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Address of Robert Downey Jr
The address of the Robert Downey Jr is 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California 90067, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Robert Downey Jr for their queries.

Phone number of Robert Downey Jr:

you can contact Robert Downey Jr via telephone or mobile phone as shown below

Robert Downey Jr phone number :

+1 (424) 288-2000, Fax: +1 (424) 288-2900


How do I contact Robert Downey?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Robert Downey Jr.. Robert Downey Jr. email, contact Robert Downey Jr. management, Robert Downey Jr. manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

Does Robert Downey Jr have Facebook?

Robert Downey Jr - Home | Facebook.

Is Robert Downey Jr a trained dancer?

Robert Downey Jr is literally a trained dancer and yet this is the only move he does. Discussion in 'STAN Fair' started by mysterychick, Oct 19, 2019.

What is Rdj address?

Robert Downey Jr. 916 West Burbank Blvd.

Does Robert Downey Jr have Facebook?

Robert Downey Jr - Home | Facebook.

Does Rdj donate?

"More than any time, it's a time to give back to these courageous kids who inspire us," said Downey Jr., who stars as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. ... The LEGO group, Hasbro, Funko and Amazon collaborated to donate more than million to children's hospitals around the country.

What is Rdj address?

Robert Downey Jr. 916 West Burbank Blvd.

Is RDJ a philanthropist?

A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. Robert Downey Jr.'s delivery of his “Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” line in The Avengers changes between the trailer and the film.

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Comments (20) on Robert Downey Jr

Akash Ganguly:

Sir, I am Akash Ganguly, from India,a boy of 17 years. I saw you first as Tony Stark. From the very first day I became your very big fan. I know that you have many fan. But I am different. I saw every single movie of you. I think I am your biggest fan.Posted on Aug 29, 2016


I just wanted to say I've always enjoyed your films & movies. However the biggest impact on my life was made by you off camera, as a recovering addict, you have given me hope & the push to be a better me. Although sometimes i feel like the better me was wen i was high, i know it wasn't the best me. The comment made by you regarding the shotgun in your mouth but enjoying the taste of the metal, sticks out in my mind everyday. So thank you for sharing your addiction & human side. You are definitely not your typical stuck up celebrity. You are truly an amazing man.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Ian Glanister:

Hi Mr Downey, you must get this a lot for obvious reasons but I am a massive fan. I love all the iron man films and watch them over and over again. Myself and my wife do a lot for charity and I am currently building an iron man car to use at charity fund raising events. The whole car is going red, the paint has been perfectly matched to the suits as my paint supplier also supplies the paint to someone who builds replica iron man suits. It is going to have gold touches on it like the spoiler, roof, vents on the wings, lights etc. I have just finished the wheels in two tone with a red lip and gold spokes and the center caps with the arc off ironman's chest. Iron man is being air brushed onto the bonnet. Best of all I'm building every inch of it myself at home. You have truly inspired me and for that I thank you sir. I would absolutely love to get your feedback on the car I'm building I understand you are very very busy so completely understand if you can't but if you do have abit of free time and would like to see where I am up to I would love to hear from you. Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Mihir gautam:

Sir, Can I have your (Robert downey juniors) autograph because my younger brother is an huge fan of yours and I want to gift your autograph as his birthday present even in sleep he says "jarvis where's iron man or Tony stark..Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Jada Smith:

Dear Mr. Downey, You are my favorite male actor and I love your Ironman and Sherlock Holmes movies. My favorite movie of yours is due date that movie had me dying laughing. The real reason I am leaving this comment is because it would make me the most happiest girl on earth if you could visit me on my 13th birthday on august 29.If you don't I understand, my birthday will be even worse because you won't be there and school starts back on my birthday and that is a bummer. I hope to see you there. From your very grateful fan, JadaPosted on Aug 05, 2016


Hi, I'm seeking to see if Mr Downey could visit a very sick little boy that has cancer. He is 8 years old and his wish is to meet Mr Downey.Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Rebbecca Martin:

Dear Mr Downey, I know that you Mr. Robert have heard all this hype saying that they are your number one fans but have something to say about that. People are just here to grovel and get something from you but I am not. I know that this might not seem like something a twenty year old wold type but my computer is messing up.I hope that you can get what I am trying to say from the bits and pieces that you can put together. I have had the dream to always try my hardest to making the cut in being an actress. But nothing seems to be the thing that gets me to that point. Living in a family that has troubles or any kind of poor background or anything like that. It's been different and also difficult trying to make that dream come true. It was and still is my dream to act with you in a movie that you would play in. I hope that this gets to you and you can get back to me because I know the life as a actor is different than what I am from. Please get back to me if you want to keep in contact with me than you can get a hold of me via email attached to this. Thanks with Love and Respect, RebbPosted on Jul 11, 2016

Jonathan Mackenzie:

Hi, my wife turns 40 next month, she's had a hard time the past while, so I'm throwing a surprise party for her, I've been mailing all her favorite bands and actors to see if they would record a video message saying"happy birthday" it would mean the world to her and I would be forever in your dept. If you were able to do this and send it to Kind regards Jonathan MackenziePosted on Jul 08, 2016


