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The address of the Spike Lee is 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Production Company, 75 South Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11217-1207, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Spike Lee for their queries.

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Where does Spike Lee live?

While Lee continues to maintain an office in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, he and his wife live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

How do I contact Spike Lee?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Spike Lee. Spike Lee email, contact Spike Lee management, Spike Lee manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

Does Spike Lee own the Knicks?

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP) — Writer-director Spike Lee added to his New York Knicks collection by purchasing 13 items associated with his favorite team in a recent auction. The family of late Knicks coach Red Holzman sold off 35 items that netted 9,341, according to SCP Auctions, which handled last week's sale.

What fraternity is Spike Lee in?

“The first time I ever saw a Black fraternity was in this film,” another commenter wrote. We at would like to thank Spike Lee for creating this scene and the Alpha Rho chapter Alphas from Morehouse who performed this step.

How do I contact Spike Lee?

If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: Book Spike Lee. Spike Lee email, contact Spike Lee management, Spike Lee manager for business, bookings, pricing, hire.

Who owns 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks?

Spike Lee40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks is the production company of Spike Lee. The company is named after a famous episode of the early Reconstruction period.

Why did Spike Lee name his company 40 acres and a mule?

Lee chose to name his production company after the "Forty acres and a mule" that African Americans believed they deserved - and had been promised - at the close of the American Civil War, presumably to be derived from lands and livestock confiscated from plantation owners who had supported the Confederacy.

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carla collins:

3202 s. Keaton Avenue, Tyler Texas 75701(903)245-3642. I have an idea for a short film, I believe that can make a an impact on all the racial tension of today. my title for the short film "A Black Man's Ability to Speak". This short film produced and directed by Spike Lee will become a movie like something Nelson Mandela was written about.Posted on Sep 04, 2016

Nabila Dekkiche:

Hello Spike I don t know if you remember me My name is Nabila Dekkiche from the south of France near Marseilles I met you at the festival DE Cannes in France when you present the film do the right thing After the festival you invite me and my 2 sisters for the premiere of your movie at the Ritz hotel in NY I live in Paris actually I came to NY because my daughter is going to play for Siena College in Albany. I will go back to Paris Monday evening. I will be in NY tomorrow. I will be very happy to meet you. I am still involved with basketball. I work at the french basketball federation in Paris. I am in charge of president matters. This is my email adress : I hope you will have this message in time. Greetings NabilaPosted on Sep 04, 2016

Dr. Jo Ann Cason:

I am a new middle school teacher in a Title I Middle School in Las Vegas. In the Spring of 2017, I want to take 35 middle school students on a trip of a lifetime! I would like to take them on a tour of Washington, D. C! I believe that you came to my mind," for such a time as this!" Please help me help our students! I want yo inspire them to keep dreaming! An educational tour of our Nation's Capitol, might be the springboard for them!Posted on Sep 03, 2016


Hello Mr. Lee I am a young woman from and I love your film She gotta have it I wonder though have you ever thought about it remaking or doing a more modern version of the movie butt one catch to it see if you can base in Atlanta Georgia. Because it is a black cities that does have a lot social issues what is considered a chocolate City and also apparently the ratio for black women higher men it's a lot more of us moving down here then it is the men and then it's a lot of down low Brothers down here just out of curiosity. Also have you ever thought about doing a movie about Hannibal of Carthage just out curiosity..Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Antonio X Shabazz:

Hey Mr Lee I am aspiring screenwriter and I have a great idea for a movie script and no one is hearing me. It is on Malcolm Shabazz grandson of Minister Malcolm X I have written a script on his life, similar on how Malcolm X was done by Mr Spike Lee himself. So my brother that's only the beginning, and it apply's to the both of you and I So what do you say.Posted on Aug 09, 2016

The Son:

hello. i have written a visual book which i know the world wold love to see as a movie. I am an African(i use this term for the lack of a better word) from Zimbabwe and i say its a visual book because i wrote it with a movie in mind and every word and action is painted clearly in my(and i hope the audiences) mind. In short its a book about how a young man facing the political crisis in my country becomes a king after being told he is the descendant of the first king (who is also a spirit medium) of my country and i believe its fresh and gives the struggles such as race, spirituality and self actualization a new dimension. Please contact me if you do ever read these comments..Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Rocky defrank:

2k16 I was in ante up and was playing 3s for ten thousand and I lagged out and it took my money and didn't give it backPosted on Jul 21, 2016

Chi Lites:

Hi, This is Chi Lites Co founding member Creadel Jones son Darren Cubie, I am interested in Working with you in order to bring the stories of I and my families and black icons families fight to protect the legacies of black legendary entertainers, and battle to end racist abuse to the black icons and I our legacies, and expose the exploitation abuse and corruption they causes the most respected and achieved legacies to be under racist exploitation, by both white companies and corrupted business and families. A new series about the truth about black iconic legacies abuse to blacks icons and our families are needed. Here is my number 313 701 8795 while deny it why not stop it. My email Here The Real Chi Lites Creadel Jones Family On Exploitation Click Below. on Jul 21, 2016

