on Mar 05, 2016

Tom Bryan:

We have a 1932 Ford Dix Panel Delivery for sale, newly restored and professionally painted, powdered coated wheels and five new tires. Very rare, as only 392 were made. Please feel free to contact me at 614-623-3576 Tom Bryan Groveport, OH 43125Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Tom Bryan:

We have a 1932 Ford Dlx Panel Delivery for sale. It was completed restored in 1980 and recently repainted, with powder coated wheels and five new tires. It is one of 392 made at that time and very rare. In the 36 years I have owned this, I have never seen another. My illness is the reason for selling. I am happy to send pics. Let me know if interested. Asking price - $75,0000 Thanks, Tom Bryan Groveport, OH 614-623-3576Posted on Feb 25, 2016


Hello. I know Mr Leno will probably never see this but it's worth a try. I know you are an auto enthusiast Mr Leno and thought you may be willing to help a little. I am trying to raise a little money to get my car running again. It is my daily driver and family car. Any little bit would be a huge help to me right now even if it is just $ 5. thank you for your time.Posted on Feb 17, 2016

Susan Gyorvary:

Hello. My husband is a car enthusiast. He has a 1970 super bird and a 1969 and 1/2 with a a12 lift off hood roadrunner. Both cars were all original. They were his pride and joy. He is 59 yrs old and now has stage 4 prostate cancer. In October our building where we kept them was a total loss due to fire. My husband health is poor and he is not able to get one or both put back to their original state. They were both mint condition can provide photos. Has won both many car show events. Wondering if jay Leno garage could help out. I am his wife of 40 years and would love to see a smile on his face if this could happen. I can provide any pictures or documentations you may need. Please answer this either way. ThanksPosted on Jan 01, 2016

Augie Thumm:

Jay, I am the owner of a 106 year old Trek bicycle shop. My Grandfather opened the shop in 1909, as a Harley Davidson/ Excelcior motorcycle and bicycle shop. We were also one of the first tire dealers in the U.S. J.W. Packard was a very close friend with my Grandfather and Great Uncle,the owners of Thumm's Tire Shop. We have evolved into a Trek bicycle shop. I am the third generation to run the store. Packard had one of his factories two doors down from our store. J.W. was a very close friend with my family. I grew up 2 doors from his home.I have many first hand stories from Grandpa and Uncle Karl, I think you would enjoy hearing. My store is 2 miles from the Packard museum. Perhaps when you are in Warren, we could meet, so can share these stories with you. Thanks, Augie Thumm Thumm's 330 West Market St. Warren, Ohio 44481 330-392-6288 B 330-394-6231 H 330-717-5050 CPosted on Dec 03, 2015

Bob Mayerle:

Jay, My name is Bob Mayerle, i operate a Nostalgia Pro Stock in the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock program in the Midwest and we are wondering if you would be interested in having us on the Garage. Our cars replicate the cars from the hay day of Pro Stock. If you look on you tube and go to nostalgia Pro Stock and you will see the Rod Shop Colt racing that is my Colt and we race against the other guys in the program.Posted on Nov 26, 2015

Mike Luckett:

Mr. Jay Leno. I am a close friend of an acquaintance of yours, Beverly Thornhill. Beverly is currently staying with my wife and I in Kentucky until the first of the year. I myself will be in Ontario and Burbank this week working and was wondering what it would take to tour your garage. If this would be possible, Please let me know. Thanks.Posted on Nov 16, 2015