Hello Mr. Robert. Today is my sister's birthday and she is a superb humongous fan of iron man. If it is possible, may you please send me (for her) an email saying happy birthday? Her name is Kayla and she is turning 16.Posted on Jul 01, 2016


Good evening love:) My name is Melissa Ann and I'm sure you get compiled with a bunch of lovely letters of thanks, despair, gratitude and most importantly believing in oneself and strength whether you path or how to embrace theirs? I have been treading lightly and most importantly roughly the past few years through life...... And I have conquered my addiction without rehab for the most part (I struggle with so many other thoughts and doubts) and can't help but feel you were meant to give me a hand, a shove "a hard shove" lol and guidance?!? You have come to me several times in my dreams and I have not dream or remembered one in years.... Don't judge me haha:) I'm not a stalker that I promise I live in Wyoming and was raised in New York.... I would be grateful to have your perspective on, well, your past struggles and your motivation to shake that shit:) Thank you for your time, and it would be an honor to hear from you! Mel (307) 371-6785Posted on Jun 26, 2016

brian karolewicz:

Hey Mr. Downey my name is brian karolewicz, i am your biggest fan i have never seen one of your films and want impressed with your versatile skills, iron man really takes the cake as the best portrayal I've ever seen i have been trying really hard to find a signed picture of you to proudly display in my home that i cab afford with no success do somebody recommended me emailing you if it is not a problem may i please request an autograph from you please here is my mailing address and i appreciate you taking the time to read this thank you sir. Brian karolewicz 10571 Normandy blvd Jacksonville, fl 32221Posted on Jun 25, 2016

sadik khan:

Hello sir I am your big fan And I see your all film you are action hero. Sir I'm see your all film you given me big inspiration for me and your show is avenger assemble I am not miss. Sir I respect you, please given me chance with work you. I do anything but help me. Sir i want to become a celebrity.Posted on Jun 24, 2016

james deskins jr:

Robert, i am james deskins Jr the father of chloe deskins my daughter as a twelve year old is very much head over heals about you. All i hear is Robert this and Robert that i got her started in the marvel movies several years ago. she has made a birthday gift honoring you its a bunch of photos of you from over the years i have know idea how she put them together but she would like to give them to you. mostly if you could just acknowledge to her that would really make her day.please e mail me with your response.Posted on Apr 10, 2016

Abhishek Mishra:

Mr. Downy am your huge fan and for me you are the most talented actor on this planet. i watched your every movie and your acting skills are fabulous and yes I know who are you and I want to meet you and I hope I'll get the chance to meet you and love you...Posted on Apr 05, 2016


Good afternoon, I'm a child of your fan I live in Armenia, I really like your film, I myself want to be an actor because I like the art of here soon as we asked a lot of money and they have no if we can please help I need $ 10,000 my account 220101766719000.Posted on Mar 13, 2016


Good mornig. I have great idea for new move. Can you contact with me on e-mail adress ?Posted on Feb 14, 2016

ijaz hussain:

There is not enough words I can write to you in this limited box an I'm sorry to throw my problems on u, nor that u want to hear them so please do forgive me.this will be my last post to u,I wish u all the success of dis life an the here after, never be ur back against the wall, I wish u all the happiness in dis world an more than u can bear, I will still love u as a brother, even u help me or not, reply to me or not, I wish u every good fortune an ur enemy's. Will never hurt a single hair on ur head, take care rob x.Posted on Feb 12, 2016

ijaz hussain:

It's a great honour to send u this tex, I devoted 10 years of my life in watching only ur films an praying for ur success even wen u was going threw a bad time in ur life, I never losed hope or my devotion to u,especially those periods I stayed up days an nights praying for ur well being and felt ur pain every moment. I never had the will to tex u cus rejection of u not reading it or getting bk to me but made the whill after all these years and still think, these words mt never reach u and that hurts cus I'm in a difficult moment, financial, mental an down the road were there is no light at the end of tunnel for me an so they say, turn to what keeps you going but will there be any light from your side, I don't no but will hav a hope in my heart till my last breath. U help alot of people an charity's an i don't fit in any of them, I only fit in if u feel from my heart an ur more than a brother to me, I'm not gay or one of them sycos. Had a dream an it said that was time to contact you an u would do something for me and to say that God said to u, one day sumone will contact u out the bPosted on Feb 12, 2016

Bryan Dyke:

Dear Robert, I enjoy your acting but I think you could explore improving your charisma by slowing down your delivery and make a more listenable delivery. I'm not suggesting you copy Peter O'toole but somebody like Michael Douglas. I find that listening to you takes my utmost concentration and spoils the film a little. I hope you don't mind the criticism. Bryan Dyke ps no reply neccessaryPosted on Dec 24, 2015

Sam Power:

Dear sir, please could you help me in obtaining a signed photo of my world class hero Robert Downey Jr. I am a massive Iron man fan and knowing that i will never meet him in person. I would truly appreciate this opportunity, thank you for your time and efforts as i know you are extremely busy with requests like mine. Please please give me this opportunity as he is my favorite, fast and furious character. I have no chance in meeting my hero, please help me. kind regards Sam power Sam power 5 hillside cottages dolgarrog conwy ll32 8jpPosted on Nov 13, 2015