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The address of the Senator Marco Rubio is Miami, Florida, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Senator Marco Rubio for their queries.

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Kathleen Clapp:

Senator Rubio, I am a widow of a 24 yr navy vet. I need to have his medical records sent to me. I sent an email to the VA claims intake center with all the info they need, I called today and was told it takes 6 month or more to get them. It is important that I receive these records so I can file for benefits, and prove he had a service disability. It's a disgrace our VA is a disgrace to all our vets who served. Also having to be stationed on military bases that have chemical spills, that pure government. Is not recognizing, for fear of an onslaught of cases. Disgraceful. any help from your office is really appreciated. Thank you Posted on Sep 08, 2016

Captain Warren Wanamaker SN Ret:

Senator: Somethings are just too intimate and too important to be subjects of influence from a third party. A pregnant woman's decision about whether to bring a deformed and incapacitated person into the world is one sch thing. Please rethink your position on the zika disease and Florida women. Yo're too powerful a figure to use your power to subject some of your female constituents to a life of sorrow. Withdraw and permit women to make their own decision without your well intended but misguided influence. Respectfully, Warren A WanamakerPosted on Aug 08, 2016

Deborah Biddle:

I am a citizen of Florida and a registered voter. I am opposed to allowing people on the no fly list to purchase automatic weapons. This is just common sense. I am also disappointed that Congress chose to go on vacation a week early rather than do the job that it is are paid to do. This will not be forgotten in November! It looks like money from the NRA is more important than the opinion of the voters.Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Wendy Jorgensen:

I'm a lifelong Democrat & Ohioan who wants to thank you for helping Kasich win the Republican primary in Ohio yesterday. I appreciated the way you challenged Trump's bullying, even though it probably hurt your campaign. And then it was noble of you to encourage your Ohio supporters to choose Kasich (I don't know why he didn't reciprocate but he did thank you). I agree with you on much of anything when it comes to policy. But you did us right, thank you!Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Kin or Virginia Weaver:

Dear Marco, I hope this note will be given to you by your staff. I am a proud forth generation Floridian who resides in Swannee Co., FL. I'm a retired FHP Trooper who now works as a part-time Suwannee Co. Deputy Sheriff. I am also a proud Republican who supported you in your race for our President. My wife and our two college aged students voted for you. We watched your concession speech last night, and we were once again proud of who we voted for. It felt as if it truly came from your heart. If you so choose in the future to run for public office we will support you again with pride. Sincerely, The Weaver FamilyPosted on Mar 17, 2016

Jack Pacetti:

Dear Marco Rubio, I am sorry to hear that you suspended your campaign. I could tell you were one of the few people who had principles and was willing to let those be your compass in office. I am worried. As of right now it looks as if Trump will win the necessary amount of delegates needed to secure the nomination and we know a brokered convention would spell doom for the Republican Party. I know you have probably been asked this a lot, but it's clear that John Kasich isn't viable to beat Trump and the only person who has a shot is Ted Cruz. I wanted to ask if you could endorse Ted Cruz for President. Whatever problems you guys have I ask that you put them aside and do what is best for the country that we both love dearly. Please think about this. I wish you the best of luck moving forward. Thank you and God Bless you. Sincerely, Jack PacettiPosted on Mar 16, 2016