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The address of the Joel Osteen Ministries is PO Box 4600, Houston, TX 77210, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Joel Osteen Ministries for their queries.

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Sir I am Gbenga oluwole. I have been troubled with in me for some years now thinking about how my life n business will be better of. Things are not going the way it should. I have prayed and fasted according to my ability. Around year 2014 A man of God told me that I have A CALLING TO MINISTRY. Even though I tried to pray towards it in my little way But I see no sign from God. I am still feeling unfulfilled in all my endeavours business, even no child yet in my marriage of almost 4 years now. I received a call yesterday September 11th from a sister that I need to be more prayerful cos what she dreamt about me, that I was living life below what God planned for me. Today I called another man of God to pray for me and he told me again that I HAVE A CALLING TO THE MINISTRY. Now I don't know what to do, which area of ministry. God had not yet showed me any sign. What do I do. Pray for me ThanksPosted on Sep 13, 2016


I am a victim of domestic violence and presently in a "safe place" and I am wondering if your ministry can help me to get on my feet. I have no family as I am a foster child. I love the Lord dearly and he prompted me to write this.Posted on Sep 06, 2016


Hey i love you . because you set it right what i go through. l had money problem my husband had a stroke. i need money. can you help me by sending me money i am working trying to get my bills pay. I am struggling my number is 6787913837 my name is Alice.Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Hallo Robert Benvolio:

Just listen to your message about being content with what we have pastor is like you are talking to me. Pastor is a graduate with a lot of uncertainty but anytime I listen to you on my local television I feel OK for the whole day. Pastor if it is possible I will like to be the first Ghanaian to bring you to come and win dying souls in my country. We have churches in Ghana but the difference is that you always relate your messages to real life. And this is what I want my people who cannot listen to you will see you in my country. But pastor if you cannot come please I need sponsorship to come and learn under you and come back to my country to impact into my people your rich knowledge in bible studies. Pastor is passionate and certain about helping my people with Bible studies. Even I have some money to do part payment of my trip to study under you. Dear pastor I will be more than happy to hear from you. Am Hallo Robert Benvolio. Posted on Jul 27, 2016


Joel thank you.. you are one of the few that delivers a message that i hear that My sister is a born again and i have been to plenty of her church's I hear and appreciate there messages but i just get ...when you preach i here and get it.. I lost my job need lung transplant that will not happen trying to stay positive its not working.Posted on Jul 17, 2016

Jeff Beland:

I attend Night Of Hope in Boston,Mass. July 08, 2016. It was a great! I took a picture of Jonathan and Alexandria and would like to send a copy to Victoria and Joel. Where should You send and/or may I send it to an email address? God Bless!Posted on Jul 09, 2016


Brother Osteen, I greet you in the name of Sweet Jesus, brother I come you as my last option, I have contacted everyone that I could possibly contact, I am in great danger, my life is at stake as I write. I need to talk to you or someone about my situation. This is not by all means a joke, this is for real. I live in Atlanta, Ga with my situation. I am very mobile. Please contact me asap. 770-837-8701, or email me at, [email protected] it's not money I am looking for, it's long lasting, loving life on this earth. Which I am at stake of being put to death. For no reason at all. Please call of email soon. I have paperwork ect too prove I am Truthful and sane. Very intelligent.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Dee Majors:

Hello, My daughter was a Gates Millennium Scholarship Finalist! However she ultimately was not chosen to receive the scholarship. A young black girl from Indiana has been moved, inspired, motivated to attend an HBCU, and has her heart set on attending Clark Atlanta University. Her name is Mikayla and she has been accepted to every school she applied to, she is truly a scholar. She is a member of the National Honors Society, has been awarded for Director's Honor Roll and has kept a minimum 3.5gpa throughout her high school career. She graduated high school in the top 10 of her class with both academic & technical honors, and an Associate’s in Business from Vincennes University. She is a stellar student but because she is a nervous test taker and only scored an 1100 SAT, she has also been denied a scholarship from the university. Unfortunately she was born into a family of 5 that only has an annual income of $45,000 and can't afford Clark tuition, but that hasn't extinguished her ambition. I am reaching at straws here trying to help fund her college expenses. Posted on Jun 25, 2016


