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Customer Phone number imageFirst Data Customer Service Phone Number
800-835-3243 is the customer service phone number of the First Data. customer service number enables the customers of the First Data company to convey their complaints or suggestions. You can contact the First Data customer service via customer service phone number, customer service email, website of First Data as well as refer to nearest First Data service center in your area. You can also contact First Data customer service center through customer service email, the complete contact detail of customer service centre are shown below.
Live person number for customer service: 800-835-3243

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First Data
First Data Corporation deals in financial services and it is a global payment technology solutions company. First Data Corporation has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Principal executive offices of First Data are in New York City. At ATM and retail locations, Pin secured debit card acceptance is provided by Star Interbank Network of First Data Corporation. In payment industry, First Data Corporation has 6 million merchants. Brands like Starbucks of USA; prepaid gift card processing is handled by First Data Corporation. 45% part of debit card & credit card transactions of USA is handled by First Data Corporation. First Data Corporation was founded in 1971. Key people of First Data Corporation is Frank Bisignano, he is Chairman and CEO of First Data Corporation. Number of employees of First Data Corporation as per 2015 was 23000 employees.
Slogan used for First Data Corporation for its services is “Beyond the transaction”. News Networks like New York Times, USA Today, ESPN and Vox gets shopping metrics from First Data Corporation. For paying down debt, 160 million shares of First Data Corporation were sold in New York Stock Exchange in October 2015, in its IPO (Initial Public Offering). First Data Corporation corporate rules & data privacy has been recognised for alignment of its rules with EU’s Data Protection Directive by UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. Hiring Our Heroes Colonel Michael Endres Leadership Award has been awarded to Frank Bisignano, from First Data, for individual excellence in Veteran Employment in November 2014. Human Foundation Annual Scorecard of LGBT Workplace Equality gave 100 points to First Data Corporation on their score cars and has been awarded as “Best Place to Work” in 2014.
The number above is for TeleCheck Support. You can also try:
Prepaid Services - 877-848-8970
Global Gateway - 888-477-3611
Payment Software - 800-365-1998
Merchant Sales - 866-382-8643
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