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Jimmy Adams:

I'm a dad of a minor tackle kid in Mineral Wells, TX and one of his coaches got suspended by the optimist clubs president for organized practice just because he had a couple of friends over. Does that not go against everything play 60 is about. We are wondering if it's even legal to play with our kids in the front yard with this organization. Please respond. Don't seem so optimist to us, bout to pull our kids out of football.Posted on Sep 23, 2016

Leon Lipinski:

Texans/Patriots. Once again, disrespect as the National Anthem is played. One player displayed a clenched fist. I changed the channel. I will never watch the NFL or any other sport/game where this is allowed. No kneeling, no sitting, no raised fist. This is the 4th game I intended to watch that ended with a changed channel. At some point I will stop being a fan and find a sport that does not disrespect the Nation's symbols.Posted on Sep 23, 2016

Brian Shiphorst:

What you are doing to this country is a disrespect to everything that we stand for I will do everything in my power to boycott the the NFL you it is not a National Football League it is ao . liberal Football League you are a disgrace I served for this country as you sit in your high-and-mighty power office you are a disgrace to our country and as you pay all these players all this money to play a game they do not have the respect for our military that fight for our freedom you are just as guilty as they arePosted on Sep 14, 2016

Walt sikes:

I'm sick and tired of these overpaid minorities disrespecting our country if it were not for the opportunity They have had through football they be washing cars or painting hoses. they could not have achieved this in any other country in the world than the USA it's time for the NFL to stand up and case them to stop this foolishness I'll no longer watch the NFL if this continues. if they were making a statement about queers are transvestites or any other politically correct grop, you'd be all over it, but they can disrespect our country and you don't care. that's wrong. you need to have the courage to speak up and stop this crapPosted on Sep 14, 2016

LK Akins:

I’ve watched NFL football since high school and I’m now 71 yrs. old. I never dreamed I would stop watching it until I saw total disrespect for our country on 9/11. No one should be allowed to protest anything while on the job, especially when making million of dollars. Trust me. Your ratings will go down. We are all FED up with this and are going to write every sponsor of the NFL and boycott those companies. Wake up. America is going to elect Donald Trump because we are so sick and tired of disrespect to our country and the insane PC rules we have endured for the past decade or two. I can easily give up watching football games on TV because I love this country more than any stupid sport. Thanks for listening although it will not mean a damn to you. LK AkinsPosted on Sep 14, 2016

Corey koopmans:

I know this will never get any attention, but as a football fan and as a veteran of the wars that led to helping protect America and our freedoms, I cannot stand by without voicing my disgust. My son plays football and looks p to NFL players as role models. As of this date, I will not let him watch NFL, we will not purchase jerseys or items and will not be going to any games to help make these asshole that disgrace American and the Flag richer. Sorry for the rank. Surely it will get deleted, even if it isn't read, I still feel better. God Bless America, the Flag and our freedoms. As for your organization, and the oppressed millionaire black football players living the American Dream, I say, good luck and I hope thousands upon thousands feel the same shame toward the NFL and the dealing of this issue.Posted on Sep 14, 2016


What the hell is wrong with you guys. You are going to fine Avery Williams for supporting his country? Really? That is so disrespectful. Shame on you guys for fining him for the cleats he was wearing.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Jim Hester:

Until the league does something about players disrespect of the national antheam I will no longer watch an nfl game. I spent over 20 years in military and these players are not showing me or other veterans any respect at all. Please send them on a combat mission one time and they will change there attitude, or let them ride with cops on south side of Chicago on a Friday or Saturday night and do not give them any body armor or weapons. Think their attitudes will change about who is allowing them to make millions of dollars.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Jim English:

Mr commissioner.i am sick of your hypocrisy saying players have a right to not stand for the national anthem so they can express their feelings. Then why can they not express their feelings by wearing a memorial to slain police officers in Texas? I guess maybe because the slain officers were white? But let's not stop any demonstration related to race. I'm finished watching NFL football and that saddens me. I'm finished buying NFL merchandise. You should be ashamed of your hypocritical double standards. I'm contacting all of your sponsors and complaining that they choose to support a racist organization of the type that you run. If your players are so offended by the national anthem you should have them stay in the locker rooms until it is over. I'm sick of the disrespect to our men and women of all races that have given their lives so the spoiled rotten children in your league can have their temper tantrums.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

David Perruchon:

I am not understanding why the NFL banned teams/players from supporting police and other first responders but still let individuals sit during the national anthem? The only reason i can think of is it would cause a breech of contract with the companies that supply uniforms. Is it not a breech of contract with this country to show respect while posting of the colors and playing of the National Anthem! I am starting to see business places boycot teams with players that protest. I believe i will start advertising this movement to all my friends in social media, which spans in nearly all 50 states and numerous countries until all players stand or they are not given any airtime!Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Steve H:

So disappointed. I'm a lifelong fan but I will not watch these scumbags disrespect our flag and country while management and coaches do nothing!Posted on Sep 14, 2016

C Miller:

I will no longer be watching NFL due to disrespect for the country and fans that made y'all rich. You do not let players show respect for a good cause but allow disrespect of our country. You will all answer to God one day. When you die do you know where you are going when you die? Repent of your sins. It's never too late Lead your players to Jes Christ and turn your lives around.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

jim adams:

Dear Commissioner Goodell, Note: the 21st letter of the alphabet ([_]) is not printing here, so please insert it where the spelling seems wrong. Yo have allowed this Colin Kapernick protest to get too far ot of hand. (My !_! aren't printing. ) I will not by a prodct from an advertiser who bys adtime so that these gys can have free airtime for a political protest. Will yo allow allow players to wear a Trmp sticker on their helmet? Will yo allow players to wear a Hillary sticker on their helmet? Hell NO. Will yo allow players to wear a BLM sticker on their helmet? Will yo allow players to wear a KKK sticker on their helmet? Hell NO Fine these gys a gamecheck if they disrespect the flag on yor National television broadcast. They can pontificate all they want to in the post game presser and in the week on NFL Today or pregame shows or whatever, bt make them BY the time on national TV. IT is yor time.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Jeff Arnold:

Sir, after watching Monday night football opening week. Watch the cameras focus on the players kneeling rather than focusing on the flag cermony celebrating our great country was a mistake. I will not be watching any Monday night football if I see this kind of disrespect for our country.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Francisco Maldonado:

I am very saddened by the lack of respect that several players are displaying towards the national anthem. Yes they have every right to display their opinions, but we too as fans have the right to not sponsor their views. That is why I have decided to not follow this year's season, purchase any further merchandise nor, naturally attend any game until the league takes a stance and makes showing the proper respect for the flag, the anthem and the men And women of the armed forces mandatory. Best regardsPosted on Sep 14, 2016


Why is it that San Antonio, Texas dose not have a NFL football Franchise . San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas. California has four football franchises in their State . Dose that sound fair to you . It dose not sound fair to me. The NFL commission already knows there is enough support, more than enough .So Commissioner why don't do something on behalf of the people in San Antonio that will make them very happy. Why don't you drum up support from other owners . I know there are owners for it and the may be some against but this is for city. It'll be a boost to the cities economy and they will love you for it more than you know.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

James W.:

It should have been apparent during last year's halftime race filled pig show that eyes were opened to this Fact. To let that wanton and her "dancers" parade around dressed like black panthers is a disgrace and an affront. Racism is Racism, it's a two way street, PERIOD. Fast forward to this year with first colon pencildick kneeling for the anthem while crying about race, to the buffoons following his lead and lining up like the dogs they are, some raising the "black power " fist is another affront to ALL of the men and women who have fought to preserve the rights and freedoms these racist cowards are afforded in this country. The best way to fight these bigoted, low browse cretins is to not longer support them or this league that refuses to punish those whose actions inspire not dialogue bur more racism that they claim to stand against. I will no longer be buying any merchandise, attending any games or signings and will be canceling my subscription to the nfl sunday ticket. I have been a fan of the nfl for many years and it will be only after racism in ALL its forms is Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Mike Murphy:

Due to the (national) football league not having any Testcles to impose some kind of substantial fine or penalty for the actions of some of there players not paying their respect for the (National Anthem); I will no longer watch the non- national football league. Or support any sponsors and affiliates.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Pal Berlin:

From a 37 year season ticket hold for he San Diego Chargers. The silence from the Commissioners office re: the Anthem demonstrations speaks for itself. It is tarnishing the brand. Have some Balls and say something to stop it.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

david smith:

The NFL doesn't respect the flag or the United States anymore so therfore I have removed every item in my household that had any reference to your organization and proudly placed them in the garbage. My household will never again show any support to your vile ethics.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Don West ll:

My name is don west, i am 37years old and have neen a nfl fan my entire life. I will never watch another nfl game or buy any memorabilia as long as you allow the disrespect to our country to continue. I think it is very disrespectful to our country and to the men and women of every color that have served, fought or died for the rights we all enjoy. You are going to allow players to not stand during the national anthem but you are going to fine players that payed tribute by weating some cleats. I think it is ridiculous that what a player wears on their feet is more important than paying tribute and respect to those who have fought for the right for you, me, and everyone else including those piece of shit players to have the job we all have. The players union will also hear from me, especially since i am a member of a union and we are all U.S.A strong and proud in my union because that is what the union was built on!!! U.S.A. forever strongPosted on Sep 14, 2016

Jeffrey Izo:

My name is Jeff Izo. I am a former Air Force pilot who flew in Iraq and Afghanistan. Presently I am an airline pilot. The same profession of people who were slaghtered on 911 as terrorists used our planes to attack this nation 15 years ago. I am disgsted by the NFL response to the Anthem protests. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. Members have killed police officers and they promote violence. Mr Goodell, by allowing these protests yo are promoting domestic terrorism!Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Wesley ware:

Question for the commissioner: Seeing as you allow the athletes to be supportive of many issues such as the national anthem, such as various cancer awareness issues, by allowing them to either stand, sit, or kneel during the anthem to allowing players to wear pink cleats. What was the issue with the players for wanting to wear 9/11 remembrance cleats for Sunday's football games? This was a very dark and sad in our country and many people look to the athletes for that courage to continue. You took that away from them. So what is your reasons for that? By the way I am a veteran of the United states, I remember to every detail what happened that day, do you?Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Allen Sargent:

I may have to boycott the season. Please show some leadership with respect to or National Anthem. I'm so disappointed in professional sports; leadership and players. Beyond sad, now its to the point that it makes me too angry to watch.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Mike Snyder:

I am watching your league become a collection of anti American, thug like athletes while you condone this behavior like it's normal. Be assured many of my friends and I are prepared to walk away from supporting your league because of your tolerance of what is abhorrent behavior. As a retired police officer I chuckle at the ignorance being propagated by those who disrespect our flag. Black lives matter is based on a litany of lies and their anti American platform is infesting your league.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Ron Smerer:

I am the father of a twice wounded Army Sargent Major. My father and two brothers also served. I am appalled that nothing is being done to stop these young men from denigrating the remembrance of those who fought for the rights we enjoy today by kneeling or raising fists during the National Anthem. You are a private company and can control what your employees do. They should be penalized or fined!! If they want to protest on their own time they have that right. That is what we have fought wars over. But on company time they do not have that right. If this continues there is a big push to start writing the sponsors of the televised games, and the nmber of people who are upset with this can hurt the league. Suggest you do something before the revolt starts!Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Timothy Becker:

Sir, I will no longer watch any NFL games this year. First, the Dallas Cowboys are prohibited from wearing a sticker honoring the fallen police and now players are disrespecting the flag and the national anthem. I will take my time and money somewhere else. Timothy BeckerPosted on Sep 14, 2016

Dog Wright:

Commissioner, how much longer do we have to continue to watch these black lives matter players take over the NFL to make their political statements. I don't deny they have a right to voice their opinions, but I can't believe you have allowed them take over the NFL. I know you are not too worried, but more and more of my friends and myself are looking at saying goodby to your show. We love NFL football, but we refuse to let them take over or favorite sport for a political statement. Where does it stop, do we have gays and lesbians doing protests at games next week? Please stop this pitiful show of disgrace and get back to what you do the best. Produce a great show for millions of fans.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Deborah Mathews:

Dear Sir, The players that sat for the national anthem this weekend is an embarrassment to this whole country. These are men that children look up too, I cannot believe that the coaches did not educate their players or warn them that they would be thrown off the team or suspended for a long period of time if they decided to participate in sitting out. Sir these men are paid with American money this is supposed to be America's game. My team is the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin had a talk with his players none of them sat down. If any of them would have sat down it would have been the last game I watched for the year!!!! Please sir man up and do something about this Behavior it is unacceptable. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Deborah MathewsPosted on Sep 14, 2016


To whom it may concern, I am absolutely sickened by the players not standing for the American anthem! They need to see the facts - 298 police involved shooting in 2015 = 90% were white people. So what the hell are they talking about. I am so sick of the NFL's commentators and the players. Its like my favorite sport to watch is becoming a LIBERAL nightmare. All I want to do is watch football, and don't want to hear your liberal ideology and commentary. I know your probably going to erase this message, but I think you should listen to it. I'm not the only one who fells this way.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Jerry Williams:

Dear commish, I thought these players were pros. Do they have to do a little dance every time they do something good? In Pitts game yesterday. Brown caght touchdown pass, then proceded to do a bmp and grind in the end zone-great for little kids watching!!Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Stephen maxey:

I'm a 56 year old 20 year military vet. I have watched the NFL every year since it was created. Until this year. As long as the NFL continues to allow this act of disrespect towards our countries flag and.national anthem I will no longer watch or support you or your sponsors. There is a time and place for that and the work place and football games are not them.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Karl rodriguez:

As a veteran I find it very distasteful for your organization to fine players who wear 9-11 cleats. It seems as if it's ok to hate America but not love it. If football is truly America's game you would reach deep inside of you and find the testicular fortitude to make those "oppressed by the man" athletes stand, not salute, not a hand over the heart, but stand for the national anthem. It was not written by cops, it was written by an American for americans. You need to realize as the leader of this "great organization" you can set precedence for other organizations to follow. Although i, along with countless others, have the right to protest to your players. You should not allow players to protest and not support their beliefs of rememberence. The cowboys wanted to show respect and rememberence for officers in their community murdered but could not. Yet you allow kapernick and others to show respect and rememberence for people who were "murdered". Karl rodriguez US Army veteranPosted on Sep 14, 2016

Phillip Baker:

Mr Commissioner I am a 66 year old disabled Viet Nam vet. Im from Canton Ohio and have been a Browns football fan all of my life. I just read a story about Jerry Jones speech to his players prior to the last game. I am very sad that a few players have decided to show their ignorance concerning standing for the anthem. Im more sad that the media has chosen to highlight their actions and the NFL has allowed it to continue. The NFL has rules for every imaginable situation including what shows I player can wear when playing a game. TheNFL was able to dictate to NBC what broadcaster they can have calling a game, yet the NFL lets players exercise their right to protest. I don't think there is a fan in the country that really cares what a players personal opinion is on world events. Please exercise some control over this and lets play ball. Phil BakerPosted on Sep 14, 2016

Mike Koepke:

I am very disappointed in the NFL in their handling of these players disrespecting America by kneeling or sitting when the Anthem is played. I will not watch football this year.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

dick b:

Commissioner: Effective now I will not spend any money on nfl items, I need to take a knee, I will contact the sponsors of MY decision, as far as tv I can watch other entertainment. The actions of the teams and players made this decision for me.Posted on Sep 14, 2016


