TDS Telecom Customer Service Phone Number

Customer Phone number imageTDS Telecom Customer Service Phone Number
866-571-6662 is the customer service phone number of the TDS Telecom. customer service number enables the customers of the TDS Telecom company to convey their complaints or suggestions. If you want to reach a live person, you have to follow below steps :
Press 1 for English
Press 1
Press # a bunch of times

You can contact the TDS Telecom customer service via customer service phone number, customer service email, website of TDS Telecom as well as refer to nearest TDS Telecom service center in your area. You can also contact TDS Telecom customer service center through customer service email, the complete contact detail of customer service centre are shown below.
Live person number for customer service: 866-571-6662

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TDS Telecom is subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Company. TDS Telecom serves in industry of Telecommunication services. TDS Telecom was founded in 1969. Headquarters of TDS Telecom is at Madison, Wisconsin, United States. Online presence of TDS Telecom is at It is an American Company. It is wholly owned subsidiary. In United States, it is 7th largest Local Exchange Carrier. Broadband internet, telephone and television services are provided by TDS Telecom. Area served by TDS Telecom is sub urban, rural and metropolitan communities. Some others services provided by TDS Telecom are VoIP phone service, hosted-managed service and dedicated broadband Internet. These are business communication services. TDS Baja Broadband LLC, OneNeck IT Solutions and Bend Broadband are operated by TDS Telecom. Collectively, 3,300 employees work under brand name TDS Telecom. List of subsidiaries of TDS Telecom is very long, some of them are Mahanoy & Mahantango Tel. Co, Cleveland County Tel. Co., Arizona Telephone Co, Happy Valley Telephone Co, Winterhaven Telephone Co, Quincy Telephone Co, Camden Telephone & Telegraph Co, Camden Telephone Co, Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone Co, Peoples Telephone Co., Decatur Telephone Co., Southwestern Telephone Co., Hornitos Telephone Co., Delta County Tele-Comm, Strasburg Telephone Co., Blue Ridge Telephone Co., Potlatch Telephone Co, Comm. Corp. of Indiana, Home Company of Pittsboro, Merchants & Farmers Telephone Co, Tipton Telephone, West Point Telephone Co, Cobboosseecontee Tel. Co, Somerset Telephone Co, Warren Telephone Co, Comm. Corp. of Southern Indiana, Home Telephone Co., S & W Telephone Co., Tri-County Telephone Co., Lewisport Telephone Co., Salem Telephone Co, Hampden Telephone Co., Hartland & St. Albans Tel. Co., St. Stephen Telephone Co, The Island Telephone Co. and West Penobscot Tel. & Tele. Co.
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