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The address of the Jk Rowling is C/o Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc 38 Soho Square, London W1D 3HB, United Kingdom you can go through with this address detail for contacting Jk Rowling for their queries.

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Hello Miss Jo, I enjoy every part of your books films etc. I wish you all the best. But I am very much in need!!! Please if yoù are able and you are willing Please kindly help me with some money. If you are willing I will tell you my full life story. My number is +233248408788. I see your photo on google+ about how you help people. I live in northern part of Ghana .Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Diana Stafford:

Please help me miss. Rolling. I have a book of hurry potters. And you signed it. (I’m sure) and people I’ve tried to see it to, Said it’s not your signature. Please help me. Prove it is you signature. I’d be grateful. My number is 541 591 8685 or 5415911983. I am having a very hard time. Please help.Posted on Aug 03, 2016

Riona Muldoon:

I love you jo?? my name is riona and I adore Harry Potter it is my reason for living?? I have been made fun of for loving Harry Potter so much I ended up in detention a lot for wearing my Hufflepuff scarf in class?? Anyway I just thought I would say I love you? also my favorite characters are Fred and George??Posted on Aug 01, 2016


Hello madam,I read your novel HARRY POTTER and i see all parts of harry potter.I enjoy very much.I am from India and I want to see the next part of harry potter.I am excited to see the new movie of harry,please make the part 9 of harry potter.Thank you.Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Terry archer:

I speak from a large number of Harry Potter fans in the united states.we would love a new film with the original characters.the thought of replacing them is absurd.we fell in love with the characters you created originally and would have to boycott the new movie here.forget the big screen payoff in the US .please give us what we long for.Posted on May 29, 2016

ashley chavez:

Hello, Ms.Rowling i wanted to say that in the last last harry potter movie and book they are making, there might be if Ms.Rowling lets me be Voldemort daugther and the problem is that shes not evil and she wants to be in gryffindor not slythering and she wants to be a part of the potters family i think Ms.Rowling might say yes i am ready to try to be her thanks by the way i already did get the gryffindor robe the wand the and also the broom if i am going to b in any qittich match answer fast please thanks.Posted on Mar 18, 2016


I am writing a term paper on "Categorization in Harry potter". What were yo thinking when inventing the "blood grops"?Posted on Feb 05, 2016