The players that kneel or ignore the national anthem do not know the meaning of the song. It was written long before there was the back lives matter came into being. Maybe they dont need to be paid by the americans that pay their salarys by doing to games and spending on apparel. They are ignorant of the meaning of this song. They need to spend some time at a local va center and meet the people who served in the wars. They need to look at the fact that many whites are killed by blacks as well as blacks by white. This office needs to do something to have the players show respect for the place they live and earn money.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Michael Rabish:

Hello. I'm disgusted your privileged Americans getting millions to play a sport after free college and a respected lifestyle can't stand for the anthem honoring those who served. I'm done with the nfl if this continues. 1st amendment rights sure, most disrespectful thing done as of recent also sure. As corporate you hold power, make them respect the flag that honors your league and taxes you less then other countries would loose a ton of devoted fans.Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Carol Chadwick:

I think you need to reevaluate you priorities. You have a double standard. Why is it ok for your players to disrespect out country by taking a knee during the national anthium but you fine the patriotic for warring shoes to support 9/11 tribute? I will not buy any product's that sponcer this behavior nor will I buy any football attire that represents these players or there team.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Dear Commissioner: As a Naval Academy gradate that served 24 years in the Navy I am deeply offended by the actions of a growing number of NFL players. The Flag they are disrespecting is the same one I wore on my flight jacket as a Navy fighter pilot. It is the same Flag many of my fellow members of the armed services gave their lives to honor, and to protect the freedoms it represents. If these players want change the best way is by protesting in front of the police departments they view to be corrupt and volunteering to help impoverished youths. I prefer that the NFL discontinue the National anthem and Colors ceremonies at the start of the game; and let these players express their sometimes inane and ill informed views at their post game news conferences. It is a more appropriate platform! My protest is to stop watching ANY NFL games or pre-game shows on television as long as this behavior persists and is condoned by the NFL. I served to protect the 1st Amendment, however the manner is offensive and inappropriate. My next letter will be to sponsors of NFL programming. SiPosted on Sep 13, 2016


Dear Mr. Commissioner, RE: Anthem Protests Why not have the players who do not want to stand, remain in the locker room They don't want to show their respect, so why invite them to the ceremony.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Ken Trethaway:

You are heading down wrong path! Alowing these players to make social statements during game play hands up, taking a knee, and no cociqences for thiee actions! Now with the 13th allowing players to wear whatever! You have and will continue to lose viewers!!! Used to be a temporary relief from politics and social activist well I am now done with participatIng with NFLPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Steven Cochran:

To the Leadership of the NFL. Shame on all you Rich creatins that will not stand up for those who are Buried in Arlington Cemetery and all the rest of the U.S. Military GraveSites around the world. The REAL HEROES OF PLANET EARTH AND GOD ALL MIGHTY! I don't care about nfl policy and politics. The nfl and all the punks that PLAY in it would2 exist if not for the. American Flag and what it Represents. You have the power to stand up and do the right thing on this issue! It DESERVES THAT MUCH. UNTIL THEN I hope YOU AND EVERY SUPPORTER OF THE nfl terrible Ratings and declining financial gains because thats really all you ScumBags care about isn't it!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

RIcky Waggoner:

The players that refuse to stand during the playing to the national anthem is a disgrace to the NFL, so people I watch games with and discuss are suggesting we boycott your sponsors and the teams sponsors until the NFL stands up for this country and the veterans of this great country. I will not support you product or your sponsors until you make a stance against this disgrace.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

David Dirkse:

I'm sick and tired of the "racial demonstrations" you allow at your events. If you think for one moment that fist raising lessens racial tension you might reconsider. Were a white player to do the same in order to make a political/racial statement, your "politically correct police" would be all over him and rightfully so. I'm offended by your reluctance to take action! The sidelight of the NFL is now larger than the athletic contests. I spent the last week away from your broadcasts and actually found there is more to life. I intend to share my perceptions with your affiliated networks and their sponsors.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

David F Mayer:

I am sick of the anti-Americanism expressed by NFL players at games and otherwise. Hence, I have vowed that, until this matter has been fixed, I will not attend NFL games. I will not watch NFL on TV. I will not buy NFL sponsors' products. I do not need to support the enemies of my country.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Tony Fassinger:

The 25 percent drop in viewers of the 49ers Monday Night is just the start. We will continue to boycott games and the league as they continue to disrespect of the American flag. We are also going a step farther to contact sponsors that we are going to stop buying their products. There is a time and a place for protests you have choosen the symbol of our country. We will hurt you where you will notice viewership and product sponsors.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Floyd Joswick:

Colin Kaepernick can express his opinion by disrespecting or nation's flag and those who sacrificed for his right to do so, and I'll express mine by not watching any NFL games that he or any other player who does that are playing in. I am a military veteran who is sadden by what I see on the playing field. Floyd JoswickPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Thomas Hamilton:

Roger, When are you going to do something about the disrespectful actions of the whiny, overpaid players. This has got to stop. I have a son that was in Afghanistan, putting his life on the line, to protect our freedoms and these pieces of crap have no right to disrespect our anthem and flag. You fined a Dallas player for paying tribute to Americans that lost their lives on 9/11/01, you shold be fined for stupidity. Until the nfl stops these disrespectful actions, my family and I will boycott the nfl and any sponsors. Tom HamiltonPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Dustin howard:

I would like to talk about the qb from the 49ers and the other players that are not showing respect for our national anthem i feel that it is very disrespectful to knew hold hands or lock arms during the anthem they need to respect it and stand with the arm over there heart like any other REAL American would i feel like the nfl should sit down and talk to all of the coaches and tell them if they do not fallow the respect it that they will be fined or kick off the team becaus my brother inlaw and my dad and all the other solders risk there lifes to have the freedome we have today you dont see eny of the NHL or NBA doing what colins doing so why is it ok to let the NFL players disrespect our flag the NFL needs to do something about this beforn it gets worse thank youPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Chester Organisciak:

I am appalled that you was the commissioner could stand there and say colin has the right to sit down on the national anthem and yet people who stand up for 911 you want to punish them. Either you're a moron would you need to be replaced because people like you we don't need in the NFL. Anybody that doesn't stand up for the United States flag with the national anthem should automatically be suspended for one game if they do it a second time you spend in for one month if they do it a third time it would automatically fired! My father and my grandfather Fought for people like him to be in this country to have rights in this country but you do not have the right to disrespect the national anthem. Either you grow para balls when you step down you are an embarrassment to the NFL you and embarrassment to this country. You are a disgrace you should've been fired along time ago because you don't have the balls to stand up against these peoplePosted on Sep 13, 2016

Charles C Whiteaker:

I have been a 9er fan since 1962. I will never watch another game until kaepernick is off the team. I won't watch any pro or college sports where the players diss the anthem, the flag, the police, the military and the American people. If you don't like your big salaries and the USA, move elsewhere. GOD BLESS AMERICA!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Gary Shearbrn:

Why are the networks acknowledging these foolish acts of disrespects to the national anthem, stop continuing to highlight these event on national television. I watch the NFL to enjoy the game of football. Please, you do not show fans someone runs onto the fields or fights in the stands. You are in fact supporting these acts by acknowledgement. Thank you for your valuable time to listen to my concerns.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Shelby Peterson:

As long as these protest against the National Anthem and American Flag are allowed I will never watch another NFL football game. I am an avid football fan and love watching it, I love my American Flag and the people that have died for it more.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Dawn Jordan:

I think it is total disgrace that the NFL players are being allowed to kneel/sit while the National Anthem is being played. Being payed to play Football is like any other job someone is being paid to do. The NFL needs to remember, the players ARE being paid, therefore, it is a JOB!! Their job is not the place to make a stance against anything. We the people are paying the high price for the tickets, paying their salaries, ect. I expect every player to stand for the National Anthem, the men and women defending the nation that has afforded them the opportunity to play the game and make the money they are making. If they want to make a stand, do it after the game in the locker room and another vene, not while they are being PAID by AMERICANS hard earned money!!!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

William Spears:

I believe your leadership of the NFL has brought total discredit to the sport of football. Football is American, and terms such at "All American" etc have embraced the sport. Your lack of action is shameful in that yo have now allowed the NFL to become anti-American. The comments that players have the right of freedom of speech is a cop out. Freedom of speech is an individual right. You are allowing them to conduct this activity while wearing the NFL approved "Official" uniform, while being paid as a professional player, at officially scheduled and sanctioned games. I can not make statements of a political nature while I'm working. If I did so I would be disciplined. Since you allow these actions, their position becomes that of the NFL. Either step p and stop this disrespect to the military and those who have died or you should be fired and replaced with someone who can. I personally and boycotting any and all NFL games, TV productions, and/or products until this disrespect is stopped. I am going to rge others to do the same. I am going to become a hockey fan since thPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Bill Martin:

I don't support using game day as a pulpit for personal causes. It's distracting, irritating, and opens the door to anyone that has an opinion about anything. As a paying fan I won't pay for entertainment that becomes a political circus. I can watch the news for to get that type of entertainment. I'm only 1 fan so it probably doesn't matter to you, but I'm done watching until this circus stops. Save it for off the field.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Phil Keenan:

Mr. Commissioner Please get your football league under control. The American public watches football as a diversion from the polarization occurring in the United States of America. To have it thrown in our face every game is no diversion. And it only covers one side of the social issue. What if some of the players protested the black crime problem in America. I don't think you would say they have a civil right to do that. Such as the decision made not to honor the five officers killed in Texas. Your league is teetering on obsolescence with mainstream America. By not making a stand you have made a stand and you have become another polarized organization within the United States. Phil KeenanPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Chris J Cardente:

Why are you allowing the NFL players to sit on one knee while the Star-Spangled Banner is being sung the commentators just basically avoid saying the truth you should impose a fine of 1 million dollars for not standing up it does not have anything to do with the Star Spangled Banner the color of your skin or anything like that it doesn't even have anything to do with the military the song has been presented since the time that I have been born and that's 47 yearsPosted on Sep 13, 2016


My family and I started to watch the 49ers/Rams game last night. We noticed Kaepernick and Reid kneeling during the National Anthem. We immediately turned the channel and did not return to the game the rest of the evening. These two individuals are representing the 49ers organization and the NFL by wearing 49ers uniforms. We can only conclude the 49ers and the NFL agree with these individuals displaying disrespect to this great country and our flag. What these individuals do on their on time is fine. However, they serve as role models to children and many young individuals when wearing a 49ers uniform. Is it now okay for so called professionals and professional organizations to teach disrespect to a younger generation?Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Jeff Keeman:

After watching the disgraceful display of players disrespecting our flag, be advised I am done watching NFL football until players are required to stand at attention during the National Anthem. You worry about "protecting the shield " of the NFL by fining players over attire, but not showing respect for our flag? I have watched NFL football since 1968. I love NFL football, but be advised I love our country and respect what our flag stands for more. I am done watching the NFL until the NFL at least starts implementing the same fines/suspensions for not standing up for the flag as other offenses determined by the NFL. I watched the early Sunday games, but will not watch another until the issue is resolved and be advused, I am not alonePosted on Sep 13, 2016

Max Morton:

How can you allow this disrespect of our flag and country??? I am quickly loosimg my interest in pro football. I will speak badly of the NFL if this behavior continues. Loosing a fan. Hope others join me!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Mike Jero:

Colin Kaepernick needs to be disciplined. His behavior is disgusting which reflects the character of your management and ownership. Colin has ample opportunity to express his beliefs outside of these ceremonies. Yet, the NFL and 49 organization use his behavior to increase ratings and ad spend.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Ron Nelson:

Given the NFL's propensity to make snap decisions, based on the trending opinions of the speaking heads in the sports media, I am very apprehensive that the NFL officiating crew for the Denver VS Indy game, will be looking to penalize the Denver Bronco defensive players and will adversely affect the ability of the Bronco's to be competitive in this Game. Any chance that the NFL officials have been given their marching orders from the commissioner's office to penalize the bronco organization? Sad day when fans cannot believe in the objectivity of the officiating crews sent to call the games by the NFL Office.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


My name is Matthew Smith 814-450-4031 I have no words to be able to explain how sad we are that your players are so disrespectful that they are sitting and kneeling during one of our most precious songs ever. For the love of God man up and do something about this issue pleasePosted on Sep 13, 2016


I went the first week of NFL football without watching a single game or highlights. These protests against our country have impacted the NFL brand. As long as you permit your brand to be used in furthering these protests, I will continue to boycott your product. I will note that you have come down hard on players that have tried to add anything to their uniform, claiming that it hurts the brand. I didn't think it was possible to deteriorate the NFL brand, but I was very wrong.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


I don't get how their can be more concern...for deflate gate...improper celebration on the field, etc. And none for the total disregard for honoring the National Anthem..the flag..etc. I am offended by that.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Please notify advertisers: I will not watch any NFL game playing a player who does not stand for the national anthem. These players are to be able to appreciate the opportnity to be there, and for what the flag stand for. It is time to be a leader, and to not allow the disrespect these creeps display. Tell advertisers I am gone, if this allowance remains.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Ed Hyatt:

If the NFL doesn't do something to quell those outrageous protests, it will contribute to the demise of the league. I will not buy any tickets or watch NFL on TV. Just about everybody I know feel the same as I do. We will also boycott your TV sponsors. The owners and league won'[t be able to pay such large sums of money to the un+americans, They should appreciate that they live in a country that allows them to protest. Their action are abhorred by most americans. The NFL should establish a rule that prohibits such immoral protests and they will be suspended from playing until they agree to abide by the rules. Likewise, I appalled that individuals who attempt to make patriotic statements are prohibited by the NFL.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Erick Schraut:

I did not watch either game Monday night why? "Protests" My wife and I always watch Monday night football. I will not watch those rich bastards disgrace the nation that let them get their start. If it can't be fixed I will cancel my direct tv and will ask others to do the same. Get together protect the nation and the flag. I am ready to write sponsors and tell them to get their acts together also. Commish no balls. Dallas can't get behind police its ok to protest the flag and anthem. If the overpaid idiots decide to destroy the flag will it be ok also?Posted on Sep 13, 2016

John swartz:

Everyone in the contry has a has a right to his or her opinion. Kneeling and protesting during the national anthem is a persons right I suppose. But while in uniform those players are working. So it should be expected that they act properly and be respectful while working. So this is your fault. Everyone in the military. Police firemen and many other jobs require people to act properly and there are rules while in uniform. So should your players. If this situation is not remedied I will not be supporting the nfl any longer I will not attend any game or purchase any team gear. In fact I will not even be watching a game. Fix itPosted on Sep 13, 2016

The majority:

I want to know how you are going to tolerate those racist bums from the Rams holding up their black panther fists during the national anthem? And when are you going to put an end to this degenerate Colin Kappercrap? You know, the same loser that was fined for using racist remarks just a few years ago. He is a real gem and represents the nfl quite well. Great role models for the kids out there. Good job nfl!Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Question, why does the NFL not support the players as they remember the 911 anniversy? Also why did the NFL stop the Dallas cowboys from remembering the police that where killed? And then the NFL supports the players as the take a knee during our national anthem? I understand its their right, but it seems clear that the NFL does not support our police, our military, as well as remembering the great lose of life on 911!!! I cant support a league that does not support our police, or military, i will personally make it my cause the convense others that the NFL only supports Black lives matter, and players salute with the Back Panthers, and the league supports that, but cant support the police?? Are you kidding me??? Your pathetic!!!!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Allan Vanhorne:

Dear Mr. Goodell, Please know that acts of disrespect of the Anthem reflect directly on the NFL. Whatever players do on their own time is on them, what they do at the games is on the NFL. If the NFL is not going to respect the Anthem, then stop playing it. We watch the NFL to have a break from the hate and division, not to get more of it.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Richard T.Catalano:

Dear Mr. Goodell, I think you are so far off base with your comments and allowing football players to make personal protests during our National Anthem. They are in uniform of the team that employs them and your office oversees those teams. They haven't to comply with the orders of those teams . If they want to Protest they can do it on their own time as Allowed by the Laws of our Government ! Please stop this !!' I would gladly and calmly like to talk to about it. I will be calling!!!!' With Respect! Richard T.CatalanoPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Tim Mansfield:

As much as I didn't want too, I have cancelled my directv NFL Sunday Ticket package. For the first since 1990, I have NOT watched MNF. I have decided to purchase no more tickets to games. Yes I just attended a Chiefs game. No more merchandise will be purchased. No more shirts, hats, jackets etc.. My few dollars I'm sure will not be missed. But I still feel it is what I must do. I decided it is more important to STAND for my flag and my country. Tim MansfieldPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Gerald Rice:

Dear Mr Commissioner please make and attempt to control the players or teams for disrespecting our national anthem if yo have fine the players or team owners I don't care. Those that have disrespect our national anthem have probably never served in the military, just think of the people who have serve and died so they could play a game they love in the greatest country in the world.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Judy Hoser:

I agree with freedom of speech, but political statements should not be allowed while at work. These football players, not standing for the national anthem or fist pumping while being paid by their teams, is ridiculous. I believe it's self serving and setting a poor example to our youth. Protests need to be done on their personal time. They are being paid to play football and they need to be a team member on the field and not have individual statements. Although I agree that it there are racial inequality in this world, I believe political statements should not be allowed while working. These players should be benched or fined.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Edward Pearson:

Dear NFL Commissioner Refusing to stand during our National Anthem plus the black power fist in the air made me rethink what I was supporting. My entire family has decided to boycott your entertainment enterprises as the NFL is not about sports. The NFL is about money and now politics.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Please take all the player's off the field for not standing or respecting our national anthem and have them go to Venezuela so they can see what a real oppressive county is like. The nfl shouldn't let these player's high jack the national anthem for selfish benefit if these player's can not respect our nation anthem then these player's shouldn't be on the field or receiving any money from the nflPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Steven Darr:

For years now I have watched NASCAR drivers, teams wives even kids stand and hold their right hand over their hearts and I never see anyone with the NFL hold their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem. Why. Why do you even play the National Anthem and pay tribute to the flag if you can't honor it by placing your right hand over your heart. With more black players showing disrespect to not only our flag but to the men and women that served. I was never in the military but all my uncles were, there were 5, I had 3 brother in laws a brother and 2 son's, 2 uncles wounded in WEII my son was only feet from a friend that stepped on an IED that took both legs and could have been him but he would go back to Afghanistan and do it again. Then you have these so called ball players making millions of dollars a year to frigging play a game they love and our soldiers are dieing for a about 25,000 a year. They need to get their heads out of their asses. If they want to protest some crap do it someplace else in some other was because I am pressing for a total boycott after last year's hPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Vicky Gammon:

I am ashamed of the NFL. I am probably one of football's biggest fans. No more. Overpaid babies. I will not watch as long as the protest are ongoing. I will not purchase any merchandise from the NFL or anyone who endorses these people. These are children they are throwing there beliefs on. I will not have it in my home. Not a fan of the NFL as far as I'm concerned take it off the air. This flag was drapped over my kids father's casket.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Andrew myera:

How can you be satisfied with the level of judgement that was used when it came to the abuse that Cam Newton took on Thursday night? As a fan of the nfl and all 32 teams that represent it, I am horrified that this is acceptable. There is no reason that these head shots should be allowed...I am baffled that this is ok.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Tom Givens:

I and my family will choice to discontinue spporting the NFL as the players seem to make political statements disrespectfulPosted on Sep 13, 2016


So, players who wear flag tennis shoes on 9/11 get fined but the thug players can sit, kneel and give the 'black power' sign prior to games. Praying a white player will hold a 'white power' sign and see how that goes over. The NFL has become a disgrace. We turn on the game to see a game! Not political racist crap. Get ahold of your players and hold them to their job!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Chris Milana:

I'm a 65 year old Vietnam Veteran, with more than 28 years on Tampa PD. My wife also served on Tampa PD for over 28 years. 3 of my 4 kids are Vets with over 10 deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan. All 3 of my sons are currently police officers. My wife and I also served over 2 years in Iraq training Iraqi police officers. I've watched my last NFL game de to this National Anthem protest.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Maureen Cervantes:

Hello Mr Goodell I am writing to express my displeasure at your weak stance on the kneeling during the national anthem. These players are your employees and allowing them to make a political or social statement during a time of reverence is inexcusable. Where will you draw the line? If some players want to display their native flag during the anthem will that be acceptable? For a player who makes his living off the backs of the American public and has not lived in or dealt with what the police or those residents experience is hypocritical. Make a stand Roger. Fine every player who does not rise and donate the money to that cities inner city youth program. Force a change in a positive way.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Do to the fact you won't do anything to stop the madness of the game, the disrespect of our country, I will no longer including those from my unit and others like me in the military will stop going and watching the game. These players make millions while we don't but we still fight on and pay with our lives but this whole bull crap needs to stop. Lead by example not by fear. You say teams cant support by wearing cleats that respect those who died on 9/11, but you won't stop those who sit during the national anthem. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Grant Waldref:

The NFL are cowards for not stopping the anti-American babies. You are not America's sport you are just politiclly correct cowards. Take a stand, defend your country!!! Military and Veterans are the ones that had to give something for this country. Act like men. You should be ashamed! A veteran and American who proudly servedPosted on Sep 13, 2016

Laura Gage:

Dear Mr. Goodell I just don't understand you handing out fines when some of our football players want to be patriotic on one of the most patriotic days. We have players while at their job showing disrespect. That's ok with you!! They can wear pink for breastfeeding cancer month but not on a day that we want to show our support to all those families that lost! Shame on you! You need to rethink this policy at least on this one day! I am not the only one out here that feels this way!Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Scott Smutzki:

I have a phenomenal idea/approach to handling the flag issues and at the same time expanding the NFL's already profounded approach to equal rights. This is a very important subject and I am confident the nfl organization will have someone reach me. It will help in all areas at the same time and exemplify a new way to show respect to all parties involved in this movement. Please call me or respond with a source to send a proposal. Due to the time importance and subject matter I do request a phone call immediately. If there is no interest then I can only ask Deion sanders to call me live. I will then ask him personally to request my idea to the league. I feel like it's my duty to help and this approach would be anyone's dream.We all together respectively can do this together. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. 2489330533Posted on Sep 13, 2016


Until the day that you stop the hypocrisy of players disrespecting the anthem/flag of The United States of America, no longer will I monetarily support the NFL through merchandising or by ticket sales.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Andrew Walters:

Mr. Goodell, I am a uniformed officer of the United States Air Force. And I want you to know that I totally disagree with players disrespecting the flag and national anthem that I have sworn to protect. Colin Kaepernick is a disgrace to this country and every member of the armed services who have sworn to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. As long as members of the NFL are allowed to disrespect the flag that I have sworn my life to defend, then I will no longer view NFL games. I understand Kaepernick's right to protest what he feels is an injustice. I have sworn to give my life to protect that right for Mr. Kaepernick. And this is a man who makes more money in a year to play a game than I will in my life to protect him. But Mr. Goodell, I am hereby boycotting the NFL. I will no longer waste my time watching people playing a game while they disrespect me, this nation, our flag, and all my brothers and sisters who wear the uniform I so proudly wear everyday.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Aaron anderson:

You sir are a disgrace to America you let players openly support hands up don't shoot on the field Are a half time show with people dressed like black panthers (a hate group) are best yet let these players kneel and show no respect for our National Anthem And on the anniversary of 9-11 at that. But yet you fine a player for wearing cleats honoring are heroes are forbid Dallas from wearing a sticker honoring there slain service men and women. You sir are a p.o.s and part of the problem. Get your head out your ass and show some respect for this great country that made you rich. Me and my house will no longer watch are support the nfl anyway shape or from till you sir grow a pair and stand up for what's rightPosted on Sep 13, 2016

D Cerlan:

I am outraged the NFL is doing nothing about the disrespect of the anthem. Companies in AMERICA do not allow employees to protest or support their personal causes while on the job. You should be thoroghly ashamed for not putting a stop to this issue.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Geoff Sparling:

The spectacle of some of your players not standing for national anthem on a day of respect for the fallen of 911 and remembrance of the sadness of the nation turns my stomach. I will not forget it. I may however find something else to watch on game day.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Krista Harris:

I have watched the NFL for years. This year I am sad to say I have to boycott it. The fact that you are allowing football players that represent thousands of fans with different backgrounds and opinions to disrespect the Country they benefit so much from is disgusting. As part of the opening ceremonies that has been part of the NFL forever it should be a job requirement to respect the Anthem of the Country that gives them the freedom they have to play a game and make millions of American dollars doing so. They make more than the military which includes several of my family members do. They should at least show respect for that. Also the fact you let them disrespect this beautiful Country but wont allow Cowboys to honor Police Officers or cleats to be worn remembering the attack on this Country is completely hypocritical. Until the hypocrisy of the NFL stops my family and myself will no longer watch nor buy anything to do with the NFL. Really sadly disappointed.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Frank Petsick:

Your allowing disrespect of national anthem was the last straw for my family.we will not watch yor pampered PC players act like monkeys and boycott any sponsor that advertise during games.Posted on Sep 13, 2016


You let Colin Rand Kaepernick disgrace all vets and police officers with his kneeling. He is a coward who can not make first team to draw attention to himself. You should be ashamed for letting this go on. But you are the same idiot that let the Tom Brady crap go on for two years. If you let this continue then you should resign. You are the worst commissioner that the NFL has ever had.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Stephen Whipple:

What is going to be your response when Kaepernick and some of the players demand that you no longer play the National Anthem before games. Can't happen? Our kids no longer are allowed to pray nor say the Pledge of Allegiance on school. What's next??Posted on Sep 13, 2016