Please pray for my sister Irma. She is having a by-pass surgery tomorrow morning. She and I are believing for a successful surgery in Jesus name. Thank you and God bless.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Brian t Deason:

Your inspiring and I need help to get out of this nightmare and to the women I love so I can start a life with god and love bit i have no vehicle no house to be with her i wrote a book and sent it to the 700 club in virginal about my life and what i want and need but have not heard anything I've lived a life that i wish for no o e to have i have asked and asked for help even wrote to all rich people and asked if they wold buy me a house and truck for a wedding gift or something so that i can be with her and find the most amazing way possible to ask for her hand but I've gave up on unbelieving that people actually help the people who want to do right i am in somerset key worth no job no help because my family is not right with the things they do so i don't even want to claim them i want away from them and to be with the women i love to start a family i want of love caring giving and going to church but i can't do it here and cant find help to get other right path.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Emmanel: please pray for it and is good idea to make a chain of pray with other ministries and their church.Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Brian Gillis:

I am Law Enforcement in Massachusetts and am Roman Catholic. Being involved in the capture of the marathon terrorists made me start watching your program. Is it possible for my wife and myself attend your sermon at the Boston Garden? I believe I was born again and we love Christianity. My name is Officer: BRIAN GILLIS 47 Houde St Marlborough MA 01752 I want to bring my wife so we can witness the miracle. Any seats would be appreciated.Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Maria Duggins:

To Whom it may concern: I feel like it is important to tell you about my experience with Sirius XM radio billing. I purchased a subscription to Sirius XM radio as a gift last year for my roommate solely because of Joel Olsteen Ministries. I was billed incorrectly. So I contacted Sirius XM Radio and the issue was resolved; however, when I called to stop subscription in February of this year Sirius XM Radio tried to bill my roommate for the subscription. I called Sirius XM radio today at approximately 11:35 am with my roommate present to resolve the issue and the phone disconnected when I told them I was going to let the people they were providing customer service for know about they're dishonest and deceitful business practices. It is now 12:09pm & they have not tried to call me back. I will call them, but wanted to make you aware of this issue. I'm sure that you would not want any business you were associated with to practice such dishonest representation. Thank you for all you do to lead us closer to the Lord Jesus Christ !! Terry DugginsPosted on Mar 13, 2016

Andrea wood:

I just started listening to the Joel Os-teen Radio and it seems as i hear the same sermons over and over again. I want to hear more!Posted on Mar 12, 2016

Silvestre Gerrido:

Dear Pastor Joel, I am a retired Army NCO. I served in the Army for 22 years. I received Christ as my Savior and Lord in the early 80's. Then, the most popular ministries were Jimmy Swag art, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagins and of course John Osteen. It was great. I am a licensed minister under the CCI, Bishop Nate Holcomb, Coppers Cove and Keelin, TX. I reside in NY and fellowship in a local church in Newbrgh, NY where God gives me the opportunity to preach once in a while. Well, recently, I have been listening and recording Pastor Joel's services on TV. The messages are of such inspiration and motivation to me! I am looking for the opportunity to financially support the ministry, and I believe God will make it possible. I am also an aspiring children's books Christian writer. I have produced a number of illustrated children's books that I believe will bless children, and could be a financial vehicle for me to bless the ministry. But I need help in publishing the books. I need someone Like Pastor Joel to read and endorse my books, and I truly believe they will be a blessing.Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Joanna Enriques:

Thank you for Gods word it helps our life so much every day were going through many trials right now but like pastor says our Lord will open doors and fight our battle for us we just keep thanking him every morning for his favor in all our situations Joanna @ Marco.Posted on Mar 10, 2016


First of all I want to say that I used to find him uplifting but I will not listen to him anymore I watched an interview abort how he feels about homosexuality well in the bible it says come out for among the world and be yet separate you can not say you believe homosexuality is a sin and then attend a wedding that's wrong so by going to a wedding of sorts you would be disrespecting GOD I know this probably won't bother you but I love and respect my Lord to much to sit and watch a wedding of such when you know he made Adam and eve and that is how he expects a marriage to be I am truly disappointed in you and your ministry I love everybody and I try not to judge and GOD loves everyone but I don't think he approves of Same sex marriages and you can't do both either you are going to respect GOD or disrespect him and go to a homosexual marriage I am truly disappointed in you.Posted on Feb 24, 2016