Kevin Cain:

Hello, my name is Kevin Cain. I am from Washington, DC. I have an interesting story line I feel you would be interested in. I am hoping that you can make time to allow me to pitch the details to you. You may contact me at the following Email address. or the telephone number 540-820-8463.Posted on Jul 13, 2016


Hi I'm Sam, I have suggestion that would be really cool for 2k17. If instead of the overseas teams out the Olympic teams?? I really hope that it can happen, thanks!Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Hava arifi:

Hello my name is HAVA ARIFI and I like to be in your new comedy series please contact me havaarifi 3479384104.Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Jonathan flanagan:

Hello, my name Jonathan Flanagan and you pick me for a role and I messed up really bad I pressed not accept audition instead accept audition because I am new to the central casting website. Can you please help me get back tot he audition. I can be reached. 9176129880 on Jul 04, 2016

Fabian Reyes:

I was playing 2k16 and my cousin touched the ball last and he some how got to inbound the ball?? I wanna throw a red flag like football??thanksPosted on Jul 01, 2016

robert warrington:

A story that will captivate America and explain race relation problems as they exist today. white power riots in the Kensington section of Philadelphia (coral street) 1960s. I was the one who dropped paint on police officers protecting a black family moving into a all white neighborhood. I have a story that explains the circle of racial divide, and i believe you are the only man who can cover it professionally. Please contact me I am on Facebook Respectfully 1SG Robert Warrington S Army retired.Posted on Jun 04, 2016

Rashad Muhammad:

PEACE Brother Lee: I make this appeal in respect for all disabled individuals. you my not have time to respond, but by the breathe of God, you do. I'm sure you remember your humble beginnings. Now humanity will request you and your staff assistance. Unlike most celebrities, I believe you have witness a disabled individual trying to get out of the rain in a wheelchair. Well brother, I have the solution to the disabled dilemma. My invention is assigned to Invent-help and need to be jump started. you and your staff could make a small charitable contribution of $16,000 dollar to Invent-help, 4410 Kilgore Ave.#334, Hampton, Virginia 23666. Business # 757) 512-7479; or This is NOT a scam brother. I'm responsible for the invention and you or your staff do not have to give me ONE BROWN Penny! If you choose to assistance this project, make all charitable contribution to Invent-help. Once this invention makes a profit, I will reimburse you and your staff with interest. This would help this project get of the ground. May the God of under, Posted on May 19, 2016

Darryl Stewart:

Mr Lee, I know you don't me but I have a short film on the mean streets of america, to sum it up and to be brief it details about crack epidemic, police brutality, black mens in prison and absentee fathers in the lives of their children's and how one man wants to change one hood at a time across america... My contact information is Darryl Stewart 678)887-0737 email on May 03, 2016


Hi  What’s up! My name is Juniao and i’m percussionist and graphic artist of percussive rap group, Senzala Hi-tech, from Brazil.  Senzala Hi-Tech has the Taekwondo atlethe Diogo Silva, Olympian and Pan American medalist; MC Sombra, vocalist of group SNJ; Valter Minari also SNJ; and Juniao, journalist, illustrator and percussionist instrumental group called Lavoura. The music resulting from this mix of repertoires and inspirations embraces hip hop, funk, rap, samba, and sounds of Africa to the Americas. Sonorities and cultural influences added to the plastic arts, martial arts and technology. Well, I'm writing to introduce to you our video clip "Half Fling Night", music from our first EP released in November last year. The video clip is completely independent because, to tell the story of black people, was made with black actors, writers and directors black. Our EP followed the same vibe. Videoclipe on Youtube: Official site: ThanksPosted on May 03, 2016

Kavonte collins:

Hi Spike Lee why didn't you make living the dream on my career on xbox 360.Posted on Mar 24, 2016

John Veremis:

Mr. Spike Lee, I seen your documentary about people with bipolar mania disorders. How would you like getting to the real matters concerning being mislabeled and being misdiagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic? I appreciate your documentaries and would truly appreciate someone hearing my story and involvement in mental health as a person seeking justice in the mental health system as was threatened by a psychiatrist when a young adult nearly twenty five years ago and still misdiagnosed and not heard.Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Gwen Walker:

Mr. Lee, I would like to request an autographed photo signed to me if at all possible. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, Gwen WalkerPosted on Feb 22, 2016


My name is marquish jones I have to talk to spike. I have a movie were we going to make it. please spike. Hear me out.Posted on Feb 22, 2016


I would like to talk to you.Posted on Feb 14, 2016

Tiffani Benson:

Hello i have an idea for a movie and wanted to reach out to you to seem if you would be interested in working with me.Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Michelle Brown:

Hi spike Lee, my name is Author Michelle Brown. I would love to talk to you about doing a movie on my book called This girls life:Being the child of a war veteran its a true story of my life in the home of my abusive Dad after hr came from war so if you are interested please give me a call (815)549-5499 or email me at shelly32910@yahoo.comPosted on Jan 14, 2016